Are people desperate? web development contest …

I noticed on freelance web development contests, I understand that some people have money problems, but you make your life worse if you enter contests … design contests are ok, web development contests are not good.


development process – What steps should I take to familiarize myself with a new code base?

I joined a small software development team to work on an existing code base. While I take care of learning the required programming languages ​​and reading the code, I wonder if there are things that software engineers recommend to do in order to effectively become familiar with a code base. unknown.

I'm afraid my question is too broad, so comments on how to improve it would be appreciated.

ux designer – Transition from UX personas to functional development documentation

I have recently been exposed to the world of UX / UI and ID. I have criticized the practice of spending too much time on documentation in relation to development. However, I have now realized that these things are very very important for an effective product and my understanding was totally wrong. I can't put the puzzle together and feel that something is missing and so I'm looking for help here.

What I have already done

After reading the book About Face, I decided to continue a project and started planning it. Since the book focuses on the goal-oriented design approach, I am. I did my research, interviewed people and created characters.

What do I need help with

Since I have all the characters ready, my questions are as follows

  1. How can I translate the character into functional software documentation
  2. Since user goals are not product features, how do you define product features based on goals?
  3. Once you have a list of features, what steps or process do you take to convert features into development plans or milestones?

Thank you – XXX discussions and porn movie sharing community (development)

Welcome to

Hi friends, welcome everyone to Pornsera – This is one of the best alternatives to YesPornPlease (recently defunct porn sharing service) You can download as much content as you like, anytime! Please make sure you comply with our rules

How? 'Or' What…The – XXX discussions and porn movie sharing community (development)

Customize settings format – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I'm adding a few parameters to the "General" settings page:

    'Foobar Options',
    ($this, 'foobar_options_callback'),

$fields = (
    'foobar_title' => 'Title',
    'foobar_link' => 'Link',
    // lots more

foreach ($fields as $fieldKey => $fieldTitle) {
        ($this, 'foobar_textbox_callback'),

    register_setting('general', $fieldKey, 'esc_attr');

This just comes out of a column of many input fields, which is functionally good. But it creates confusion for UX. Is there a way to make this section prettier in general? For example. to divide it into subsections or columns?

Unity – An independent game development model in Unity3D

I want to create my game in Unity3D, but to make everything logical and at least with some architecture +, it was not too difficult to extend the functionality of the game. What are the approaches or schemes for this?

Maybe the concept of the game will help you: typical single player roguelike style game

enter description of image here

plugins – database connection – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I want to create a wordpress website (Question paper generator) in which there will be a button called genrate paper after clicking on it, a question document must be generated and the question must be taken into the database. In the database, I would create a table for the questions and not. and each time I click GENERTE PAPER from the website, a random question from the database must be displayed in a defined form. If anyone can help me, it would help me a lot, thanks in advance πŸ™‚

Web development services

Web development services
Let me know what you need to do and I will give you the price and the time.

15 years of experience in web development and design.
Experience in:
website creation
html5 + canvas
react native
smart contracts + app development
logo design
graphic design
server management
security audit of websites and web applications
digital marketing and advertising
linux terminal
general fintech …

Web development services

career – How to move from Android development to game development?

I am a super Sr Android developer (since 2009) with a passion for video games. I graduated from CS in 2008, tried to get into the gaming industry and was unlucky. I ended up making Android and I stayed with it. Now, I would like to pursue my original passion and break into the game industry, but the problem is that I have no professional experience, and my experience in game programming is limited to a first person shooter that I wrote with 3 other guys at the university. I wrote the game engine myself and did a lot of the programming for the game. I would love some steps that I (and others) could take which are not generic advice.

What is the problem: B&W development: clear film, no edge marks any image BUT has a leader?

I am developing a roll of BW film today: the negatives are completely clear, no image, no edge, but was the leader well developed?