How to prevent the main file index.php from being deleted?


$ file = $ _GET (& # 39; delete & # 39;);
if (! unlink ($ file))
echo ("file not found");
d & # 39; other
echo ("deleted file");


Until here everything is fine!

The problem here is, the direct URL access removes the index.php file that I do not want.

visual c ++ – lambda: capturing `this` with a deleted assignment operator issues a compiler warning

My project is set to treat compiler warnings as errors and this seemingly trivial lambda capture turns out to be a problem puzzler for me:

struct B{
  B& operator=(const B&) = delete;
  void f(){
    auto l = (this)(){ // <== compiler warning

int main(){
  return 0;

The above code generates the following warning in MSVC 2019 (16.2.5):

warning C4626: B :: f ::& # 39 ;: The assignment operator has been implicitly defined as being deleted

The warning is issued for the lambda that captures this (and if I do not catch the this he compiles without warnings).

Could any one explain to me the reason for the warning and if there is a way to write the code so that it compiles itself properly?

I understand that the lambdas assignment operators are implicitly deleted, but I do not know in what (if) is it relevant to the warning I receive.

Views deleted after changing the content field

It has happened three times until now.

After deleting some fields and replacing them with others in a content type, some pages are missing or are being restarted. Of course, deleted fields were used on deleted pages.

The pages of the last two days created with the Page Manager and the panels have been formatted (the views have disappeared). So I have to configure and configure the views once more.

Today, after changing the content type, a page created by Views has disappeared.

I guess it's already happened, so would you have any advice on what I'm doing wrong? Is it possible that by removing the fields from the content, Drupal deletes the sites containing this field?

security – How to detect that the internal hard disk is deleted and which files have been copied?

Encrypt the entire hard drive, the copied data is useless.

But if a malicious has unlimited access to your equipment, you still lost the game of security. They can install all kinds of spyware or even hardware bugs. Then encryption will not help you either. See Evid Maid Attack.

Securing your hardware is the first and most basic layer of security. If you can not do that, all the rest is a little useless.

vertica – IDERA Rapid SQL – Typing latency Causing deleted characters

I was just wondering if it was just the configuration of my current company with all the security installed on this machine. The MASSIVE latency in typing is such that you have to be very careful about what you are typing because many letters are deleted if you type quickly.

For example, here's what I tried to type:

SELECT * from tblSample Where ID> 500

Here are two attempts one after the other:

Sect * from tbsamle wheeid> 50

Selet * fromtblsapewer i> 500

Fairly normal typing speed may be 60-70WPM, nothing extraordinary. Instead of typing correctly, you must slow down and type one key at a time very, very slowly and even then the letters can be ignored. This makes the product almost unusable.

My team is used to it, but I wonder if it's normal.

server – I've deleted permission x from everything, can I recover my error?

So I made a stupid mistake in an order and ran chmod -x -R /
I can not execute any command I can say.

Is there a way to recover? Workaround for the system to work again?

I have backups, but I have not done so because some changes were made last week. Yes, stupid mistake.
I am currently SSH on the remote server. I do not want to disconnect unless I have to. I use aws services.

SharePoint Online Webhook – How to get the details of a deleted file

I use a Webhook to capture events in a document library. And based on the example of the pnp team
I am able to get the change related to a deleted file, but the return object only provides the item ID and nothing else related to it. deleted item. No file path, file type, name, title or deleted by. How can I get these details?

An accidentally deleted YouTube channel – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

I accidentally deleted my YouTube channel while I was reading about it. She also deleted all my videos saved offline. But now, I have them as exo files in my Android device. How could I see it? Give me a solution to recover my videos via YouTube or to read them in another way. I really need them all because these are all very important videos

HOW to add the list of deleted URLs from scrapebox and import them into GSA SER?

There are no instructions on the internet on how to proceed. I saw a video of asiaes virtual solutions using the list ending in .SL format … and not the automatic txt format when recording from SCRAPEBOX?

macos – I deleted the partition and I do not see any free space in Disk Utility.

then i have a problem. I create a backup partition, by mistake via Time Machine on my disk. I wanted to delete because it was over half of my memory. I could not, so I type commands found on the Internet and I do not have this partition anymore. But I do not see any free space in Disk Utility. Disk Utility


I am Polish, that is why the language is polite. Anyway, the problem is that my disk is 500 GB, but I can only see 200 GB of claim, by "MacOSX". How can I add these almost 300 GB of space to the partition "MacOSX"? I've tried using Stellar:StellarPartitionManager

So, I know it is possible, but I do not have money for the full version of the program. I therefore ask you for help. How can I do it for free?