desktop app – Another alternative to tabs (I need to design more than 10+ categories on the same screen)

I am working on a system with a lot of content on the same screen.
There is a table 2/3 on the details of the left curtain and 1/3 right.
When the user clicks on an element of the table, the right curtain displays and minimizes the width of the table.

The use case is that I have more than 10 categories in the array and I need to split each of the categories in a different array in the same view …

The alternatives are:
1. tabs
2. Accordion
3. Tags

Anyone have another solution?

I put the desktop motherboard on the 1u server, I need some advice for this problem.

Hello everyone on this forum I am a beginner I do 1U server. The server specification is as follows.

Processor: Intel I9-10900X
Motherbo … | Read the rest of

group policy – "The system goes to sleep. Reason for going to sleep: Application API". Windows 10 desktop PC in a domain environment

I have 1 user that his PC (Windows 10 desktop PC in the domain environment) will sleep for no good reason.
in case you can see the event ID 42:

"The system enters standby.
Sleep Reason: API Application "

the computer account is located in the same organizational unit as the other computer accounts and obtains the same group policies.
I compared his PC to my PC in the Group Policy Results Wizard in GPMC.msc and we get the same group policy which defines the Power Plan option:
enter description of image here

to mention also, all other Windows 10 PCs and will not sleep.

the things i checked that i saw in the forums:
1.NIC energy saving disabled
I tried but I shouldn't because it is not a standalone Windows PC and it is part of a domain, and all other Windows 10 PCs work fine, including mine.

i have no other ideas and what to check and i thought in the worst case scenario by simply letting our HD re-publish its PC with a new SCCM image .

I would appreciate your help and comments on this.

Google Apps – Google Docs opens as a newer desktop app in the Chroma browser

I'm trying to run Google Docs apps from a Chroma browser, the user interface always opens a new tab, but as time goes by Google documents start up like a desktop app . The Chroma opens a new tab but not the application itself in the tab. The tab does not get a URL in one way or another. Google sheet open after use - Google docs quick create

Where I have to check the configuration to make it work from the browser. The same also applies to Google Drive.

Any idea how to fix this problem ??

In Windows 10, how to make icons text bold on the desktop. The size is fine

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Networking – Remote Desktop Client Connection – Can Connect Via Cell Phone, Cannot Via Landline + ASUS Router + Public, Static IP

I want to connect from home to Windows Server desktop using the Remote Desktop Connection client.

  1. When I connect my laptop to the network using my cellphone, it works like a charm – I connect successfully and it works.

  2. At home, I have a landline with a static public IP and an ASUS wireless router. Unfortunately bdzionk – each time I get a timeout.

Apparently my home router or network provider is doing something with RDP (other services are working as expected).

How to better diagnose and solve the problem?

Thunderbolt display – How to take advantage of a desktop iMacPro with a Macbook Pro?

Trapped at home with COVID (undiagnosed, but shelter on site). My business will not allow me to install VPN software on my desktop (an iMac Pro). However, I have my Macbook Pro 16 with me which has a VPN.

I was hoping to be able to mirror the screen via Thunderbolt to be able to take advantage of the larger monitor. I was also hoping to reuse the wireless keyboard and mouse from my iMac Pro.

Is there a simple way to turn the iMac Pro into a screen while (easily) switching the mouse and keyboard between the desktop and the laptop? I'm fine twice a day reconnecting Bluetooth to each other if necessary, but hoping that there is a lighter solution.

Stay healthy and safe all!

routing – Allow desktop computers to ping ping VPN clients

We use OpenVPN to allow employees to connect to the office network. The desktop uses, VPN clients use Our VPN server is a QNAP NAS. Once connected, clients can access all IP addresses on the office network. How can I get the opposite? I wish I could 1] ping a client from the office network, or even 2] ping a client from another client.

I tried to add a route on my PC to route all traffic destined for to the QNAP IP, but this had no effect. I remember there is an option in OpenVPN or Linux that you need to enable to allow this routing backwards, but I don't remember what it was, and it doesn’t is not exposed in the QNAP GUI.

How to link to Chrome Remote Desktop file transfer download, for example, to avoid removal?

I'm looking for a way to directly access the file transfer download feature in Chrome Remote Desktop, maybe with a keyboard shortcut, or a clickable taskbar link or a desktop icon.

Basically I want something functional equivalent to the following steps:

1] Click on the drop-down menu on the right.
2] Cursor to the File Transfer section.
3] Click on Download file.

This assumes that CRD is already connected to the remote computer, etc.