magento2 – Chinese characters in product description utf error impossible to serialize

This is the error I get when I save Chinese characters in the product description.

1 exception (s):
Exception # 0 (InvalidArgumentException): Unable to serialize the value. Error: UTF-8 characters badly formed, possibly coded incorrectly.

Exception # 0 (InvalidArgumentException): Unable to serialize the value. Error: UTF-8 characters badly formed, possibly coded incorrectly.
Process # 1 Magento  Framework  App  PageCache  Kernel-> (& Magento  Framework  App  Response  Http  Interceptor # 000000003982af7000000000142eda42 #) called to [vendor/magento/module-page-cache/Model/Controller/Result/BuiltinPlugin.php:96]
# 2 Magento  PageCache  Model  Controller  Result  BuiltinPlugin-> afterRenderResult (& MGS  Mpanel  Block  Framework  Page  Interceptor # 000000003982abaf00000000142eda42 #, & MGS  Mpanel  Block  Framework  Page  Interceptor # 000000003982abaf00000000142eda  App  Response  Http  Interceptor # 000000003982af7000000000142eda42 #) called to [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:146]
# 3 MGS  Mpanel  Block  Framework  Page  Interceptor-> Magento  Framework  Interception  {closing} (& Magento  Framework  App  Response  Http  Interceptor # 000000003982af7000000000142eda42 #) called to [vendor/magento/framework/Interception/Interceptor.php:153]
# 4 MGS  Mpanel  Block  Framework  Page  Interceptor -> ___ callPlugins (& # 39; renderResult & # 39 ;, array (& Magento  Framework  App  Response  Http  Interceptor # 000000003982af7000000000142eda42 #), array (array ( 'Result-messages', 'result-builtin-c ...', 'result-vernnish-c ...'))) called to [generated/code/MGS/Mpanel/Block/Framework/Page/Interceptor.php:156]
# 5 MGS  Mpanel  Block  Framework  Page  Interceptor> renderResult (& Magento  Framework  App  Response  Http  Interceptor # 000000003982af7000000000142eda42 #) called to [vendor/magento/framework/App/Http.php:140]
# 6 Magento  Framework  App  Http-> launch () called to [generated/code/Magento/Framework/App/Http/Interceptor.php:24]
# 7 Magento  Framework  App  Http  Interceptor-> launch () called to [vendor/magento/framework/App/Bootstrap.php:258]
# 8 Magento  Framework  App  Bootstrap-> run (& Magento  Framework  App  Http  Interceptor # 000000003982af7e00000000142eda42 #) called to [index.php:39]

Facebook page policy for sharing the same URL and description with different infographics

My website is focused on one product. I usually create several infographics (images) relevant to my target audience and share them on my website. I also think about sharing these infographics on my Facebook page. Every day, I would share about 15 to 20 infographic photos. When uploading infographic, am I allowed to add a brief description and hyperlink to my product page (in the text / status input box)? I ask the question because the description and the hyperlink will not change with the computer graphics. They will be the same as my website is focused on a single product?

plugin development – the_content () does not display the description correctly

I'm trying to display the description of a single product WooCommerce, but instead of displaying the correct description, the loop starts again by displaying the image, the price, the price of the product. add to cart, etc.

I've been trying to find the answer for a long time without success.
I've used the WooCommerce template scripts and modified them; the_excerpt () will work but not the_content ().

That's the template file I'm currently using:

the_content () is now the problem. Could this be my request or something? I have a different way of querying my products from index.php, but the archive-product.php file has the same thing as the WooCommerce query. Could this be the cause, even if it is in the single-product.php the problem?

I'm using this for the front-page.php product loop: s:

content-single-product.php, archive-product.php and single-product.php are identical to those of the WooCommerce model.

It should display the description instead of looping back. There is no error message.

Magento2: How to merge a tab (description and additional details)

I want to merge these 2 tabs because a problem occurs in the mobile view (too wide):

Can someone help how can I do it?

research – measure the "quality" of a description

What do you measure the description? What is the ultimate quality of the description? Is there one?

I think that "descriptions" for communicating effectively can be measured, such as the number of words, the grammar, the choice of words, the structure of the sentence, and so on. Similar to what Grammarly does.

However, "descriptions" of songs (an art) can follow different rules. Sometimes a sentence may suffice, sometimes a paragraph may not be enough, and many times the same text may mean different things to everyone. Similar to how words speak differently to each listener.

Perhaps you should ask the same person to read the descriptions and ask them to judge it. I'm not sure if there is a quantitative method that would work. Or you can use both qualitative and quantitative and see if there is a correlation or not.

Ag.algebra Geometry – Explicit Description of the Conjugation Action of $ a_p = [[1,0],[0,p]]$ on the amalgam $ SL (2, mathbb {Z}) * _ { Gamma_0 (p)} a_pSL (2, mathbb {Z}) a_p ^ {- 1} $

Let $ a_p $ denote the matrix $[[1,0],[0,p]]$, or $ p $ is first.

then $ SL_2 ( mathbb {Z}[1/p]$ can be presented as the merged product

$$ SL_2 ( mathbb {Z}) * _ { Gamma_0 (p)} a_pSL_2 ( mathbb {Z}) a_p ^ {- 1} $$
or $ Gamma_0 (p) $ are the matrices that are upper-triangular mod $ p $, and the inclusions in both factors are natural.

