theme development – How to create a WordPress demo site with limited admin access

I think you have to give the user the ability to create articles / pages and save the customization settings to really get an idea of ​​the theme.

I would create a new admin user role that has all the permissions of an administrator, with the exception of creating / deleting users. This way, you can not stay out of your site. Then I would create a function by hanging the wp_logout action hook to delete all items / pages, and reset the customizer settings to the default values ​​when the user logs out.

different uses of the demo – Discussions & Help

For foreign exchange operators, it is necessary to gather knowledge until the end of time, because the market changes each time. And the demo trade is one of the basic ways to gain knowledge that every operator should try to complete. But yes, the uses of the demo trading account are not confined to learning purposes. Today, any operator can use the demo for different purposes, such as conducting analyzes, judging strategies, and so on.

installation – Problems encountered with Drupal for it to run an evaluation demo under Windows 10

I've installed xampp and run Apache and mysql that start without error (I have not changed port, etc., so everything is set by default).

When i run demo_umami's core / scripts / drupal quick-start quick-start & # 39; from the xampp shell, everything works fine and installs itself. However, once the browser is finished (chrome), a message stating that the virus has been detected is antivirus s / w (AVG):

& # 39; .ht.router.php & # 39; contains the virus & # 39; IDP.Generic & # 39; – I've scanned the Drupal zip code without any problem and viewed the antivirus website for more information. This report says that it can be a false positive because of versioning, but be careful if it is not s / w that you usually use.

I have repeated the installation in a sandbox and when I apply an exception for the virus message, drupal is launched in my browser, but it runs very slowly and continues to report messages "do not answer" If I try to drupal ctrl-c in the xampp shell, nothing happens, so I can not close Drupal and it looks like it has crashed.

Do you have an idea of ​​what's going on here? – I purchased Drupal and XAMPP from the Drupal website; I think that the virus report can be a false positive, but that does not explain the problem of slow execution and drupal blocking.

Any help would be very appreciated.

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MacBook Pro: The demo video of trackpad preferences does not show up

I've bought a second-hand MacBook Pro running MacOS Mojave 10.14.3. I have tried to change the Trackpad preferences according to my needs, but it seems that by changing the left option, the video demo displayed on the right is not being played. Usually, this is the case in other systems.

enter the description of the image here

How can I activate it?

Have imported publications (demo) added to titles?

I've imported publications and the XML file itself contains the correct publication titles, but after importing all the titles, "(Demo)" was added at the end of each title, category and label?

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install and configure the wordpress theme exactly as in demonstration

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  8. Any additional plugin installation

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  1. Wp-admin login information (if WordPress is already installed)
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