Ask if the phone number uses a TTY device?

Is it necessary on a contact form to ask if the phone number of a user is using a TTY device? I've tried searching the internet but I can not find anything.

nmap – I have done an IP scan on a network and I see that the IP address is scannable, but I can not ping the device.

I've made a change to a serial to Ethernet converter and the device is no longer accessible to ping through the web interface, but when I do an IP scan, NMAP detects it as follows:

Nmap analysis report for
The host is active (latency 0.00069).
All 1000 ports scanned on are filtered
MAC Address: 00: 90: E8: 73: 1F: 16 ​​(Moxa Technologies)

Said the host is up, but I can not connect anything? Is it just stored in the cache? or do I miss something else here?

c # – How to debug Azure spatial anchors with Unity on an Android device?

I'm building an AR application that was already hard to debug because instant preview refuses to work through wifi and USB debugging prevents the phone's camera from displaying on the phone itself. Now I am about to integrate Azure Spatial Anchors and I do not seem to be able to play in the editor. I receive the message:

DllNotFoundException: azurespatialanchorsndk
Microsoft.Azure.SpatialAnchors.CloudSpatialAnchorSession..ctor () (at Assets / AzureSpatialAnchorsPlugin / Plugins / Common / AzureSpatialAnchorsBridge.cs: 6864)
SpatialAnchors.GetCloudManager () (at Assets / Scripts / SpatialAnchors.cs: 60)
test.Start () (at Assets / tester.cs: 18)

hyper v – Error disassembling pcie device windows – The current configuration does not allow control of the operating system of the PCI Express bus by the operating system

All the virtualization options I know in my bios are enabled. I'm able to do VFIO on Linux on a Windows guest, but I'd like to make gateway windows for a Linux guest using hyper-v. I receive the following error message when attempting to dismount the device:

PS C:  Users  Administrator> Dismount-VMHostAssignableDevice -force -LocationPath "PCIROOT (0) #PCI (1B04) #PCI (0000)"
Dismount-VMHostAssignableDevice: The operation failed.
The current configuration does not allow control of the operating system of the PCI Express bus by the operating system. Please check your BIOS or UEFI
At the line: 1 character: 1
+ Dismount-VMHostAssignableDevice -force -LocationPath "PCIROOT (0) #PCI (...
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo: InvalidArgument: (:) [Dismount-VMHostAssignableDevice], VirtualizationException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId: InvalidParameter, Microsoft.HyperV.PowerShell.Commands.DismountVMHostAssignableDevice

Board Information:

Manufacturer's product version

USB: disable and re-enable the device on Linux

I have a USB device that hangs sometimes. Since it is really difficult to unplug / connect the cable (cables under the desk, behind the objects …), is there a way to disconnect / connect the device virtually? For example by cutting off its current and then bringing it back?

Thank you

My device does not activate wifii..well after the factory reset too. What should I do?

My device does not activate the wifi. I've also reset the factory. But that still does not work … do I have to flash it or reinstall the software to fix this problem?

Root access – Huawei device rooted, Android 4.4.4, locked. USB debugging is not enabled

Thank you for your time. I have a huawei phone that is not rooted and USB debugging is not enabled. Plus, I'm locked out. Please suggest a remedy. I have searched the Internet as a whole, but there is no solution, to my knowledge.
And if there is no possibility, please, suggest me how to access my data by any means. Even though it's a hardware post-reset recovery.
Please help!
Thank you!

How to map a device to a specific folder on the drive

I have an ebook reader and a google drive folder like this:


I would like to somehow map the record books to the device, as in everything in the ebook reader would be inside the folder books, but it turns out that google drive is asking me to sync my device, which, I guess, will create a folder in the root directory with the name of the device.

How to synchronize a folder with the device?

smartphone – What are the best apps to keep your Android device clean and malware free?

Windows has items such as the origin of the Ublock, malwareware, anti-rootkits, adware detectors, and so on. So I wondered if Android also had a good set of applications that could detect most or all malware. I might be able to do a search on Google, but I trust ordinary users, and even more, paid search sites.

bootloader – The Fastboot device does not detect my device

I'm this tutorial on how to unlock Bootloader on Moto. My device is a Moto G5 and my computer is equipped with Windows 10.

On the command line, I can type

adb peripherals

and it returns my device. I then do

rebooting the adb bootloader

and it turns my phone into boot loader mode. But when I do

fastboot devices

he returns an empty line. According to this source (the second answer), I have to update the "unknown device" Android ". However, I have nothing like it. My nearest is Other Peripherals-> Fastboot potter S. Should I update this driver? If so, how? If I choose "Automatically search for updated driver", it can not find anything. If I choose "Browse my computer for driver software" then "Allow me to choose from a list of drivers available on my computer", I have to "Select [my] device type in the list below. "but I do not know which one I am supposed to choose.

How to solve this problem with fastboot devices? Which drivers do I need to update? How can I fix them?

If this question is better for another stackexchange, such as superuser, because it is more Windows than Android, please let me know. I tried to put it there first, but the tag "android" indicated that the question would be off topic.