Take a 21 "desktop computer and a monitor from Abu Dhabi to India (Bangalore)

Hi, I'm planning to bring my mini-tower computer Lenovo and its 21 "monitor from abu dhabi to India (Bangalore) Should I pack it in its corporate boxes or should I pack my monitor and my computer inside a cardboard box? need to pay the customs? i do not have the original invoice

18 hours stopover at Abu Dhabi airport but not eligible for transit visa

Traveling for New Delhi to Frankfurt via Abu Dhabi via Eithad, I have 18 hours. stopover at Abu Dhabi airport. As I am not eligible for transit visa, what are the options for me at Abu Dhabi Airport?

Abu Dhabi Securities Market – Discussions & Help

Abu Dhabi Securities Market
Financial lawyer (specialized in Forex and tips)
Do you have a bad experience with counterfeit cases?
A specialized layer of investor rights in international financial markets in the case of foreign exchange / binary options companies of any company licensed or regulated by official regulators around the world.


customs and immigration – many visas are needed if you come from abu dhabi to Jeddah, then to the Philippines?

i am filipino, i work in saudi arabia, i have a single exit visa, i will go to abi habi of jeddah for a week. I will return to Jeddah for my flight to the Philippines in 2 hours, estimated time of arrival, then at 23:50 and 23:50 for my flight to Manila (Philippines). Do I need to get a multiple visa?

Can a person on the Abu Dhabi blacklist go anywhere else in the UAE?

I know someone whose name is on a blacklist in Abu Dhabi. If he wants to go to another state, like Dubai, can the UAE give him permission to go work there?