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I develop a food applcation for hungry and needy people, thank you for suggesting me the name of the application

Please, suggest me names that show that the app is for hungry people

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Multilevel marketing software plays a central role in the success of your marketing business. In this software, some integrated packages such as management MLM leads, track sales and distributor management etc. Get the best MLM software at a nominal rate with free demo so that you can check the treatment of the different plans and choose the one that suits you best.

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mocking – Locally develop microservices that connect to cloud services

What is the best approach for locally developing microservices that rely on external components, such as Google Pub / Sub?

It would be expensive for a start-up to have a development cloud environment that allows all developers to play with and develop their microservices.

What I thought was that there should be an abbreviated microservice that mimics / mocks the Google Cloud Pub / Sub service and that the microservice being developed uses this service to publish and consume messages.

Is this a good approach or can anyone suggest better alternatives?

c # – Need to develop a client-server system

I need to write a client-server system from crushed.

The requirement is as follows:

  1. There would be multiple servers and several client applications.
  2. Clients can access any server.
  3. The r / w -able files are kept in the server application.
  4. A client can request the server to r / w files with locks so that other clients can not write during read / write.

I know that there are many examples of applications available on the Internet. But, they talk about a server and several clients.

I need multiple servers and multiple clients.

So what should I do?

Where can I find what parts of Florida will develop?

I want to start a business where I build houses from scratch and sell them.

I will be able to build them cheaply because I will do most of the work myself.

I want to know which areas will develop, especially in the next 5 to 10 years, in order to know that they will have a better chance of selling at a higher price

Is there a place where I can find statistics on this?

testing – How to develop a test framework + automated visualization for algorithms pipelines?

Right now, I am working on an image recovery engine that is essentially a pipeline of several algorithmic steps, all of which have a multitude of parameters to configure and evaluate. In the end, somewhere in my application, I have some notion of corresponding performance usually measured on defined tests. I would now like to visualize its performance and automate as much as possible in order to get an immediate feedback on whether a set of parameters I've tested or an algorithm that I've added or improved works better than a base or not. This basically summarizes these two questions:

1) Is there a good visualization framework that comes to your mind? My application is currently developed in C ++ and I have some working knowledge in Python, but if the support in another language or platform is much better, I am quite willing to go into this. direction.

2) How can I get the visualization data that is still fairly scattered around certain parts of my application in the viewing frame that I plan to use? I could think of just generating some sort of report file in a format defined as csv, but again, I am open to any reasonable alternative approach.

is it possible to develop a program with java, ruby ​​and python?

Hi, I'm new to the forum. Starting with the programming area, I'm sorry then it's stupidly obvious that you can not do it.

I want to create a system with 2 other friends who, like me, also start. Each of us learns a different language, is it possible for everyone to develop a part then to unite the three languages ​​to have a complete system?

I've already sailed well but until now I could not find anything concrete, so I decided to create this topic.

I appreciate who can help me

Search for an idea to develop

Hello people,

I am an expert office software developer and I am looking for a good idea to develop. If you have a good idea, we can go as partners. I'm thinking of creating something like a screaming frog.

Would you tell me if it's a good idea to have a solution like this and that will rock the market or what!

You can give me your skype to talk in more detail.

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

How to automatically develop "Continue reading" links on a profile page on Facebook?

Facebook tends to reduce their messages in the label See more or Continue reading. Although we can expand the first, it is not possible to do with the second. We have to click on the link and see the content in a new page. This form of message posting is unproductive to me. I'm some people on Facebook and, every few weeks, check out their profile page to read their content. Due to the continuation of reading links, I have to read the content separately, then go back to the homepage and follow the reading of the other articles. There are sometimes a handful of longer publications, so it's irritating for me to see them in a new tab / page.

I know that there is no solution from Facebook as it is a status by design. So I'm not looking for obvious answers, that is, "no, it's not possible, and so on …".

I came across a javascript-based solution and that just develops See More. To continue reading, it automatically opens them in new tabs. It's only half of what I need.

So, how can I load these links Continue reading in the same page, like See More?