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open source alternative of some online designer like "cloudcraft" is a nice place for you to design cloud architecture.

I would like to know is there any open-source project that could let you drag some objects to the grid and connect them and visualize them.

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ux designer – Can we use A/B testing for analyze new features?

Hello I’m quite newbie in UX, especially in A/B Testing methods.

In my opinion and after I read some of articles. A/B testing usually used for analyze some new call to action button, copywriting, layout, or colors. Measure the new and existing design with conversion rate, etc.

But the question is, can A/B testing used for analyze new features?
For the example I have 2 variation of design. existing and new design. I want to implement new features in new design. So, I doing A/B testing for monitoring the conversion rate of:

  • Existing design (without new feature).
  • New design (with new feature).

Is it possible to find a winner of that variations? Can we conclude that our new feature have a positive response for users?

Send email to distribution list SharePoint 2010 designer

Created an email workflow using SharePoint 2010 designer .But the email is not getting triggered for the distribution list email.

How can we send an email to distribution list using SharePoint designer.

Am I a UX designer? [closed]

Hey guys how are you doing?
I have a question.

I work in a small web design agency doing UI design, they work at a very fast pace, and sometimes some aspects aren’t taken into consideration when designing a page, like UX.

Because we can’t afford group tests or gathering real UX research information, I always try to apply UX practices to the project, like interpreting the briefing, doing some research on other websites to understand how they act and communicate with their customers.

With this in mind, I try to have a kind of a benchmark, applying some human decision bias in the process and some iteration. Basically trying to place myself in the user’s shoes.

Is this considerate UX, and can I call myself UX designer doing this alternative way of research?

I would appreciate your most honest feedback.

sharepoint designer – 2 Lists – Linking together, having trouble

Company description – Widget Rental Services

2 Lists –

List 1 = Customer Order/Scheduler (Non Calendar)
List 2 = Inventory/Asset List

When inputting customer order on list one, we would like to book an asset. We need to pull available asset from List 2. When asset is booked or rented out, we need it to show dates next to asset when pulling up asset availability in Customer Order (list 1).

We are stuck and can not get it figured out. I understand this question is most likely confusing. I am available for a direct message or call if needed.