8 – Meta dynamic tags and description in custom pages

I have a custom drupal module that will generate pages for the players of my site. The player's statistical data is expected to be updated most of the time. Therefore, for ease of use, I have created a custom module for the reader pages.

I have an external database where all the information of my players is stored. My module will define a URL pattern and, once obtained, will display player information from the external database.

My problem is, since there is no real node present for my pages, I have not been able to display the meta tags and the description of my reader pages. I've tried the meta tag module and the meta tag routing modules. But by using these modules, I could only define a static meta tag and a description for my entire module, which means that there is only one. Only one meta description for all pages. I want them to be dynamic and that they vary from one page to the other. I've tried the examples provided below, but I can only add static strings. I want the meta wise description of the player.

Generate meta in the Drupal 8 controller

Add a meta tag to the Drupal 8 head

Here is the structure of my code.


name: Player Module
description: Creates Page for Player.
package: Custom
type: module
version: 1.0
core: 8.x


      'variables' => array('result' => NULL),
      'template' => 'player-page-formatter'


  path: '/player/{player}'
    _controller: 'DrupalplayerControllerPlayerController::content'
    _title_callback: 'DrupalplayerControllerPlayerController::title' 
    _permission: 'access content'


      '#result' => $result,
      '#cache' => ('max-age' => 0)

public function title($player){
$title = "";
/* --------------
 code logic here 
------------------ */
return (
        '#type' => 'markup',
        '#markup' => $title

I have been stuck with this issue for a long time. Any help would be appreciated.

How to avoid meta-title and description Duplicate problem?

Hello members

My site has 1000 pages for the map of airlines. I do not understand how to write a title and a meta description because all airlines provide route maps and the same type of services.
The brief description is almost the same,

What I use

Title – Air Arabia Route Map – Air Arabia Destination and Hubs
Keywords – Air Arabia map, Air Arabia flight map, Air Arabia destinations, Air Arabia hub airports, Air Arabia flights
Descriptions – The Air Arabia flights and destinations map is covered by Air Arabia flights. Get a complete list of Air Arabia destinations and airport hubs.

I simply replace the name of the airline with the same title and description for all airlines.

Title – American Airlines Route Map – American Airlines Destination and Hub
Keywords – American Airlines flight card, American Airlines flight card, American Airlines destinations, American Airlines hub airports, American Airlines flights
Descriptions – The map of routes and destinations of American Airlines flights are covered by American Airlines flights. Get a complete list of American Airlines destinations and airport hubs.

Please guide me guys is this ok or should i change it with unique.

Merge data on a Google sheet based on the description of the column header

I am relatively new on Google Sheets and I am facing a small challenge.

I've created a long google from which several identical topics have been created on Google sheets.

How can I join multiple rows so I can filter the data
I've attached a screenshot of my spreadsheeet with blue arrows indicating the columns I need to merge.
Each article must be on its own line Example

theming – The taxonomy term page based on the views uses the description of the term for the title

I use a view to replace the standard Taxonomy Term page (enabled by default in Drupal 8.x). I wish the title of the page changes from the name of the term to the description of the term wherever it appears, in the title attribute of the header, but especially in the title displayed on the page. I've tried all sorts of tricks in a custom page – taxonomy.html.twig file, but to no avail.

Are we allowed to post the amazon product link on the youtube description?

In Amazon TOS, a rule states that you can only view links on trusted domains in your associates account.

However, Amazon does not care much about these rules. You can do this if it does not hurt them in terms of branding (by associating them with pirated content or without content without rights of use). But if anything bad happens, they can suspend your account and they will do it right away. A complaint and you could be gone because you have already broken the TOS.

Think about it, someone will see you copy the content and you use it to display affiliate links. Or you simply re-create another job or post video content to simply display links. Users get angry because you keep doing black hat stuff, spamming, hacking, and so on. They easily understand that you are spamming because you are making money with amazon, they complain and you are suspended. If you only post original content links that help people and do not spam, you should be safe. But most marketers who use this technique create fake / spammed content just to drive traffic to affiliate links, which is a bad thing. Then they come here complaining about the suspension of their account.

Bottom line: if you create video content to help others, to give value, everything should be fine. If you're just creating content for sales, then it's just a matter of time.

High level description of the aTM

If I have the language:

L = {x | x = n^2 for some integer n}

How can I give a high level description of the Turning Machine that decides the language?

[ Politics ] Open question: Is this the best description of the thought of Trump supporters?

[Politics] Open question: Is this the best description of the thought of Trump supporters?

Implementation of 3Blue1Brown's description of the Fourier transformation into Python + numpy

I implemented the description of the Fourier transformation in 3Blue1Brown in Python + numpy for irregular and unsorted data, as described here.

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def polarToRectangular(radii, angles):
    return radii * np.exp(1j * angles)

def frequencyGenerator(time, steps = 100):
    𝛿 = time.max() - time.min()
    M = np.arange(1, steps + 1)(:, np.newaxis)
    return M / 𝛿

def easyFourierTransform(time, values, frequency = None, steps = 100):
    if frequency is None:            
        ft = frequencyGenerator(time, steps)
        frequency = ft.reshape(ft.shape(0))
        ft = frequency(:, np.newaxis)

    # sorting the inputs
    order = np.argsort(time)
    ts = np.array(time)(order)
    Xs = np.array(values)(order)

    𝜃 = (ts - time.min()) * 2 * np.pi * ft
    Y = polarToRectangular(Xs, 𝜃)(:, :-1) * np.diff(ts)
    amplitude = np.abs(Y.sum(axis=1))
    return frequency, amplitude

I think maybe I can suggest that this be added to numpy / scypy. However, I do not know if this little piece of code is qualified to be added upstream. I was wondering if you could help me know:

  • Is this code correct? Does it really return the Fourier transformation? I want to be sure that there are no logical errors.
  • Is it a powerful code or is it possible to improve performance?
  • Is formatting sufficient? Should I comply with PEP8 or numpy / scipy require different best practices?
  • How can I add a typing annotation? Especially to be sure that the dimensions of ndarrays are correct.
  • Is this novel or is it already done? (not necessarily relevant for this forum but always my question)

I would be grateful if you could help me with the above points. Thank you in advance.

Keywords: non-uniform, uniformly, unequally, sampled, distributed

DFA drawing given description

I'm trying to draw a dfa for this description

The set of strings on {a, b, c} that do not contain the substring aa,

The current problem I am facing is the number of states to start with, what help to address this problem?

tinymce – How can I get the textarea Description field to use the visual editor for attachments

I saw this post involving tags. But I can not know which one

 * Display advanced TinyMCE editor in taxonomy page
function wpse_7156_enqueue_category() {
global $pagenow, $current_screen;

if( $pagenow == 'edit-tags.php' ) {
    require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/post.php');
    require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/includes/template.php');

    wp_tiny_mce( false, array( 'editor_selector' => 'description', 'elements' => 'description', 'mode' => 'exact' ));
 add_action( 'init', 'wpse_7156_enqueue_category' );

This seems to have been made redundant in newer versions of WordPress. But I wonder if this could be used for attachments? I just need to know the inclusion for this attachment modification page?