graphical interface – Representing the increase / decrease at a glance on the "opposite" labels?

I build the front view of an advertising fraud marketing analytics tool that wants to show users how much advertising fraud compared to the valid traffic that they get.

He is already doing this and the goal is to give a quick and clear look.

The problem: an increase or decrease in "fraud" and "valid" traffic will have an opposite meaning for each label. Here's an example where it gets confusing:

enter the description of the image here

Note the rows Total, Valid, and Ad Fraud. Users will see the increase in valid / total traffic as positive and the increase in fraud as negative. I am worried for clarity, has anyone managed this situation?

The best options seem to be:

  1. Remove the increase / decrease relationship, but it seems to be losing
    the ease of understanding in the eyes.
  2. Show only the relationship in case of advertising fraud; The analysis of advertising fraud is the main use of our users.
  3. Something else?

macbook – No sound back when I press the volume (increase / decrease volume) buttons on the touch bar, even if the box is checked in system preferences

Suddenly, I have no sound when I increase or decrease the volume of the touch bar.
I tried to reset the NVRAM, the SMC, the safe boot mode to see if the problem was happening here too (the volume buttons on the command bar are disabled when I enable the boot mode secure) and I have also tried using another user. account – the problem persists. I've also connected my MBP to my bluetooth speaker and here I do not hear the sounds back either.

As you can see on my screen capture, the Play Back check box when the volume is edited is checked, along with the playback interface sounds. The sounds of the users of the interface seem to work because I can hear sounds for e-mails or incoming messages, even calls ring on my phone.

I went into system preferences, keyboard and custom touch bar. I removed the volume control, restarted the computer, added it to the touchbar and returned the sound momentarily. But now it does not work anymore.

I've also noticed that when I press the shift key on my keyboard and I press the keys to increase or decrease the volume of the keybar, the sound of return is again present. Strangely, when I'm doing it on my MBP, the sound is pretty normal but when I connect the laptop to my bluetooth speaker, the sound rattles and does not return by pressing the key each time. ..

PLEASE HELP! It all started today when I wanted to watch a video on youtube and find that I had no sound – not on youtube, nor on netflix, nor on itunes. I've been able to solve this problem, although I'm not sure how to either reboot repeatedly or, most likely, reset the NVRAM. Now, all my sounds work – no problem to play music or videos.
But why does not the volume up / down return work? I've also noticed that the sound of comments when I press the Shift key and the touch bar button is different from the sound used before.
I use macOS 10.14.4
enter the description of the image here

Unity – How can I decrease the height of my voxel terrain smoothly instead of being random?

I have a script that is supposed to gradually decrease in height when an int is lowered. I've tried to reduce perlin noise in the same way as if the field was the desired goal, but it only removes entire layers.

public float heightIndex;
private height Height;

public void Start ()
Height = FindObjectOfType();
// the Perlin test failed
// heightIndex = transform.position.y + Mathf.PerlinNoise (heightIndex, heightIndex);
heightIndex = transform.position.y + Random.Range (3, 10);
Empty public update ()
if (Height.heightdetermine <heightIndex)
Destroy (gameObject);

that's the problem, I need it to remove it smoothly

Thanks to @DMGregory for repairing my dyslexic disorder and bad grammar.

private key – Increase the number of multiple seeds and decrease the number of public keys in Vanitygen

Normally, vanitygen generates a single seed, then multiply it multiple times to get new Publick keys like this one.

const BN_ULONG rekey_max = 10000000;
BN_ULONG npoints, rekey_at, nbatch;

rekey_max value means that 10000000 times the public key will be multiplied until a new key is generated. Change the value to 1 to stop multiplying public keys, the key space is reduced from millions to a few keys / s. How can I change it to use multiple seeds? I've tried using a table in EC_key but errors are appearing

Magento 2 Decrease the quantity in stock when the order is placed with Manage stock in OFF

Does anyone know how to decrease the quantity in stock of a product if the inventory management function is disabled?

From the standard point of view, this does not seem possible, so I hope it can be coded

Thank you

seo – Decrease in the number of valid pages in CSS

I have a very small site with only about 70 pages. About 4 days ago, GSC shows a 40% decrease in the validity of the number of indexed pages. When I check in which pages, it indicates the pages for which I always rank well.

Is this something that should worry me? Is there a bug in GSC or will these pages eventually be removed from Google search results?

Why does my traffic decrease?

1st solution:
You can access the Google Webmaster tools and, in this section, Search Traffic >> Search Analytics. Where you can see the queries for which your website has been seen in SERP and you have received clicks. So, thanks to this, you can change the keyword of your website if you wish and add it to this site. The next time you perform off-page optimization based on these words.

