How can I delete a USB’s partition table?

I have a 32Gb USB, and I flashed it with a bootable image. So, that process modified the partition table, and the USB now reports a size of 1Gb. Unfortunately, erasing or reformatting the USB doesn’t fix it. From what I’ve read, I need to completely nuke the partition table. Usually, this would be very easy to do on a Linux machine, but I must do it on a Mac right now. The disk utility doesn’t seem to have an option for this. Is there another tool or set of commands I could use?

How To Delete a Page After Being Locked Out

My previous Facebook account was locked out.
After 2 weeks of trying to restore it, I gave up.
However I had a business account attached to it that is still showing.
Because I can't access the original account, I also can't access the business account so customers can send me DMs etc that I can't see.
I need to delete it.
Can I?

How do I delete messages in gmail

In gmail, I want to put messages into the trash from the Inbox, but at the same time, I would like to delete the messages from the “Important” label and the “All mail” label. Is there a way to hit the message only once and put into the trash. I want to delete from these other labels but want to do it all at once. How?

appletv – How can I delete my info from Apple TV first generation storage

appletv – How can I delete my info from Apple TV first generation storage – Ask Different

sharepoint server – How do I delete the folders in a subfolder of a folder using powershell

There is a document library folder named “Request Documents”. There are folders in this folder Library. Again under each folder there is an other folder in it. I need to delete this folder. But I’m not able to delete it.
With the code below I’m able to delete the files inside the folder but not the folder. The message in the catch is being displayed. Can anyone help me with this?

   Function GetFiles($Folder)
   Write-Host "+"$Folder.Name
    #Loop through all subfolders and call the function recursively
    foreach ($SubFolder in $Folder.SubFolders)
    if($SubFolder.Name -ne "Forms")
            Write-Host "`t" -NoNewline
            #Write-Host "+"$SubFolder.Name
            foreach($semisubfolders in $SubFolder.SubFolders)
            if($semisubfolders.Name -eq 7754)
                Write-Host "+"$semisubfolders.Name

                      write-host "Folder Deleted"
                            write-host "Not deleted or already deleted"

                       foreach($file in $semisubfolders.Files)
                        Write-Host "Deleted File:" $file.Name
                        write-host "Deleted"




#Get the Site collection 
#$Site= Get-SPSite "http://idn-mapis2:1111/" 
    foreach($list in $web.Lists)
        if($list.Title -eq "Request Documents")

applications – How can I select multiple recycler view items and delete them with the help of action mode, simple toolbar, I mean I can delete multiple items by this

applications – How can I select multiple recycler view items and delete them with the help of action mode, simple toolbar, I mean I can delete multiple items by this – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

How to bulk delete zip files without extention in linux

I have a folder full of different files but without extension. How can I delete all files that are zip files?

9 – How can I delete a file served by a custom controller after it has been downloaded?

Starting from How do I create a file download URL?
I’ve build a custom controller that allows users to download a PDF file.


  path: '/my-module/pdf/download'
    _title: 'PDF download'
    _controller: 'Drupalmy_moduleControllerMyModuleController::downloadPDF'
    _role: 'authenticated'


public function downloadPDF() {
  $pdf_stream = $this->restCallThatReturnAPdfStream();

  $headers = (
    'Content-Type' => 'application/pdf',
    'Content-Disposition' => 'attachment;filename="download.pdf"'

  $temporary_pdf_file = $this->fileSystem->saveData($pdf_stream, 'temporary://mytempfile.pdf', FileSystemInterface::EXISTS_REPLACE); 

  return new BinaryFileResponse($temporary_pdf_file, 200, $headers, TRUE);

This file must be private per user, so other users shouldn’t be able to download it.

I think I could delete the file after the controller returns the response, instead of implementing some complex access control check for the file, but I’ve no clue how I can easily do.

For example, I could set a Cron queue to delete those files every N minutes, but it seems an overkill.

I cannot also change when temporary files are deleted because those files are used elsewhere in the site and I wouldn’t risk to break some other existing logic.

Just delete 50.000.000 of rows on a PostgreSQL table and DB still very slow

sorry for my poor english.

I have a postgres DB runing on amazon RDS (db.t3.small), with django as a backend. i have made a mistake and created 50.000.000 rows. when i figure out (because queries on that table where ultra slow) i delete it all. but the queries i make on that table stills super slow. it only have 300 rows now.

i have to clean some cache? i have to wait something? the configuration of the RDS in aws is default.

the engine version of postgres is 12.5, also have postgis installed in it.

i check for vacuum issues and run this command:

SELECT relname AS TableName,n_live_tup AS LiveTuples,n_dead_tup AS DeadTuples,last_autovacuum AS Autovacuum,last_autoanalyze AS Autoanalyze FROM pg_stat_user_tables;

the table with the problem says:

'appointment_timeslot', 1417, 0, datetime.datetime(2021, 7, 21, 18, 13, 8, 193967, tzinfo=<UTC>), datetime.datetime(2021, 7, 21, 18, 13, 30, 551750, tzinfo=<UTC>)

check for indexes that Django creates automaticly on that table and i find 4

('appointment_timeslot_pkey', 'CREATE UNIQUE INDEX appointment_timeslot_pkey ON public.appointment_timeslot USING btree (id)')
'appointment_timeslot_home_visit_id_62df4faf', 'CREATE INDEX appointment_timeslot_home_visit_id_62df4faf ON public.appointment_timeslot USING btree (home_visit_id)')
('appointment_timeslot_office_id_6871b47b', 'CREATE INDEX appointment_timeslot_office_id_6871b47b ON public.appointment_timeslot USING btree (office_id)')
('appointment_timeslot_time_range_id_715578fa', 'CREATE INDEX appointment_timeslot_time_range_id_715578fa ON public.appointment_timeslot USING btree (time_range_id)')

microsoft excel – VBA – How to Delete Hidden Rows Efficiently

I run a list every day that has varying amount of rows, with different values/texts in them. On average, the list is 1000’s of rows long, but I filter it down to about 50. Is there a way to efficiently delete all those other unused rows using VBA? I need them gone for another part of my macro.

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