Personalization – Delete the titles of the categories of individual articles on the archive pages

I want to remove the title or category tag from my individual posts on my archive pages. I have already successfully removed the tags from the home page and the header of the archive page, but they still appear on individual messages (they are in font red). Thus, messages always have the category "Last message" next to the title, for example. I use the Newsliner theme if that helps. Thank you

How do I delete a custom template from the "Theme Editor"

I just deleted the custom template file (archive- (example) .php)
from "../wp-content/themes/(custom_theme)/"
because I no longer use it.

But it still appears in the "list of theme files" in the theme editor of the WordPress admin page.

How can I delete it?

java – Delete three consecutive numbers in an array

I am a programming newbie, started about 2 months ago with Java, changing law careers.

I recently applied for an internship, but I was refused because I had not done the pre-interview test correctly.

One of the tasks was to remove the same 3 consecutive whole numbers from the table until the list was empty or did not contain the same 3 consecutive numbers. The mission HERE – <<

Here is my code:

    public int brothersInTheBar(int() glasses){

        return 0;

    ArrayList glassesAsList = new ArrayList(); -> glassesAsList.add(i));

    int counter=0;
    for (int x=0;x

I resent the email wondering what I have done wrong, so that I can improve myself in the future. The company's response only indicated that I needed to deepen the complexity of the algorithm and that my code was ineffective.

So my question is how do I improve my algorithm and what is the problem?

macos – How to delete old backup files from iOS device (mobile backup) on Catalina

Before migrating to Catalina, if I have old backups, I can delete them via the Preferences window of the iTunes application. Now it's gone.

They still reside ~/Library/Application Support/MoibleSync and eat a huge space (200 GB + for my case, because I have multiple devices).

Where does the user interface allow me to delete them on Catalina?

javascript – Correctly delete the element from an array

I have a reaction project, where I create a table using the elements of an array.

It all works well. The problem I have is when I want to delete a row from the table with a button when I have two rows in the table.

When I delete the first element, it acts as if the Pop function in the array is being used, even if I am splicing. Now, I tried to print the arrangement when deleting the item and if it is deleted from the arrangement, because it prints to me that only the second element remains but, in the view, the second row of the table is deleted and the first is the one that is the one that is deleted.

I have also tried it in different ways, going through the arrangement and for each valid item if the key of the object is different from the key of the item I want to delete, if it is different, I add this element to a temporary arrangement and after finishing the visit, I clean the main arrangement with length = 0 and I assign the temporary arrangement to the main, but it does the same to me as if a pop is performed

terminal – Partially delete the path in zsh (Option + Backspace)

In zsh Option + Backspace removes the entire path on a prompt. For example:

ls / usr / local / bin

Option + Backspace:


How can I define the same behavior so that the shortcut removes a single word, up to the following delimiter, like:

ls / usr / local / bin

Option + Backspace should return:

ls / usr / local /

Thank you.

ICloud photos: deactivate and delete on iPad

My photos have been taken 4.7 Go on the 5 GB that I have, I decided to make the option "deactivate and delete" in ICloud. I was wondering if this deleted all the photos from my photos or just the old photos which are not in my photos and which are saved in ICloud? Activating the deactivation and deletion option solved the problem, but I got stressed about it and I'm just stressed for the moment because I don't want to lose all my photos (i & # 39 ; use an Ipad)

c99 – Delete all nodes repeated more than x times

I don't understand why this function returns something bad, it must take as input the head of a list and an integer. This function must delete all the nodes which are repeated> = x times, therefore 1->2->2->2->3->3->4 should just come back 1->4 if x = 2;

    node_t *modificaLista(node_t *head, int x){

    node_t *curr = head;
    node_t *track = head;
    int counter = 0;

    while (track->next != NULL){
        if (track->val == curr->val)
        curr = curr->next;
        if(curr->next == NULL){
            if (counter >= x){
                curr = track;
                while(curr->next != NULL){
                    if(curr->val == track->val){
                        node_t *removed = curr;
                        curr = curr->next;
                    else {
                        curr = curr->next;
            track = track->next;
            curr = track;
            counter = 0;

    return head;

resourceobject – How to correctly delete a resource object?

Suppose I receive it resourceObject:


Then I download a local copy of its data:


Now I am looking at the places in my system where it has made changes:


If I try to delete it:


Then I can see that


have been deleted but LocalCache[resourceObject] keep staying.

So what am I doing wrong?

Also, when I download his sample notebook, where is it stored?