phpmyadmin – Why mysql server ignore cancel while deleting user

I created user called “Try” where global privileges I set it to all privileges

users table

and once I checked it and delete it
with “Drop the databases that have the same names as the users.” checkbox checked

check box shown

and go ahead click “go”
I get this pop up


and click on “OK” as soon as I clicked I get the second warning pop up which is the following

second warning

and then click on cancel but process was not canceled because the user was removed and i got the success message which is the following

success pop up

so I really wanna know that if there is any further configuration for that and if not why this happen or if it is unique problem for me only
thanks in advanced

sql server – Recommendations about deleting large set of rows in MSSQL

I need to delete about 75+ million rows from a table everyday that contains around 3.5 billions of record.

Database recovery mode is simple, I have writen a code that deletes 15.000 rows in a while condition until all 75M records is deleted. (i use batch delete due to log file grow) However, with current deletion speed it looks like it will take at least 5 days, which means that amount of data required to be deleted is multiply faster than my deletion speed.

Basically what i’m trying to do is summarizing (in another table) and deleting data older than 2 months. There is no update operation in that table, only insert and delete.

I have an enterprise edition of MSSQL 2017

Any suggestions will be welcome.

swiftui – Deleting item in ForEach loop causes fatal error: Index out of range

I have a ScrollView which displays a list of rows using a ForEach loop from an array. When I delete an item from the array, I get the error: Index out of range.

ScrollView {
                ForEach(viewModel.tasks.indices, id: .self){ index in
                        task: self.$viewModel.tasks(index),
                        deleteAction: {
                            self.viewModel.deleteTask(task: self.viewModel.tasks(index))

This error only started occurring when I switched to passing the index from the ForEach loop instead of the ‘task’ itself. I had to do this so I could use a @Binding var task: Task in the subview: “TaskRow”

The ‘delete action’ is triggered by a button in the subview.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

sql – Does deleting a table delete its triggers as well as functions?

I have created a table score and also created a function and a trigger along with it.


CREATE FUNCTION scores_before_save() RETURNS trigger AS $$
   -- function logic
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

    FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE scores_before_save();

Now, I dropped this table

DROP TABLE scores;

So my question is that are triggers and functions automatically deleted once we delete the table or we need to manually delete them ?

How to completely block notifications from WhatsApp without deleting it?

I have a Nexus 5 phone with Android 6.0.1 and I’m trying to use it for time-lapse videos (“Lapse it” app) which means it needs to be on for many hours undisturbed.

The problem is that WhatsApp creates a notification regularly which interrupts the time lapse photo app that I’m using.

I have disabled all notifications for WhatsApp, but this one comes up anyway.

Deleting WhatsApp would of course solve the problem, but it not possible for other reasons (message history etc stored). Registering the app would also stop the notification, but is also not an option since I’m using the same number on another phone.

I think it should be possible to disable all notifications, but since I’ve tried that and this notification still comes up, what else is there? Is there a stronger blocking option? Can it be done if I root the phone?

Attaching screenshots of the notification and of the settings.

enter image description here
enter image description here

outlook – Deleting messages from Gmail’s All Mail over IMAP?

The last time I engaged this problem is messily documented at:

Fix IMAP inconsistency, “All Mail” vs. Inbox?

The description of hat usage case, however, was complicated by the fact that I was copying messages into another gmail account. Hoping to re-confront a similar problem under a simpler usage context.

I am accessing my gmail account over IMAP using Outlook 2019 desktop installation (not Office 365 Outlook web app). I use the All Mail folder almost exclusively, as it lets me see both sent and received messages. I’m very diligent in deleting messages and threads, including messages whose text are contained in the email trails of later response. I delete such messages by dragging them into the Trash folder.

When I look in the Inbox folder, however, many messages are present which are not in All Mail. Some are plain email messages, some are appointment invites, and others are appointment acceptances. Using the Gmail webmail interface, I ensured that the Inbox’s “Social” and “Promotion” message bins were empty, then resync’d all folders over IMAP. Therefore, the explanation cannot be that messages in “Social” and/or “Promotion” show up in the Outlook Inbox folder and not the All Mail folder.

All the time spent ensuring a clean unbloated mail account has been wasted. My Inbox seems to be littered with messages that I supposedly cleaned out. It would take a lifetime to go through that vetting process again.

What am I doing wrong? How can I properly delete messages from All Mail without creating this nonsensical disparity with Inbox?

linux – “File name too long” while deleting directories

I am deleting a directory which has almost 600 nested directories inside it using rm -rf <directory name> . This command is showing error : File name too long.

I tried find <path to directory> -type d -delete but this shows directory not empty error.

How to delete such directory?

Firefox Android Clearing download history without deleting the file

On the desktop version of Firefox, when I open “Show All Downloads” and there “Clear Downloads”, the history of downloads is cleared, but the downloaded files are present in the folder still. This is the desired behavior.

However, on Android Firefox, if I open Tools->Downloads, I only get the option “Delete All Downloads” and when I press it, the list gets cleared, along with the files from the folder. How do I avoid this and get the behavior similar to that in the desktop? Basically, I wish to clear Firefox download history in Android without deleting/renaming the downloaded files.

Deleting inbox email in gmail results in delete of reply

When I do a reply and hit send in gmail, I sometimes will subsequently hit delete to delete the present email. But I have found that gmail will then subsequently delete the reply email in the Sent folder.

Which has me wondering:

  • Did the reply get sent out?
  • Can this behaviour be modified? Like, can the sent message be retained in Sent.

Deleting 3 pages and making into one?

I am a freelancer. My website has the home page and a service page with a drop down botton that has 3 other pages with the type of services I offer.

Should I delete those 3 pages and make them into one page called services? HOpe you understand. I am trying to explain it the best I can. Send me a private message.