dnd 5e – Holding, Delaying, or Readying an Action? – Rules As Written

Please point or link me to any official rules (rules as written) on when a character can delay, hold or ready an action for later in a round, instead of going on their initiative.

What does a character have to do to delay or hold an action during a round?

What actions are characters allowed to take when they delay?

catalina – Delaying a right click

I’m not sure why, but, every few minutes, my middle finger twitches enough to press the right mouse button. I might schedule an appointment with my doctor to check out what’s be going on (e.g. lack of good sleep, caffeine, or something else), but, in the interim:

I’ve got a Logitech mouse with a few side buttons

  • Is there a way of delaying the right click? Maybe to something like a second?
  • Is there a way of mapping the right click to another button on the mouse?

networking – WiFi adapter is delaying packets when low throughput

I was testing a WebSocket connection when I noticed jitter; some TCP packets were getting delayed. So I started pinging the destination. As soon as I did that the TCP packets were no longer getting delayed, weird. I stopped pinging; I started getting jitter again.

It seems like that if I go beyond a certain threshold of traffic then the network adapter no longer has jitter, below that threshold however it seems to delay packets.

I tested it again by pinging other sites unrelated to the WebSocket connection path and that too removes the jitter. It also happens regardless of the traffic and path e.g if I stream data from a different destination and test the WS connection there’s no jitter. This seems to indicate it’s specific to the local network interface as that’s the only constant here.

It appears to me like there’s some buffering going on between the NIC and the IP stack and the buffer isn’t being flushed appropriately at low volumes

I’ve looked into the ring buffer size (driver queue) they are all set to 0:

Ring parameters for wlp3s0:
Pre-set maximums:
RX:     0
RX Mini:    0
RX Jumbo:   0
TX:     0
Current hardware settings:
RX:     0
RX Mini:    0
RX Jumbo:   0
TX:     0

Is this normal? I assume the QDisc buffers will be buffering instead. If anything a smaller queue size would result in less latency but with dropped packets which I’m not seeing.

I know BQL (Byte Limit Queues) are a feature of the buffering between IP stack and NIC but I can’t see how that would behave like I’m seeing.

So my question is; is there any known queuing algorithm in the network stack of Linux that could be throttling at low volumes of traffic over the NIC but no longer throttles traffic at higher volumes?

systemd – How to prevent `needrestart` from delaying the restart of certain services

With unattended-upgrades duly configured to automatically perform upgrades, reboots and all, I am sometimes confused to find an output like this in his daily report:

Restarting services...
 systemctl restart accounts-daemon.service networkd-dispatcher.service polkit.service systemd-networkd.service systemd-resolved.service systemd-timesyncd.service systemd-udevd.service

Service restarts being deferred
 systemctl restart apt-daily-upgrade.service
 systemctl restart systemd-journald.service
 systemctl restart systemd-logind.service
 systemctl restart unattended-upgrades.service

I understand that it comes from needrestart. I don't understand what defines services make be restarted from those who don't. What configuration should I change to restart it all these unattended services?

Delaying things

What do you tell yourself you are going to do, but keep differing?

I keep telling myself that I'm going to stop drinking soda, and I haven't stopped completely yet.

dnd 3.5e – Delaying the effect of a Wish spell is considered a "bigger effect"?

Since revitalize is a level 5 spell and the metamagic spell Delayed spell uses a spell slot three times higher than the spell delayed revive a level 8 spell, I would say yes, it's a "more important effect" than copying a level 5 spell (that is, assuming you have forbidden Conjuration and you have not not revitalize on your spells list). Even for someone who had access to Conjuration and who could consider revitalize a wizard / sorcerer's spell could cast a level 8 version, incorporating a metamagic feat that you do not have and that you have not prepared is probably also "bigger".

Note that this also assumes that you hear "your initiative in the next round" or at least a small known number of rounds later. If you are talking about "the round after my death, whenever that happens," then the delay spell is not (even remotely) capable of that, and the described effect is therefore much more powerful than the spell. level 8. certainly beyond the capacity of wish"Safe" options.