database design – Web service specification – examples, methods, and tools

I hope my message will not be too irritating, but that it will be useful to someone in the future.

I've already made some progress myself (I'm talking about a raw and unfinished version of the technical paper) and I've done some research on the web – but any additional clue will be welcome.

Below I will give a sequential (but precise) abstract description.

What I have:

On my current job, I have a web service. He has:

  1. a user interface,
  2. some validations performed in filling forms within this interface (at the client level),
  3. list of variants of certain fields queried in an internal database using specific SQL conditions
  4. background logic for processing submitted forms
  5. basic logic / database to store information from the submitted information
  6. a frontal logic to recover information already submitted
  7. probably something else that I forgot to mention)))

What I need to do:

I have to compose a technical description (with text, tables and probably diagrams) of how the system works (both frontend and backend).

Why do I need it?

we (me, system analyst and my supervisor and developer team) are going to get this description. Then we will examine it and think about what we can and / or will change. Then I will make a technical drawing for the things we will change / add (if there will be any).

What problems did I encounter:

  1. I do not really find any example document of this type, which would be well designed and easy to understand.
  2. I was looking for online courses on this subject, but they all look very generic.
  3. The "1" and "2" points above refer to the technical description document that I have to create now and to the technical design document – in the future.

I hope for your help. And, as I say in the usual, the answer is appreciated, ignorance will be understood.

How to design a system that requests data from a limited API?

I have encountered a problem when designing a system. The system will request a set of data from its users to several APIs from different services. Each API has its own limit, for example 1 user per query, 100 users per query per minute or 1000 users per query every 10 minutes.

Until now, my only solution is to have a queue system. Grouping APIs according to the limit, for example those within 10 minutes, 1 minute and no limit. Suppose that there are 10,000 users. As a result, there will be 10 requests for each API with a limit of 1,000 users per request per 10 minutes and 10,000 requests for those that allow one user per request.

I just want to see if there is a way to optimize what I am doing now. I can predict that the data received will be delayed exponentially as the number of users increases. With 10,000 users, it will take 100 minutes to get a full cycle. But I guess that's what to expect anyway since the API has an imposed limit.

Design a database without knowing the structure

I am looking for some advice on designing a database when I am unsure of the data required. I use MySQL. To put a little context, I build a reporting system. So to start, I have a report table (I show my migration which is used in Laravel)

Schema::create('reports', function (Blueprint $table) {


So it's pretty simple, a report is linked to a user and it has a name and status for the report. Now, a report can be one of the three types of reports I offer. As such, I created a report_types table

Schema::create('report_type', function (Blueprint $table) {


So, one type of report is linked to a report. It is there that I am a little confused. Once again, a bit of context. A user selects his report type and downloads data. This data is then sent to an external system and I receive a response that matches the data I want to capture. For the first report, the data is structured, I know what I'm getting back, so I can potentially do something like this because I know what data I'm getting

Schema::create('report_one_data', function (Blueprint $table) {


First of all, I'm not sure this is the best approach, using a different chart for each type of report. My biggest problem is this. If they choose the two report, the answer I get from this external system includes the data from the file downloaded by the user. As such, I'm not sure of the columns I need.

What would be the best way to handle such a situation?

Thank you

Web Design – Dot5 Hosting for Custom HTML

First poster.

Anyone is familiar with Dot5 Hosting and whether he allows custom HTML? This seems like a pretty dated business, but my dad just paid a one year subscription and wants me to personalize his professional portfolio.

I could not find any useful video online to offer a tutorial.

mysql – Diagram Design of the Sales Database

I need to train the best database design, in terms of product movement


  • Adjustment of the stock (increase)

  • Opening of stock (product creation, initial stock)

  • purchases


  • Inventory adjustment (decrease)
  • The sales

Disk design

 ref_id_compra (cuando el movimiento sea una compra, guarda el el id de 
 del registro de la compra)
 ref_id_venta(cuando el movimiento sea una venta, guarda el el id de del 
 registro de la venta)


enter the description of the image here

Is it feasible? The design is at my discretion, may include poor design practices, but up to now, that is what I could design according to the needs, I would like to avoid future problems that affect the flow and scalability of my system.

How could I rethink or improve this design based on the initial requirements? I will be attentive to any suggestion, thank you

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design patterns – Locked content before clicking on CTA

"Learn More" CTAs are used on article sites / news sites to determine if users simply open the article or they are sufficiently engaged to continue reading the rest.

In the example above, the given OTC may not be the best option. If they're looking for the graph and already have access to it, it only slows down the way they get their data, while "teasing" them that they are there.

An alternative to getting the clicks you might need is rather a button that says "Open Graphics", the graphic then appears on the same page. So, it's as if the user was loading in the graph after visiting the page.
Another solution would simply be to display the graph on a separate page and then follow the page visits.

If the user does not have access to the graphics and you are trying to upgrade and buy them, replace "Unlock Graphics" with "Upgrade to Unlock Graphics" may be more descriptive and allow the user to know what they are. clicking on.

Whether or not a dark pattern depends on how it is implemented in this case. If they have access to them, but you hide them from them, it does not help the user and does not hide their access to your product. By using my suggestions in these cases, it may seem less obvious to hide things for no reason, but rather to ask for an extra click / page to load the information intended for the user.
If they do not have access to the chart, rephrase the unlock button to be clearer on where they will be taken or what it will do to help. In addition, the graph behind the overlay should not be the actual chart (as they might just look through), and could simply be a false graph blur to induce them to see what might be there.