Why isn’t Replace by fee default for all transactions?

I know it’s a wallet implementation and a flag, but when it was introduced why wasn’t this change a rule for all transactions so that anyone could RBF if they wanted to instead having had to set the mandatory flag?

Modifying default input form for Sharepoint List

I have a Sharepoint list that I am modifying, and my customers like the default input form (image below) but are requesting I add a few fields to this/make minor formatting changes to it. They do not want the layout of a customized form in Power Apps. My question(s) are:

  1. Is it possible to modify the below input form with a few additional fields (that are already found in my list but not currently displayed in the form)? If not…

  2. Is there a way I can use Power Apps to modify the default form layout below, adding the fields that I’m looking to add?

I’m new to maintaining Sharepoint lists and using Power Apps, so a simple solution is preferred here, if at all possible.

Thanks in advance.

enter image description here

mysql – insert into table with default values from a select statement in php

this is the code without the variables

$sql1 = "INSERT INTO new_table (st_id,t_id,date,status) SELECT s_id, 't1234','1000-10-10','0' 
        FROM student_courses WHERE course1 = 'cs402' OR course2 = 'cs402' OR course4 = 'cs402' OR course4 = 'cs402'; ";

this works
but when i put in the variables it doesn’t

this is the sql code i have written

$course_name = "Data Mining and Ware Housing";

$table_name = "new_table";

$t_id = 't1234';

$time = time();

$c_id = 'cs402';

$sql1 = "  INSERT INTO " . $table_name . "(st_id,t_id,date,status)
        SELECT s_id, '" . $t_id . "', '" . $time . "'  ,'0' 
        FROM student_courses WHERE course1= '" . $c_id . "'  OR course2= '" . $c_id . "'  OR course3= '" . $c_id . "' OR course4='" . $c_id . "';";

but the details are not getting entered

new_table(id,st_id,t_id ,date ,status)

default settings – Changing the Microsoft Word past option for Excel tables?

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Default address in a Bitcoin core wallet

Can anyone tell me what a default address is in a wallet I have dumped with pywallet? What is it’s purpose and why that one address. It is an older wallet.dat.

php default classes not working in magento

I trying to sort cart item by price

private function getSortedItems($quote, $rule)

    $items = $this->context->getMatchingItems($quote, $rule);
    $itemObject = new ArrayObject($items);
    // Sort and print the resulting array
    $itemObject->uasort(function($a, $b) {
        return $a->getPrice() - $b->getPrice();

    foreach ($itemObject as $itm) {
        print_r($itm->getPrice());exit(" <= price");

    return $itemObject;

but its call me

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘VendorMyModuleRuleArrayObject’ not found in /home/public_html/app/code/Vendor/MyModule/Rule/AwaBuyGetFixed.php:117 Stack trace: #0

vue cli – vuejs and cordova not transpiling default function parameters

I seem to have an issue with vue cli transpiling the content of the vendor chunk. For example it would not transpile the default parameters of a function i.e. f(a =1) {} and return an error on my old mobile browser.

This used to work a couple of month ago without an issue and now it doesn’t.

I have tried to force transpiling of modules (which it seems to have done) by adding:


to the babel.config.js file

any suggestions are welcome

Here is my babel.config.js file

module.exports = {
  presets: (

The remaining configuration is the default vue cli configuration.

I am using those versions:

Cordova 10.0.0
@vue/cli 4.5.12

entities – Add new default value to existing content type

I’m currently on the latest version of Drupal 8. I have a content type called News and Articles. In this content type I have a field called Category which is a taxonomy term -> Entity reference field. When I first created this content type I added all my categories as default values.

Now 2 years later I want to add another default value to this content type. All the answers I’ve seen so far deal with making the change through the database. I wanted to see if there was a different option? Reason is because I have about 400 pages using this content type, really don’t want to make a new one.

Here a screenshot to the list I want to add to: https://ibb.co/XyJ58yS

How to set the default command, with options, to open a file on MacOS?

How to set the default command, with options, to open a file on MacOS? – Ask Different

“Reset to Default” UI for Computed / Synced Fields


Here is a nearly identical question to
What’s the best “Reset to Default” UI element? but with one significant difference: various fields that may be customized, but in their default state are dynamically generated based on other fields.

For example, assume I have a form to auto-generate sales lead emails:

Who is Keyser Soze?

As noted, on the previous question, resetting the default was best represented as a button because it is a momentary command: fire and forget, “press here and a different field gets updated”.

But in this case, the default values are dynamic and being linked to them can be seen as stateful — when “Use Default” is enabled, the Subject and Body fields will be automatically updated each time a backing fields such as the Contact Name are changed.

Our current UX design allows users to interact and customize these fields, which automatically clears the checkbox. If a user re-checks the “Use Default” option, the text is replaced with the auto-computed value.


Is this an appropriate UI? Most UX guides indicate that checkboxes generally they should not have immediate effect, and perhaps a slider is the better option? Is visual feedback that the fields are in “computed” vs “custom” state necessary, or is there a better alternative?

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