How can I hide / disable a specific menu item and a specific page (node) in all languages ​​other than the default?

Drupal 8 site / multilingual:

There is a specific page that we must hide / disable with its menu link if the current language of the site is not the default language (English).

How can it be done?

How to create different default accounts for Gmail and YouTube

I have two Google accounts. One is banned on YouTube, but I can still use it for Gmail.
I created another one for YouTube, but every time I log into YouTube with the new account and go to Gmail, it shows the mail for the new account which is empty. I know I can switch to my old account by clicking on the profile picture in the upper right corner but I don't want to do it every time. I want to create two different default accounts for YouTube and Gmail.

tl / tr, when i open gmail it has to open my first account and when i open youtube it has to open my second account.

c # – Sending the default SMTP client does not work in Application_Start

I try to send an email using the default SMTP client when starting the application, but it fails without exception, the message is not delivered.

The same code works elsewhere.
A reason for that? Maybe the SMTP client is not started so early?

Thank you for your answers…

protected void Application_Start() {
        System.Net.Mail.MailMessage lMessage;
        lMessage= new System.Net.Mail.MailMessage();
        lMessage.Sender = new MailAddress("xxxxx", "ERROR (no reply)");
        lMessage.BodyEncoding= System.Text.Encoding.UTF8;
        lMessage.SubjectEncoding= System.Text.Encoding.UTF8;
        lMessage.IsBodyHtml = true;
        lMessage.Subject = "INFOMAIL " 
        lMessage.Body = "datadatadata";
        SmtpClient lMailClient = new SmtpClient();

how to check bitcoind default values

How can I see what bitcoind values ​​use for example. dbcache, or other memory and connection settings? If the value is NOT defined in bitcoin.conf. Is there a bitcoin-cli command to check all the parameters?

web design – overflowing content in the text box – default scroll bar or dynamic height increase?

It depends on the type of data you expect.

Expandable fields are great for compact forms where the user is not likely to need multiple lines all the time, but you still want to provide the option for longer entries . Generally, these are used for message entry in chat interfaces where comments tend to be short statements of a line but can be whole paragraphs if necessary.

On the other hand, text boxes are best used when the required entry is generally longer. The extra space tells the user that they can provide more information and encourages longer responses. Scrollable text boxes are more familiar to web users, so they should be preferred unless you are trying to save space in your design or discourage longer entries with no character limit.

Can I create a default Apache name server for wildcard pages / characters on shared hosting?

Experts apologize for seemingly noob question, but I'm stuck:

So we have shared hosting on cpanel with a dedicated IP on say What we want is to download a default HTML file somewhere, which is used for all domains that use, as name servers, without our having to make a DNS entry for this domain in our server. Is it called the default apache page?

To clarify: We have registered and as name servers (glue records) by pointing them to the dedicated IP of our hosting. What configuration should we do on our server so that if, … displays the default file without us having to make an entry for random domains on our server. Much like the operation of domain parking companies.


Change default values ​​for gallery blocking settings

How to change the Default settings from the Gutenberg gallery block
enter description of image here

When creating a new gallery block, I want the default values ​​to be Columns: 2 and Crop Images: false

Decorator pattern – Need for an abstract parent compared to the default interface method

Regarding the above, and of course, the GoF book, I have a curiosity.

Do I still need an abstract parent, i.e. TreeDecorator ? Suppose I have a totally unique replacement for decorate() for each implementation of decorator. Which means TreeTopper, Tinsel, Garland, and BubbleLights simple needs to implement ChristmasTree. Why create an additional compilation unit under the circumstances?

macos – How to restore the default Apple version of Git after renaming it in Mac OS Mojave and linking git to the homebrew version?

I wanted Mac OS to use my homebrew version of git after brew install git. So I mistakenly renamed my default Apple git by doing:

$mv /usr/bin/git /usr/bin/git~apple
$ git --version
git version 2.25.0

I'm trying to uninstall the homebrew version of git and downgrade to the Apple version of git.

$ echo $PATH

$ which git

$ brew uninstall git
Uninstalling /usr/local/Cellar/git/2.25.0... (1,523 files, 45.6MB)
$cp /usr/bin/git~apple /usr/bin/git

$mv /usr/bin/git~apple /usr/bin/git

$ echo $PATH

$ which git

$ git --version
-bash: /usr/local/bin/git: No such file or directory

It looks like after uninstalling homebrew and moving the original git file to its location, git finds the correct $ PATH for git, but git –version can't find git. How to correctly restore the original Apple version of git?

Unity Mecanim: How do you define the default state from the input node in a substation machine?

With Mecanim in Unity, it is possible to define the default state of a state machine by right clicking on a state and selecting Set as Layer Default State. However, within a sub-state machine, how do you define the default state transition from the input node of this sub-state machine?