redmi – Stuck in ”Reboot recovery 3.0(Bootloop)” after changing dpi settings in developer options

I am stuck in a recovery mode which is like a bootloop, on my REDMI NOTE 9 PRO MAX. I tried to search for help on internet but i am not able to understand anything. I get 3 options on tge recovery page, 1]reboot:whoch ends in a bootloop. 2]WIPE DATA:i can’t wipe my data because I have importantstuff in it and i don’t have a back-up. 3]CONNECT WITH MIASSISTANT :i don’t know what that is.

Plz help

Where is the Magento 1.9 developer documentation?

The only good/bonafide documentation I can find is here:

but in that documentation it even states that there’s much more to learn. Is there any other good documentation?

How to approach a web and app designer developer? [closed]

I have an idea for an app and a website that is needed to run the app. I need to make a cost report to find investors and to find the feasibility of implementing it. I would like to call web developers and app developers but I do not have any knowledge (I know about it roughly, but not the important stuff) about it. I also do not know the latest technical terms. I would like to get quotes regarding the cost, but I do not want to leak my ideas. Please give me some advice on what to ask, what to study to not be conned, how much to give away, how am I protected from theft, and other important stuff. Thank you.

I have made a static HTML website, but that is the max knowledge that I have. I know you can make a website using Wix, but that too is mostly static. I want to make a dynamic website where I am expecting at least 400-500 users working on it and the app to have a lot more users viewing it.

P.S. this question was asked 9 years ago on this website, but the links are now obsolete.

What expect when cross processing in ECP-2d developer?

I found some fresh ECP(-2d) chemistry rather cheap, and was wondering if anyone knew what to expect when cross processing C-41, E6 or ECN film in ECP (-2d) chemistry.

Empty Developer Options menu in mobile Chrome

Open the Developer Options in the Chrome on mobile, but only one menu item: Tracing. Where is the others? (I want enable USB debugging)

Device: MIUI 12, Android 10, Mi 9T, Chrome 90

enter image description here

How can I deny access to a user, if the developer mode is on?

As the question says, I want to know what has to be configured in the source code for an app to deny access to the user if his device has developer mode on, or if there is a remote-control application installed in his device.

Looking for mobile app developer.

Good day everyone,

Permission to post admin, I'm currently needing a mobile app developer. Kindly direct message me with your skype details and rate.

Thank you.

icloud – Renew apple developer membership after it expires

I had an app on the appstore and a few days ago my membership expired. I want to renew it now, but when I click on the renew membership button, it takes me to the apple website with some sort of referral code on top.

How can I proceed to renew my membership?


applications – Running services in developer options is missing

I want to check the apps that are running in the background to stop them.
Android 10
redmi note 7s (NOT ROOTED)

i tried a lot of apps from playstore they doesn’t seem to work properly (Doesn’t show the amount of ram used and not able to force close or end the background apps).

I also tried the developer options but there was NO option for “running services” in the developer options, is there a way to enable this in developer options.

networking – How can I publish a new developer portal when it’s behind a virtual network?

I’m trying to access a new project from within the associated virtual network. The url looks something like and when I navigate there from within a machine on the vnet, I get a page that says:

This is a home page of the Developer portal – an automatically generated, fully customizable website for publishing your API documentation where consumers can discover APIs, learn how to use them, request access, and try them out.

The content hasn’t been published yet. You can do so in “Developer portal” section of your API Management Service in the Azure portal. Learn more.

So I go to publish the page from the Azure Portal on my local/physical machine, except the portal is telling me

You can’t publish the developer portal, because connection to the portal couldn’t be established. This may happen if your API Management service is in an internal virtual network and the network configuration prevents the connection or if the DNS resolution fails. Use button above to open Developer portal and follow this guidance to publish Developer portal

How do you publish it? I recognize that my physical machine isn’t on the network but how else could I access the Azure Portal in order to publish it?