project management – How to manage the loss of decision-making power in the face of change?

A bit of a psychological question that I have here regarding working as a programmer. In your work environment, when working on a particular system and this system needs to be changed due to requirements introduced or designed by other people with whom you are not d & # 39; agreement (either because you feel that the change is not necessary, or that you disagree with the direction of the conflict), how do you handle this conflict once you've decided that it's something that needs to move forward if you feel strongly against change? I find that it has a significant impact on my mental state (either feeling less motivated, agitated, angry / frustrated, or what you have), and I would like a solution.

visas – decision-making process

According to statistics published by the UKVI service (which you will find here), 99% of the tourist visas processed by Munich in August 2018 were decided in 15 days and 100% within 30 days.

Note that these are actual numbers for actual visa applications. As some visas take longer than others, there is no guarantee that your application will necessarily be settled as quickly.