macos – mac no longer detects badly ejected ultra USB sandisk, Windows machine can still

Ok, I lost my mind trying to fix this for an hour or two, but I'm lost.

I have a brand new Sandisk Ultra Flair 3.0 128 GB USB for my Mac, reformatted soon after that I think it was exfat so I could move files to Windows if I wanted to. Everything was fine and working fine until I accidentally unplugged the USB from my Mac while executing a video file out of it. Now my Mac is no longer able to detect the USB, but my old crappy Windows laptop still can. I tried to format the USB as exFAT and fat32 using my Windows machine, but my Mac is still unable to read it … I've since tried practically everything I could find on google always with 0 luck.

Here are some facts:

  • USB does not appear on Mac in system info, disk utility,
    recovery mode, or when i place the order, i found to show the
    active readers in Terminal … It seems to have become completely invisible. (I have
    the Finder does not hide it)
  • On my Mac, I tried
    restart / stop of the machine, as well as reset of the VRAM
    and the SMC.
  • My Mac can still detect other USB storage devices when I
    plug them in.
  • USB still works fine on my Windows machine

It is a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13 inch, early 2015) running Mojave.

Are there wizards with a solution or some kind of idea / suggestion? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Clearly, the USB is still working, I have no idea how to recover my Mac to detect it …

adb – fastboot detects the phone in fastboot mode but not when the phone is on

Fastboot images should be stored on the PC where you run the fastboot command and not on the device.

Therefore, the common process is as follows:

  1. PC: Download image to flash
  2. Boot the device in bootloader / fastboot mode
  3. Connect the device to PC via USB
  4. Run on PC fastboot flash

The flashing firmware images that are stored as an image file on the device are usually a job for a recovery ROM such as TWRP.

kali linux – netdiscover only detects IP addresses and machines based on Vmware

I installed metasploitable2 on vmware, just like Kali Linux. However, I have run netdiscover to detect devices that are on the same connection as my Kali, it does not detect anything other than machines based on Vmware and running. Is there a way to have it also detect IP addresses that are on my Internet?

meta tags – Good SEO practices for a root page that detects the language and redirects

I have a multilingual static website; the pages of each language live in specific sub-folders such as / en, / es, / fr, etc.

In my idnex root page, I dynamically detect the user's language (via Javascript) then I redirect to the appropriate language specific folder.

What should I think about in terms of SEO for this index page?

  • Should I add hreflang attributes pointing to the index page in the language-specific subfolders?
  • What should I add as x-default? One of the language-specific index pages, or the "language detection" page itself (which has no actual content ..)
  • Should I add a robots meta tag?

iOS – iPhone application that detects face contact

I would like to detect contact with the face to avoid infection with viruses. I have found Immutouch, an Instructable with a tilt switch, an app for fitbit and websites that use the webcam to detect face contact (I don't know if they are legitimate or a window facade for crypto-jacking, so I don't include them here).

If an app is available for existing hardware, I could start using it immediately when I am away from the computer. An online search for iphone app detect face-touching mainly returns face detection and recognition results.

Can I detect contacts with an app and the iPhone attached to my wrist?

Google always detects my voice when I deactivate the Assistant

After disabling Google Assistant in Google settings, the phone continues to display a black bar displayed with a microphone icon, with the words:

Say "Hey Google"

If I say "Hey Google", it detects my voice and displays a new window. I was just wondering why this happens if Assistant has been disabled.

magento2 – Creates a programming attribute that detects the product if it is still on sale or new

Scenario Wanted:
Let's say you have several products on sale until a specific date, each product having its own time and you want to create a promotional condition rule for all these products, provided that the time is still valid.

This attribute is important for detecting products on sale and new products and can be used with many other extensions such as product label extension or promotion rule extension. By using the default magento attribute, it will be difficult to refer to these products with a validity period.

I am looking to create an extension that creates a product attribute with a true or false value (yes or no) but supplemented by program as a function of time "from" and "to" if it is valid and setting the value to Yes or no. .
So, if the product is still on sale, the value of the attribute will be yes.
And if the product is still new, another attribute value will be yes.

Can any one help to create such a module?

To create an attribute, mageplaza offers a guide to the following address:
So, in my case, I want to create 2 attributes, one for Sale and the other for New, and I want to populate this newly created attribute programmatically, depending on the time, if valid or not.

dnd 5th – If a creature detects a creature that is hiding, do all other creatures detect you automatically too?

Each creature must find the hidden

For example, there is a sniper hidden in this photo. Try to spot them.

Hidden sniper

I saw them, I guess you did not see them: they are at the base of the 3rd tree from the front left, just above the log lying on the ground. Can you see them now?

So your instinct is right, some observers can see the hidden creature and some do not. If those who do it say to those who do not know where to look, it will probably give them an advantage. For Passive Wisdom (Perception) equal to +5, this may be enough to allow those who have not seen them to see them now. For the rest, they can use their action to search with advantage.

Of course, if the sniper "came out of hiding," everyone would see them.

uploads – Detects when a media file is downloaded or deleted

I'm looking for an action point to trigger whenever a new file is downloaded or removed from the media library and accept or decline the download or deletion. I found add_attachment, but this only seems to apply when a file is attached to an article / page and will not fire if the media is loaded without being attached to an article.

sane-find-scanner does not detect the Brother DS-720D but the simple scan and xsane detects it

I have Brother DS-720D and connected on a newly installed Ubuntu 16.04. I have installed the drivers libsane-dsserieson the Brother website. The scanner works and xsane is detected by a simple analysis. However using sudo sane-find-scanner do not detect it and just take it out #No USB scanners found. I've verified that the the files are in the /usr/lib/x86_64/sane folder. I've tried other solutions like:

  1. Reinstalling the drivers
  2. Verification that lsusb it is detected
  3. Edit the /etc/udev/rules.d/60-libsane.rules and adding the lines:

    ATTRS{idVendor}=="04f9", ENV{libsane_matched}="yes"