2nd solution:
See Google Analytics >> Aquisition >> Overview. from where you get a traffic analysis,
1) [​IMG]Social
2) [​IMG]Direct
3) [​IMG]Organic Research
[​IMG]4) reference

This can also happen when you focus on particular keywords and the result is not visible and the website is categorized for other keywords.

I hope this will really help you.

Aa Union Capital Investment Solutions and Products – Sovereign Obligations in Local Currency (Downgraded) – Decrease in Thailand's Underperformance Rating

Small image
Sovereign bonds in local currency (LC) – downgrade of Thailand's underperformance rating
Small image

We continue to favor emerging and Asian country bonds with a high real rate differential relative to developed markets. We expect inflation to remain moderate in most emerging markets, and the fundamental underestimation of emerging market currencies supports this view. In Asia, Thailand is expected to underperform. Thai sovereign yields in LC are low relative to emerging markets and should be gradually re-evaluated alongside US Treasuries.

Sovereign bonds in foreign currency (HC): the Philippines underperform

We also remain supportive of emerging market bonds as they offer attractive sovereign rate spreads beyond what their sovereign fundamentals could justify. Emerging market growth appears to have bottomed out and the economic recovery in China will most likely keep it in the coming quarters. In Asia, we put the Philippines underperforming given the long duration of our neutral duration position on US Treasuries. In addition, the port relative to the EM mark is weak. We also returned to China's neutrality, as we expect higher-yielding emerging markets to outperform as idiosyncratic risks and the stability of the US dollar diminish.

Asia FX: The USD stumbles

The convergence of more accommodating expectations for US interest rates and lower crude oil prices has resulted in a decline in USD / Asia exchange rates over the past month. However, we would be cautious of forecasting a prolonged decline at the same pace, as market expectations of US interest rates could already be exceeded and the price of oil is more likely not to continue to rise.

Asian FX vs. US Dollar – Depreciating Currencies Bounce Back From Lower Oil Prices

It should be noted, however, that the global growth situation – and therefore the Fed's policy – is still evolving and will most likely remain very dynamic. Thus, our expectations regarding USD / Asia exchange rates may need to be reassessed fairly frequently in the coming months.

The INR and IDR benefit from a lower oil

For USD / IDR and USD / INR, both the interest rate environment and the oil price helped lower our 3M targets (to 14,000 and 71.0 respectively), in addition to the neutrality of the INR compared to the previous negatives. Indonesia and India are due to hold general elections – scheduled for April 2019 and April-May 2019 respectively – but the risk of political uncertainty seems higher in India at the moment. In addition to politics, it also seems likely that the Indonesian Bank will be a little less accommodating than the Reserve Bank of India. The former should also be less aggressive in buying US dollars, given Indonesia's higher short-term external debt-to-equity ratio.

The US-China trade agreement is now more likely

Elsewhere, trade negotiations between the United States and China seem to have gone fairly well and it seems that the volatility of the US markets has increased pressure from both sides to reach an agreement. Of course, the process will continue to keep pace, but at the very least, it seems to be going in the right direction. USD / CNY, on the other hand, had already fallen relative to previous mergers, and we are not considering a significant decline as current levels are in line with what is needed to cancel the plan. current tariff, which should be blocked. -in the new agreement. The USD / CNY will also likely be backed by China's promises to reduce the bilateral trade imbalance and by expansionary fiscal and monetary policy. We see the pair at 6.85 and 7.00 in 3 and 12 months, respectively.

Important information:

This part of the document: (i) aims to provide comments on the macroeconomic market; (ii) contains no representation or advice regarding a specific negotiable security or financial product; and (iii) does not take into account your personal circumstances and should not be treated as any form of regulated financial advice, legal, tax or other services.

seo – Does changing geo target country in the Google Search Console to become "unlisted" will result in a decrease in search traffic from my previous target country?

My website is currently set to target the country to India in the search console settings. Currently, my 95% organic traffic comes from India and the rest comes mainly from the United States. (This information comes from the WP statistics in the dashboard.I do not have Google Analytics due to the limitations of the base plan).

Now, I also want to write content targeting the American region. The Search Console suggests changing the target location to "Unlisted" if I want to target multiple countries.

Will my organic traffic in India decrease if I change the target location to "Unlisted"? The language will remain the same: English.

How to increase or decrease the speed of a gameObject after solving a puzzle?

I am a novice in the development of the unit and I am trying to create a script in which the player must solve puzzles to move an object. How can I get the player to increase / decrease this speed after solving a challenge? Thank you in advance.