I will design a professional and unique flyer, brochure or poster. for $10

I will design a professional and unique flyer, brochure or poster.

A Brochure, Magazine and flyer is an amazing and effective way of conveying a message. So, here I am who will convey and transmit your message effectively!
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  • Professional Behavior
  • NO USE of ready templates
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In this gig, I make business identities:

  • Flyer
  • brochure
  • Magazine ad
  • Posters
  • Business Card (Double-sided)
  • Letterhead (AI file Or word Doc)
  • Envelope (Double-sided)
  • CD
  • CD Cover

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scalability – Database design query for sending notificaion

I am trying to design a service to send bulk messages (sms/whatsapp) to customers (~50k users max).
These messages will be smiliar to how uber etc sends saying, “200 credited to your account. Please use it before xx-xx-xxx date”.
Similarly before the expiry date, I will send notification message (whatsapp/sms) to the customer saying, “Your amount credited will expire…”

For each such promotions, we get the list of customers and the amount credited from a csv file : (customerId, creditAmount). (max 50k entry per csv)
And once I credit the amount to the customer account in backend, I will be sending notification to the customer using a bulk message api for whatsapp.

Coming to the db-design part:

First table I have : (promotion table)
| id                
| description 
| currency   
| expiry   
| applied_to  
| notification_medium
| comment          
| created_at       

I am making an entry in this table for each csv file (i.e. for each promotions)

Second table I have : (promotion_notification table)
| id
| promotion_id (id from promotion table)
| notification_type  (credit,expiry)
| mobile
| status (0 - default, 1 - sent)
| created_at
| send_at

For each csv upload, here entry will be made for each customer (identified by mobile per promotion_id)
Now, this can have 50k entries for each promotions.
So, I am having a cron to fetch all the entries with status 0 and once notification sent I change the status to 1.
At the same time I clear older notifications (expired/old/sent) to save the db space.

The bulk message api (whatsapp) takes an array of phone numbers, and a template message (different for different promotions) to send the notifications.

** Above is my design for notification problem, nothing from a book so can have definite loopholes.
So, can this be made more efficient or is there a text book approach for this problem statement, considering it might be a common problem statement.

I will design professional and amazing business cards. for $10

I will design professional and amazing business cards.

Do you need Creativeand Amazing STATIONERY for your Business?Then you are in aright place.I will design completebranding stuff for your company that will surely give your clients a good

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  • Professional Behavior
  • NO USE of ready templates
  • NO design is repeated! 100% unique!
  • Friendly Behavior                       








  In this gig, I make corporate business identities:

  • Business Card (Double-sided)
  • Letterhead (AI file Or word Doc)
  • Envelope (Double-sided)
  • CD
  • CD Cover                                     








  Should you have any question  don’t hesitate to contact me. I will reply instantly

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database design – Schema for Game Transcript Translations

I am working on site to allow users to view video game dialogue from Japanese games. The idea is to have a way to display the original Japanese text with an English translation. Pretty much in the same way it’s displayed in game, so a piece of dialogue from a character could be two words or several paragraphs long.

Here’s my current attempt at modeling this.
enter image description here

I wanted to break up the dialogue into scenes to give some context as to where this dialogue is happening. I also wanted several scenes be their own chapters, but the chapter table feels kind of useless now that I’ve seen up my CRUD operations in the app. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

design – Ways to improve readability of recipe ingredients?

First of all, if you are just looking at a text list of ingredients then I would say that it probably isn’t going to matter too much which option you go for.

Out of the 3 options I would personally prefer the “bold amounts” option. The reason being is that the quantity is the part of the recipe that a person is more likely to need to look at more than once. So the bold part helps to draw attention to that part quicker.

Your examples don’t really highlight this need as you are likely to have the quantities for those ingredients prepared in advance before cooking. However, a liquid measurement (e.g. 200ml vegetable stock) is probably something the reader will want to double-check the quantity of during the cooking phase. So I would say that needs to stand out more.

That leads me to my actually suggestion…

Option 4: Table

Create a simple table. It doesn’t even need to have any styling, so it appears as just text. However, the key part is the spacing between the amount (column A) and the ingredient (column B). Having these as separate columns will make it much easier to scan for the user.

1 pound   skinless, boneless chicken breast halves - cubed

1 cup     sliced carrots

1 cup     frozen green peas

½ cup     sliced celery

⅓ cup     butter

⅓ cup     chopped onion

plugin development – Custom post type specific item design

I have a custom post type (benefits). Which as post name (bronze, silver, gold, diamond). All are listed in the same page template page-benefits.php. I want to display all on the same page but want to specific design for Diamond.
how I can achieve this while remaining in the same loop and same page template.

design – Why are people coding “C-style C++”?

In discussions about whether to cast the result of malloc or not when coding C, one common argument is that if you cast the result then you can compile your C code with a C++ compiler.

Why would one ever want to do that? If I’m not mistaken, there are C compilers available for almost any platform imaginable, but the opposite is not equally true.

So why do people want to compile their C code with a C++ compiler? Why not just use a C compiler instead? C is tricky enough as it is. Keeping track of all the details that would ensure that it’s equivalent (nut just valid) C++ code can be quite tricky, especially since there are quite a lot small things that are valid in both languages, but mean different things. Furthermore, it also makes it impossible to use some of the nice new features in modern C.

So what is the use case of coding “C-style C++”?

How can I change elements which Design Ideas inserts in PowerPoint?

I really like PowerPoint’s Design Ideas. I usually select one and then tinker with it a bit to get the look I like. However, I’ve noticed there are some elements I can’t seem to touch. For example, in the image below, I can seemingly do nothing to the thin blue line between the two textboxes.

enter image description here

What if I don’t want a thin blue line? What if I want a thick one? I’ve selected Ctrl+A in the image, so the line is not accessible by selecting all elements on the slide.

Any ideas?

Design an engaging one pager for your ico whitepaper for $10

Design an engaging one pager for your ico whitepaper

Hello sir,

A one pager as the name implies is basically a one pager summary of an ICO whitepaper.

It must therefore be concise, precise and straight to the point.

ICOs, or token sales, act as an early funding mechanism for product launches and their success is proportional to the industry interest they can generate. But landing funding and building hype is difficult when a product is at the concept stage; especially so when a field or technology is uncharted. Their teams need first to cast a vision, then fund a runway to execute on it — and they depend on the white paper to generate those dollars.

Writing your one pager with us would increase maximize your project exposure and give people who may not be able to fully read a whitepaper an idea of your project.


I can deliver a premium and high quality one pager. I look forward to doing business with you

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