What happens when you are denied boarding during transit?

Suppose you have a stopover in Dubai but the airline refuses to let you board the boarding gate for the connecting flight. This may be due to an incorrect document / visa for the subsequent destination or for not having received the authorization. What happens?

PROBLEM WITH PHP CONNECTION TO MYSQL: Warning: mysqli_connect (): (HY000 / 1045): Access denied for the user

I have a problem to connect PHP to my MySQL server using the domain.

$con1 = mysqli_connect('dominio.com', 'XXXXX', 'XXXXXX');
    echo 'Conexión exitosa con Dominio';
}else {
    echo 'Conexión fallida con  Dominio';

This is a test I did IN THE server, where it connects quietly if I put Localhost, but does not connect if I use the domain.

The result is:

Conexión exitosa con Localhost
Warning: mysqli_connect(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user

This is a problem because I really need to pass this code to an external application using a remote connection. Obviously, I noticed again and again that the username and password are well written. I've also added the name of the database in the connection. In addition, I tried to establish the remote connection by adding my computer as an access host from my CPanel.

I really do not know what I'm doing wrong hahaha. I appreciate your help in advance.

USA – US visa denied to Canadian public relations after deportation and prohibition

I am a permanent resident of Canada. I entered the United States illegally 13 years ago and was sent back to Canada with a 10-year ban.

It's been 13 years now. I applied for a US B1 visa; I am a truck driver and I have to cross the border to work.

I went to my interview today. The officer asked me what had happened and I told him everything: the truth that I was young and I made a mistake that I regret every day now. I am 40 years old, I am straight and I need that to work. He took notes and said: "I have to refuse your visa, but you will receive an e-mail in the coming days, we wish to have another interview with you here this week and then we will see what we can make."

Does anyone know how this will happen to me?

Customs and Immigration – Returning to the UK for a job after being denied entry as a visitor. Will I be denied entry again?

I was not really pissed off because I had to catch the plane to go home

So you have been expelled. Did you have a stamp in your passport and documents showing that?

I'm supposed to fly to the UK for a job now. I have all the documents from the employer.

You need a work visa from the UK authorities and not just documents from your employer. Your chances of getting a UK visa in the near future (or, since that's the UK, probably your life) are zero because you have been deported once. You are most likely to be denied entry into … the EU, the US, Canada, and Australia, at least, but perhaps many more countries. Spend a decade at least build a reliable travel history and then try to apply for a visa to one of these.

plugins – Claims list functionality – How to send an email to users when their claim has been approved or denied

We have a list of claims plugin, it allows users to claim articles (posts). The user must "register" to claim this item, so he must enter a user name and his email address.

Once the request is submitted, an email will be sent to the administrator (us) that the user claims for the article and gives us the opportunity to approve or reject it.

When we accept or reject it, no email is unfortunately sent to the user to inform him that the item has been approved or declined.

How could we have WordPress send an email to the user to inform us of our response?

Code: CodeShare (the code is too long and breaks when I stick it here guys, sorry!)
As you can see, there is a wp_mail feature, but it is only when an email is sent to the administrator that an object request for an object has been requested)

mysql – automysqlbackup fails with ERROR 1045 (18000) Access denied … after changing the password

I have two almost identical ubuntu database servers, and automysqlbackup performed happily on both Percona 5.7 databases.

On one of them, I changed the root password of the database. Apparently, as I can connect to the database via mysql -u root -p using the new password.

I have updated the /etc/automysqlbackup/automysqlbackup.conf file to include the new root password.

BUT, then automysqlbackup has always failed with the dreaded 1045 error for the user 'root'. @ & # 39; localhost & # 39 ;.

Restarting the server made no difference.

When I change the root password of the database to bring it back to its contents, everything works fine Even if the /etc/automysqlbackup/automysqlbackup.conf the file always has the password 'changed / new'!

So, this one has left me puzzled. Does Automysqlbackup cache the contents of /etc/automysqlbackup/automysqlbackup.conf somewhere that I need to purge?

mariadb – Get the dreaded ERROR 1045 (28000) Access denied for the user & # 39; user & # 39; @Hostname & # 39; (with password: YES) with a twist

I've set up a Mariadb cluster by following the following instructions: https://severalnines.com/database-blog/running-mariadb-galera-cluster-without-container-orchestration-tools-part-one.

When I try to connect to the cluster from its virtual IP address ( from a node of that network, the following message is displayed: ERROR 1045 (28000) Access refused for the user '@@ & # 39; host_name (with password: YES). However, at one point, I added host names in / etc / hosts by specifying the IP addresses of the hosts on the three Linux servers (Ubuntu Server 16.04LTS) for another project. I noticed that when I did that, the cluster was now resolving IP addresses against / etc / hosts. So, when I try to connect, it is now ERROR 1045 (28000). Access denied for the user @ @ & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; hostname & # 39; (with password: YES). Thinking that this could be a problem, I disabled these entries in / etc / hosts and flushed the Mariadb DNS cache on all three containers. However, when I try to connect to the cluster on the virtual IP address, I always receive a response indicating the old host names associated with the ip addresses. Users have a localhost identifier as well as a generic identifier and this does not seem to matter.

I have tried to create connections that correspond to each of the old host names and this still does not work. I can connect directly to the containers with these users without any problem (docker exec -it containerName / bin / bash then mysql -uusername -p).

(edit) neglected to add that I have resolved the jump name in my.cnf

mysqli_real_connect (): (HY000 / 1045): ProxySQL error: access denied for the user & # 39; id10551939_pas_php & # 39; @ 2a02: 4780: bad: c0de :: 19 & # 39; (using the password: YES)

I am having problems connecting to my database on phpMyAdmin. I was trying to create a new table when I noticed that I could not even enter my database in 000webhost. Everything was fine last week, so it does not make any sense.

I've changed the password several times because every forum I've checked about this error was saying that this could be the reason. Nothing changes. I am pretty sure that my host, username and password in my php file are correct, and my server appears online in 000webhost.

Is there anything I miss?

Thank you for your help.