lens – What makes a light bokeh calisson? How to develop this aspect of bokeh?

What creates a calisson-like light bokeh like this (made with the signature Arri T / 1.9)? The more the angles are away from the center, the more the angles are present, why?

Arri Signature

Another objective (Zeiss Supreme T / 1.8) gives another form:

Zeiss Supreme

How (where in the lens) to shape this form? Yet, why (how) in the case Zeiss, the bokeh seems more difficult, even if the opening is the same (1.8 ~ 1.9)?

development – Will I get an image if I develop color photographic paper (type c) in black and white?

If you develop an RA4 color paper in black and white chemistry, you will get a low black-and-white image, but it will appear very bright and with very low contrast.

Color paper also contains a small amount of silver, which will react in the same way as black and white paper money when developed in black and white chemicals, but not enough to create dense, dense blacks. . The silver colored paper is only intended to react with color couplers to form dyes during development and is, if treated in color chemistry, removed by paper washing during the course of the process. bleaching step.

develop color photographic paper (type C) in black and white? Will I have an image?

Does anyone know what happens if I develop color photographic paper (type c) in black and white? Will I have an image?

How to develop and digitize a filmstrip only a part of which was pushed higher

As xiota said, do not do it in the future. You have 10 under-exposed executives, who would need more development time to compensate. But if you do that, then your normal 26 images will be overdeveloped.

The best thing to do is to develop at home. If the 10 images are all aligned and preferably up to the beginning or the end of the roll, simply cut them off the roll and develop the 10 images separately from the 26's. It's your best bet .

If they are scattered (why oh why would you do this yourself?), Then I would look at the development of the stand. This technique relies on the developer's exhaustion anyway, so the impact between your shots on and underexposed should be minimal. That being said, Rodinal or a similar developer is a common developer and he is not usually used with a film pushed because of the grain and the acutance that really makes it out of the movie. Personally, I overexposed the film when it is intended for the development of the stand, not to underexpose it. But it's an option for you.

The last option is simply to pick a time and go. Make a stop 2 pushed and overdevelop 26 frames. Develop normally and underdevelop 10 frames. Choose a time between the two and set the light under / on.

I hope you are ready to experiment. If you want to take pictures that you do not want to experiment, follow a process that you have defined and never change the middle of the ISO!

app – Can I develop hybrid applications (movieles) and use a web service?

I have a question and I had the idea to develop information applications in which I would like to download it in the iOS and I & O apps stores. 39; Android. One of my questions is:
What framework would you recommend?
I want to develop it using the technologies js, html, css.

  • Has anyone had any experiences in these developments to connect to a database, and is it possible that it works?
  • To develop these applications, in the case of Android, any version could support it. Would the same thing happen with iOS?

Since my application only consists of creating a listview.
I hardly need help and I understand this because it would be easier for me to develop it than to do it natively and even worse than I do not have a Mac, and I I looked for how to develop it in Windows but it does not work for me. Graicas I hope your suggestions if you worked with something similar

Develop as a paid trader

To develop as a profitable trader, a trader can check the actions of experts who can guide him in the effective exercise of trading activities. But sometimes, the random choice of trading strategy or trading methods can hinder the complete bargaining process of a trader because each trader has skills and a level of experience that will have a significant impact on the performance of each negotiator. Obviously, every trader will need a good choice of trading methods.

Azure Key vault, getting sufficient permissions to develop / administer a client environment

I have to administer the azure safe to a client for it to store VM, Data Factory, SQL, etc. creds.

I have a guest account access to their environment, configured with a contributor access to the azure subscription in which we build the solution. What is the best way to get access to the safe and the ability to link it to services, with the minimum necessary permissions. For example. I do not wish to request that a security administrator role be applied to my account, as this would give me security perms on their ADF and on a larger environment (I believe).

Any idea of ​​work would be greatly appreciated!

I tried to solve but I could not develop the left side of the equation

enter the description of the image here

I tried to solve but I could not develop the left side of the equation

Thank you

Tactical – Players develop a single plan without a backup plan, and then complain about the injustice of the DM when their plan fails

I led a campaign that recently had two very busy arcs of role exploration (really a bow, and the consequences of this bow). The bow in question was a holdup, where players were trying to steal a large sum of money at a mansion. They were resolutely unsuccessful.

In the process, one of the players separates from the group and one of the players creates a distraction so that others can escape. This player was definitely not happy that it was a noble sacrifice, and therefore rather than the city guard killing the player who created the distraction, they captured him and took him to jail where he is interrogated (so that they can find his accomplices).

This player now plays a backup character and the whole group tries a jailbreak. The last session ended a few moments before taking the initiative after the captain of the guard had discovered the trick they were trying to use to gain access. They are now very likely to be fleeing or dying.

In both cases, their plan as a whole was intended to induce someone to give them access to the target area, whether or not that person gave them access or not. In the example of the burglary, they tried to trick the guards into believing that they were attending a party hosted by the owner of the mansion. During the jailbreak, they tried to convince the captain of the guard that they were famous doctors who believed that the prisoner in question was carrying bubonic plague and that they needed to have access to it immediately.

The problem is that even if the target of deception can let them pass if they believe in their story (which is particularly unlikely in the case of the jailbreak), this assumes that they succeed on their deception – and if they fail, they do not have a backup plan and do not improvise anything else. Instead, they complain that the deputy minister simply does not want them to succeed, or wants to try deception more elaborately, or why it should have worked before moving on to something else. .

Needless to say, this kills the pace of the campaign and causes a lack of joy, at least for me, although some of the players have claimed to really like the last two sessions.

Has anyone encountered anything similar and what have you done to increase overall satisfaction?

What happens if I develop a black and white color film?

The development of a black and white color film (C41 or E6) should normally produce blank negatives, because the bleaching step removes the silver and leaves only the dye. The black and white film has no dye to leave.

Partial bleach could leave a faded image. Bleach blown could look like a normal black and white treatment. (These are assumptions because I did not do any partial whitening / skimming treatment on color or black and white film.)

A different color process could produce different results, but is unlikely because they are not in common use.

C41 black and white crossover in E6 could also produce unusual results.