Bitcoincore development – Why should not the future version of Bitcoin Core be in python?

Python offers many benefits, including simplified coding rules and improved readability. It offers OOP, cross-platform compatibility, and many libraries that have been added over time. We understand why the original Bitcoin Core client was in C ++, because python was not as popular as it is today.

Aside from the obligation to remove all the code, rewrite it in python and check for vulnerabilities, why do not the leading bitcoin developers think about migrating the entire implementation language? from the reference client to python?

android – How to learn game development? (PC and Mobile)

I am an electronics student and none of my friends, even in CS, have an idea of ​​how to become an independent developer or even work as a game developer / developer in a mobile game startup. They certainly know that part development (on mobile), also working on an engine like Unity, etc., but nothing more. An idea of ​​what is important and tips for non-founders on how to get started?

Bitcoincore development – Need to use two basic bitcoins, but synchronization problem

Need to know how to use two Bitcoin nodes for example. I have two full bitcoin nodes A and B. Portfolio address created in A and all the transaction information on wallet.db in node A. But I have to keep PK in the database and take these and send the request to node B, as it does not have all the details of the transaction, I do not want to scan node B again every time, is there a way to achieve this? So, I do not need to worry about which node my request is being sent to.

thank you,

theme development – get_search_query () does not work with search queries containing the ampersand

I'm using a simple code to make a search page

$ argscontactdirectory = array (
"s" => get_search_query (),
& # 39; post_type & # 39; => array (& # 39; expertarticle & # 39;),
& # 39; orderby & # 39; => & # 39; title & # 39;
& # 39; order & # 39; => & # 39; ASC & # 39 ;,

Above, the code I use, however, when the search query contains the "&" character it just does not work, if the search query is M & M the URL bar will show ? s = M & amp; M

I have tried a lot of things, especially urlencode ()but it does not work either.

A living example can be seen here:

Any help is appreciated.

Best Web Design Services

In today's world, the website is the main substance of your organization. Customers are discovering this website, which is all the more appealing and easy to use than the outdated and boring one. If customers or customers are not integrated into your website, they do not respect it. To make your website attractive and engaging to customers, you must obtain the services of a professional and reliable computer design company.

There are many design organizations and computer development companies in the industry offering quality web design services. The professional direction of a supposed design organization can bring positive results. Web development and design may seem simple for customers, but they incorporate a ton of arrangements and effort to achieve the desired results. Before choosing an organization, examine its portfolio. In this way, you can easily perform an audit of subtleties, professional specialties, etc. from the company in the past. You can get information about their skills in designing realistic programs such as Java, Flash, Adobe, and more.


web forms – Drupal 8 webfrom custom manager does not show up in the list of managers on the development server

The custom Webform Manager does not display in the DEV server, but works locally. It is very difficult to record additional information.

Drupal namespace  demo_module_dym  Plugin  WebFormHandler;

use Drupal  Core  Form  FormStateInterface;
use Drupal  webform  Plugin  WebformHandlerBase;
use Drupal  webform  WebformSubmissionInterface;

/ **
* Form submission manager.
* @WebformHandler (
* id = "demo_module_dym_registration_submission_handler",
* label = @Translation ("Registration Form Manager"),
* category = @Translation ("API"),
* description = @Translation ("Set user information on a hidden field before submitting the form."),
* cardinality =  Drupal  webform  Plugin  WebformHandlerInterface :: CARDINALITY_SINGLE,
* results =  Drupal  webform  Plugin  WebformHandlerInterface :: RESULTS_PROCESSED,
* /
the RegistrationFormHandler class extends WebformHandlerBase {

public function preprocessConfirmation (array & $ variables) {
parent :: preprocessConfirmation ($ variables); // TODO: Change the auto-generated stub

public function submitForm (array & $ form, FormStateInterface $ form_state, WebformSubmissionInterface $ webform_submission) {

if ( Drupal :: currentUser () -> isAnonymous ()) {

$ memberid = $ form_state-> getTemporaryValue (& # 39; memberid & # 39;);

if (isset ($ memberid)) {
$ webform_submission-> setElementData (& # 39; member; member);

parent :: submitForm ($ form, $ form_state, $ webform_submission); // TODO: Change the auto-generated stub


Is there any way to debug to find the cause of the web form handler not in the list of handlers on the server?

WooCommerce Fundraising Sales Affiliate Sales – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I'm trying to find a solution that will empower members to sell products on behalf of multiple organizations.

In our case, there are several organizations with its own members. Members sell our products on behalf of their organization during their fundraising campaign. To illustrate this, imagine Girl Scouts selling cookies for their troupe. In this example, we are the cookie society.

I'm trying to find a solution in which members sell products using our woocommerce website and receive a credit for sales. A bit like an affiliate program.

Are there any recommendations?

themes development – Press wp_option to edit all users without reloading

I'm trying to use a custom wp_option to set a color theme for a custom template.

At the moment, I'm launching a meta-update on a cycle. This is a relatively static site, and the update is only performed on mobile devices while the workstation is exempt.

I thought that potentially an auditor to see if the value had changed, and actualize if true. However, I do not see how to do it without refresh, because refresh is the way the if / else checker works.

Is there a way to impose or push change? Thus, if an administrator changes the value, a few seconds later, it will affect all devices.

Sorry on mobile for formatting.

How to choose a software development company?

Is there anyone here who hires freelancers or engineers? Is it better to outsource or have an internal team? The project may take 1 year to complete. Should we outsource to freelancers or a company?

web development – Optimum speed for editing HTML?

Edit the .php file, save, load via FireZilla, refresh the page -> ~ 2 sec / change

Although this is fast enough, for some modifications like spacings, text and image alignments, everything adds up. My site is hosted by DreamHost and uses CSS, JavaScript, CDN and other external sources.

That said, is there a faster way to see the results of a change, such as an instant rendering application?