How to delete old rows in Google Spreadsheets?

Hi i have a google sheet that collect tweets from twitter.
i need a function that should delete rows that are more then 2 weeks old.
here is the sheet

Can’t delete paragraph break in ms-word

I cannot delete this break in the file, here:

Its the last thing in the file. I want to start typing on the line after the date but it goes to the next page. The doc is not tracking changes.

sql server – Tuning Clustered Indexes in case of Soft / Logical delete

I have a table (say dbo.AppUsers) with a clustered index on the always increasing, application generated column AppUserId.

I have also a Bit column IsDisabled, that is used to logically delete/disable users.

Now, the majority of the queries on the table will include a Where IsDisabled = 0 clause, which is fine.

I’m wondering if I should include the IsDisabled column in the clustered index or if there is a best practice in this scenario.

My thoughts on this:

I should have IsDisabled in the clustered index, because list queries should not read the logically deleted rows from disk.
I should not have IsDisabled in the clustered index, because it could mess up with table fragmentation.

Is there some sort of trade off?


graphics – Keynote Mac, delete cropped image to reduce file size without losing image resolution quality

I have lots of high-resolution images inserted into the Keynote which makes the file very large. Image masking in Keynote is very convenient for me. But I only want a small corner of the images shown in the slides, and I don’t need the cropped part anymore. Reducing file size under the File menu loses image quality and the cropped images are still there. Is there any way to delete the cropped part to reduce file size without losing image resolution/quality?

macos – How to delete a file from Time Machine backups in Big Sur?

I can’t seem to take a screenshot of Time Machine, but I’ll describe it. I go to the Time Machine menu and select “Enter Time Machine”. Then I see the view with the stack of windows. I browse to a file and select it. Now I want to delete it so it doesn’t exist and take up space in backups. There is no option to delete it – either the action menu in the toolbar, or the control-click context menu.

How do I delete a file from Time Machine backups? There used to be a way to do this.

linux – Can’t successfully delete file on btrfs filesystem

I’ve got a 4 gigabte file in a btrfs file system that just won;t go away. I have deleted it multiple times, I’ve even echo’d to it, and it keeps coming back. The ls -l is:

-rw-rw-r– 1 mark mark 4072587264 Oct 13 10:19

Anybody know how to get rid of it? Thanks.

nat – WireGuard: cannot delete iptables rule for default route

since I don’t want friends and colleagues in my VPN to use my VPN server as a proxy VPN for “anonymous” surfing, I want to disable the default route for the VPN. In a nutshell:

  • LAN ( must be accessible
  • WAN ( must be inaccessible

I was unable to find a WireGuard setting to do this except configuring the AllowedIPs directive in the client config. But what kind of security does that provide?? Anyone can easily edit his/her config, replace with, and use my VPN as a proxy…

My next approach was to delete the iptables rule that permitts the forwarding from the VPN subnet to the WAN. But somehow I cannot delete the affected rule. If I create a similar rule (same subnet, same policy) I can delete it, but I am prevented from deleting the WireGuard rule somehow.

The rule in question has been marked with --> in the following output:

root@(...):~# iptables -L FORWARD

    Chain FORWARD (policy DROP)
    target     prot opt source               destination
    ACCEPT     all  --  anywhere             ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED /* wireguard-forward-rule */
--> ACCEPT     all  --          anywhere             /* wireguard-forward-rule */

Commands that I have tried to get rid of this rule:

root@(...):~# iptables -D FORWARD -s -j ACCEPT
iptables: Bad rule (does a matching rule exist in that chain?).

If I add the same rule again (without the comment):

root@(...):~# iptables -L FORWARD

    Chain FORWARD (policy DROP)
    target     prot opt source               destination
    ACCEPT     all  --  anywhere             ctstate RELATED,ESTABLISHED /* wireguard-forward-rule */
--> ACCEPT     all  --          anywhere             /* wireguard-forward-rule */
--> ACCEPT     all  --          anywhere

root@(...):~# iptables -D FORWARD -s -j ACCEPT

No problem… 😐

Note: If you need further logs/output, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

How to delete all but certain values from many JSON files?

i’ve used another Terminal utility to download all my videos from Youtube (youtube-dl if interested). with these, are created a JSON file for each video file. inside these JSON files is a LOT of junk. but there are 3 items/values/categories(?) that i want to keep, the rest can be deleted.

those things are
{“upload_date”: “value”,
“fulltitle”: “value”,
“description”: “value”}

so i either need to:

  1. delete all but these 3 items & save the file, or
  2. extract these 3 items to a new file & delete the old one.

hoping for (but haven’t been able to find) a Mac app that can batch do this for all the files at once.
have a Terminal script (that’s EASY, as i don’t know about all that),
an Automator script (again, that’s EASY) that’ll do it all.

google cloud platform – GCP SLQ instance wont stop ,restart, or delete

The status says “under maintenance” and has for several hours. This is a not a large database as I am a new student with very small tables for learning. I have tried stopping and restarting as well as deleting the instance, but get an error message every time. The error simply says “The attempted action failed, please try again. Request ID: 4022803414404737811”. Operations and logs shows an “update” error “unknown error” this morning, but no other information given.

I have logged out of GCP and back in with no effect.

sql server – SQL Trigger question (update and delete)

There are 3 tables, bookstore, book, and time log,

  1. How would I create an update trigger to record/insert the price into the price_logs table before updating the book table? Also record the user who updated the price

  2. How would I create a delete trigger to delete a record from bookstore table when a book is deleted

enter image description here