website design – UI for multiple forms with several input fields needs to be designed? How do to make user not get lost filling the form?

I have long and multiple page forms. I have made them into sections by using accordions so that user has ease of identifying the sections and not get lost.
Is there any way to make the journey for user interesting since the form is long enough(takes upto an hour to fill entirely)?

Providing reference links for UI is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

web development – How web is designed in 1990s

Today I run into a website Web Design Museum, start to curious what tools did web developers use back then?

I started access to Web develops with Django, Boostrap, I know a couple of years ago people use Dreamweaver, Fireworks. Did developers in 1990s use frameworks? or they just see plain text editor write HTML, CSS and JS?

Any shares welcome and thanks in advance.

applications – Application designed for smartphones not running on Android TV

I installed the IP tv application on my Huawei smartphone and I worked fine.
I tried to install it on the Android TV box, but just didn't work, I was just getting error code 101.
I contacted the developer, he said that this app is designed only for the smartphone.

is there a way to force the app to work with android tv box?

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Recommended equipment – What type of camera and film are keychain photo viewers designed for?

The Google search led me to the following expired service:

As written in the information on the page, there is a regular slide film in the craft, which consists of a matte white screen and a single single lens. This is a configuration comparable to the simplest slide viewers which, for example, can be found here:
The image on this website also pretty much explains the mechanism and placement of the parts in the craft.

In the case of the keychain, a downloaded digital image is exposed on a film of slides, which is then developed and permanently fixed in the craft.

Who designed the first Apple Iphone and what design principles were followed?

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