All deleted hosting files


I am facing a very bad situation. I used Hostgator multi-domain hosting. Everything was fine until the afternoon, suddenly all the files … | Read the rest of

debug – deleted folder Apex continues to work after being deleted

People sup.

I've encountered a strange problem: every time I tried to delete a folder named "Apex", it reappeared after a few seconds. Same thing if I renamed it, a new apex named would display.

I found my answer though .. after innumerable tries .. in a comment of this same website .. But this same comment had a score of -1 .. so I thought I would create this request with the answer, hoping that she will get better SEO for future people with the same problem …

The solution is therefore: Disable the original application, then delete the file, and then activate the original. If that does not work, then install origin, then delete it, and then reinstall it.

The second worked for me.


postgresql – How to write the cursor for deleted row data from. Tab Table

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Why does the blacklist appear and my site deleted?

I have closed the project. As a result, the blacklist always appears on Monday. Now, this continues, the website has been removed, what is the reason?

macbook – Deleted emails reappear in the inbox after being deleted in the Mail application.

After upgrading to Catalina on my MacBook Pro, I noticed that the deleted emails reappeared in my inbox a few minutes after the deletion. The only way to remove them is to use my iPad or phone to delete them. At least they do not reappear if I use one of these devices.

Is there any bug introduced in the Catalina version of Mac Mail? Does anyone else encounter the same problem? files showing but when clicked on it shows DMCA deleted? | NewProxyLists

Hi guys,

have problems with links,
Some links as below:

when checked on "" or for a 404 error,
it shows that they work,

but in reality they were slaughtered,
is it possible to REALLY check the links if they work?

Anyone has any clues or comments here?
all help!

Thank you

Can deleted Whatsapp (or other similar) messages be retrieved?

When you delete a Whatsapp message (or other similar applications) from the device, can this message be retrieved?

python – The data frame containing the value 0 must be deleted or replaced?

I have a question to which I remain mostly stuck. I was looking at the data for diabetic patients and found that most lines have 0 values ​​in most of their columns. Reference for the URL

The data frame is listed under.

  Pregnancies  Glucose  BloodPressure  SkinThickness  Insulin  BMI  
0          6      148             72             35        0  33.6   
1          1       85             66             29        0  26.6   
2          8      183             64              0        0  23.3   
3          1       89             66             23       94  28.1   
4          0      137             40             35      168  43.1   

DiabetesPedigreeFunction  Age  Outcome  
0.627                     50        1  
0.351                     31        0  
0.672                     32        1  
0.167                     21        0  
2.288                     33        1  

If I wanted to delete the values ​​that are 0should I replace the 0 value with the average or medium or do I have to delete the value 0 of all rows of columns. I know that if I make a mistake by deleting or updating the value, my template will be rejected.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

mysql – Asterisk automatically deleted ps_contacts data when the device is not registered

I've tried changing the MySQL database to SQLite3. Then I tried to use Zoiper to register using the registered phone number. Problems occur when unregistered devices. Data on ps_contacts It is not automatically deleted when the device is not registered, but the contact on the end computers disappears after 1 minute. I've tried changing the minimum expiry value to 5 in ps_aors as an example, but this has no effect. When I'm active:

core set debug 1
core set verbose 3

And save a new device, for example using sipNumber 1004, it displays:

Added contact 'sip:1004@;transport=UDP;rinstance=af2f6c3e9b721646' to AOR '1004' with expiration of 60 seconds

When I unregister this device, it displays:

Removed contact 'sip:1004@;transport=UDP;rinstance=af2f6c3e9b721646' from AOR '1004' due to request

But still in ps_contacts, these data still exist. In ps_aors also still exists, after 1 minute, and then disappeared.
Anyone can help?

users – Log in to add_user_role and update based on new and deleted roles

I need to add meta user based on each added and deleted role. I have tried to do this by joining add_user_role and browsing the updated list of user roles, but the old ones are always returned in the role table.

So if I had to go to the administrator user and uncheck the author and check the editor, the role loop is still the author

function update_user_department( $user_id ) {
    $user_meta = get_userdata($user_id);
    $user_roles = $user_meta->roles; // returning role that was unchecked with new role checked. Should only return roles that were checked when role was updated
    $ranks = get_ranks_expanded();
    $newDepartments = array();
    foreach ($user_roles as $user_role) {
        $department = $ranks($user_role)("department");
        if (!in_array($department, $newDepartments)) {
            $newDepartments() = $department;
    update_user_meta($user_id, "departments", $newDepartments);
add_action( 'add_user_role', 'update_user_department', 10 );

So, how can I perform this role change after a list reflecting only the roles left after the change?