dnd 3.5e – Is there an official description of the appearance and culture of tribal orcs?

I play on a Neverwinter Nights persistent world module that uses the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 rules. I’m editing and updating the module’s features into a new document. The module allows players to pick different races. I want to add pictures of the various available races and a short blurb about each race’s culture to help players role-play.

However, I’m struggling to locate information on tribal orcs. I’d like to have a brief physical and cultural description of this race that’s drawn from official 3.5 material. Is such information available?

dnd 3.5e – What is the description and information for the Deep Orc race in 3.5 D&D?

I need a physical description and information on the Deep Orc race from 3.5 D&D.
Can someone give me information or direct me to a source that can help me?

I tried searching, but the problem is that it often leads me to the Orog which I am unsure if it’s the same as a Deep Orc because the sources lead me to Forgotten Realms pages. Forgotten Realms creatures are not the same. The elven subrace names and even the appearance of the various elf types varies as an example. Even when I search for images I’ll get the 5e orog or something from Pathfinder.

I am looking for information and the physical description of some 3.5 D&D races

I am looking for the for the physical description and information of the following races in 3.5 D&D.
Can anyone fill me in or direct me to a source?

Deep Halfling

Tribal Orc

Deep Orc

8 – how to display a media description in a twig template?

i want to display the media description available in the file field of a media ( media of type video, audio, image, etc…), it is an option to activate:

Enable Description field

The description field allows users to enter a description about the uploaded file.

i already print other fields that i want in the media twig template, but i can not find the value of that “description” field attribute, because it’s not a field, but some sort of attribute of the file field.

woocommerce – How to add (and change the font of) the short description of the product to the order page and to the new customer order email

I would like to add the brief description of the product to the email sent to the customer when a new order is confirmed.

I added the following via a code snippet plug-in:

add_filter (& # 39; woocommerce_order_item_name & # 39 ;, & # 39; add_single_excerpt_to_order_item & # 39 ;, 10, 3);
add_single_excerpt_to_order_item function ($ item_name, $ item, $ is_visible) {
$ product_id = $ item-> get_product_id (); // Get the product ID
$ extract = get_the_excerpt ($ product_id); // Get the short description
returns $ item_name. "
& # 39 ;. $ extract; "


It works fine by adding the short description but now i would like to change the font type and size to match the rest of the email.

Can you help me, please?

ag.algebraic geometry – Description of the crystals of quasi-coherent showers using quasi-coherent showers on the pile of de Rham

Correction of a field $ k $ characteristic $ 0 $, a sweet $ k $-scheme $ X $, a commutative and unitary ring $ R $ with nilradical $ I $, and two infinitesimally close $ R $-points:
$$ x, y: mathrm {Spec} R rightrightarrows X $$
We define Rham's pre-stack as the following functor:
$$ X ^ {dR}: mathsf {CRing} to mathsf {Sets}: R mapsto X ^ {dR} (R): = X (R / I) $$
Then, is there the following categories equivalence:
$$ mathsf {CrysQCoh} (X) cong mathsf {QCoh} (X ^ {dR}) $$
between the categories of quasi-coherent spray crystals on $ X $ and almost coherent sheaves on the pile of de Rham $ X ^ {dR} $ ? On the point plane, the Rham pre-stack is the co-equalizer of the diagram:
$$ x, y: X right arrow X (R) $$
by the definition of infinitesimally close points. This suggests to me that if we give it a quasi-coherent shower $ mathcal {F} $ sure $ X $, it can then be removed $ x, y $and along the canonical map $ i: mathrm {Spec} R / I à mathrm {Spec} R $ to produce a quasi-coherent isomorphism $ R / I $-Modules:
$$ i ^ * x ^ * mathcal {F} cong i ^ * y ^ * mathcal {F} $$
So, I suspect that the equivalence is true, but I'm having trouble articulating my thoughts.

google – Meta description and title You come from elsewhere?

I created my website and it is online, but I changed part of the name from "é" to "e" when I put the new name in Google search, nothing does not show up, until I use the old name. It gets the name from another place and the description relates to cookies. I use the yoast and WordPress SEO functions but nothing changes. Is there another place where he can shoot?

Thank you

How many characters does it limit in the Meta description tag?

Hello friends,

How many characters does the & Meta Description tag limit?

dnd 3.5e – Is there a concise description of what is a "special" damage?

If you look at the table (5.6), you will see in the last column & # 39; Type of damage & # 39; that they don't have an entry, just a dash; the flame thrower is the exception, it has "Fire" type damage. Compare that to the "modern era" weapons in Table 5.5 which mostly have the "Piercing" damage type.

This means that some of the ordinary damage reduction does not work; some creatures have reduced damage against clubbing, cutting, and / or piercing weapons. These do not work against futuristic weapons.

So "special" basically means here: any kind of damage that normal (non-magical) weapons don't inflict.

polyhedra – external or internal description for a polyhedron

I know how to get an external description of a polyhedron from an internal description. But what about the other side?
How to get an inner description of the outer description of a polyhedron.
I think the main algorithm behind this procedure is Fourier-Motzkin-Elimination (FME). When we apply FME to a system with $ m $ lines to eliminate a variable we produce a maximum of $ ( frac {m} {2}) ^ {2} $ inequality.