I would like to build the group $ GL_2 ( mathbb {Z}[1/p]$ (in the GAP package) as a semi-direct product of $ SL_2 ( mathbb {Z}[1/p]$ and $ p ^ mathbb {Z} $.

For this I have to tell GAP the conjugation action of $ a_p $ sure $ SL_2 ( mathbb {Z}[1/p]$ in terms of the generators of the merged product (ideally algorithmically easy algorithms, for example the 4 generators from the two copies of $ SL_2 ( mathbb {Z}) $).

I'm sure that must have been done somewhere. Does anyone have a referral? (Or maybe someone can give an explicit presentation of this mating action?)

(Also published here)

python 3.x – Can you change the description in full execution of a progress bar?

I have a progress bar and wanted to know if the description can be changed once it is running.
The code I have is the following:

from ipywidgets, import IntProgress
from the IPython.display import display
import time

test = IntProgress (min = 0, max = 10, description = "Loading:", bar_style = "warning")
display (test)
account = 0
leaves = 3
chapters = 5

for b in the interval (chapters):
for i in the range (sheets):
test.value + = 1
print ("Chapter:" + str (b + 1) + "Sheet:" + str (i + 1))
time.sleep (0.1)
account + = 1


Loading: :::::::::::::::::::::::::
Chapter: 1 Sheet: 1
Chapter: 1 Sheet: 2
Chapter: 1 Sheet: 3
Chapter: 2 Sheet: 1
Chapter: 2 Sheet: 2
Chapter: 2 Sheet: 3
Chapter: 3 Sheet: 1
Chapter: 3 Sheet: 2
Chapter: 3 Sheet: 3
Chapter: 4 Sheet: 1
Chapter: 4 Sheet: 2
Chapter: 4 Sheet: 3
Chapter: 5 Sheet: 1
Chapter: 5 Sheet: 2
Chapter: 5 Sheet: 3

My idea would be to show:

Loading Sheet 1 of Chapter 1 ::::::::::::: 

"and so iterate every page and every chapter".

SEO – WordPress: 2 tags meta description and Yoast

I am currently learning SEO in general. I'm studying a website that uses WordPress CMS.

First question. When viewing the source of the page, I notice two meta tags for the description in the page?

The one below is the first appreciation for it is in the first lines of the source of the page.

enter the description of the image here

I do not know if it's because the website uses Yoast, it's another instance of , photo below:

enter the description of the image here

I realized that using the editor of Yoast extracts, the value of which occurs later in the page and the value of will be updated. the The tag that first appears at the top of the page remains blank.

I wonder why this is it? Does this mean that search engines that crawl this webpage will read the value of the description as empty? or will he read the value of the who went down? How can I edit the value of the label that occurred at the top? Do I need to edit the source / php file?

The second part of the question:
This is the result of searching the homepage of this same site in the previous question. I realized that the description of the web page is simply the textual content of the page itself. Unless I am mistaken, the description in the result of the search must also be the value inside. is not it? How can I change the setting so that the description follows the one inside the tag?

enter the description of the image here

I think the 2 questions are related and related to a fundamental situation that I still do not understand, I appreciate any help.

How to get the names and meta description of the website that appear in Google search?

I want to create a dataset with all the results of the pages that I get in googlant something.

python 3.x – Product Description

Do you get an idea of ​​the view of Django Rest Framework below, whether it's what you need to know or do, thank you very much. Weary son:

SignUpView class (APIView,):
permission_classes = (AllowAny,)

def post (self, request, set_group, format = None):
serializer = UserSerializer (data =
if serializer.is_valid (): ()
group =['group']
            if group == set_group:
current_user =['username']
                os.mkdir (& # 39; va & # 39;)
get_user = User.objects.get (user name = current user)
get_token = Token.objects.get (user = get_user) =['email']

                return Response ({& # 39; email:['email'],
& # 39; user name & # 39 ;:['username'],
& # 39; mobile & # 39 ;:['mobile'],
& # 39; group & # 39 ;:['group'],
Token: get_token.key,
& # 39; status: status.HTTP_201_CREATED})
elif group! = set_group:
user = User.objects.get (pk =['id'])
user.delete ()

return Response (Group {group} not allowed in this view & # 39;)
return Response (serializer.errors, status = status.HTTP_400_BAD_REQUEST)

SignUpViewChef class (SignUpView):
permission_classes = (AllowAny,)

def post (self, request, set_group = "header", format = None):
Great (). post (request, set_group, format = None)
return Response ({
super (SignUpView, auto)['email']

In the following cases, send an email to the answer to your question:

Exceptional value:

the object & # 39; super & # 39; has no attribute "serializer"

All the time, although what you want, is it like that you are looking for a music workout?