What is the difference when analyzing external IP addresses from my local network compared to an external / cloud scanner?

I am concerned if I digitize effectively.

When I scan our external IP addresses with the scanner on my laptop, the packets leave my network through my firewall and route over the Internet to reach my public IP address. If this can be done, why would I need to pay extra for an "external scanner" if I can do it from my laptop? Do not I see the external IP address as if I were a stranger?

python 3.x – I want to calculate the time difference without date

TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'str' and 'str'

I took an Excel file and I want to calculate the time difference between columns containing only time (not a date)

for i in range(0, leng):
    realTime(i) = str(realTime(i))
    exitTime(i) = str(exitTime(i))

    if ((abs(realTime(i) - exitTime(i)))>2):
        print("there's a problem" + i)

What is the difference between tags and attributes ..?

Hello friends,

What is the difference between tags and attributes ..?

bash – File Difference hackthebox Forensics USB Challenge

I'm trying to solve the problem of the hackthebox "There is a system administrator, who unloads all USB events on his Linux host all year … Recently, thieves have managed to steal data on his machine when they entered the office Can you help him put a tail on the intruders? Note: once you've found it, "do it".

there are two files auth.json and syslog, i think this was done using snovvcrash / usbrip, i worked around that long enough.

in both files, there is in [Manufact, Product, Serial]

what I did

1] chat syslog | grep manufact >> syslogmanufact.txt

2] sed & # 39; 4,200005! D & # 39; auth.json >> authmanufactmanufact.txt

3] colordiff -y -W 70 jsonmanufacturer.txt makersyslog.txt >> bothdifference.txt

when i compare the two files are the same i syslogmanufact.txt and authmanufactmanufact.txt should be the difference but there is even

I want to find advice thank you !!!

What is the difference between a 9-point menu icon and a 7-point icon?

What does this possibly mean? Can it be used as "return to the menu"?

https://cdn1.iconfinder.com/Menu 7 pointsdata / icons / social-media-vol-3/24 / _dots-512.png

networking – Bitrate network interface hardinfo vs speedtest-cli: how calculated, why the difference

Hardinfo gives a speed for my wifi device between 500 and 800 Mbs. But when I run a speed test on the Internet with speedtest-cli, the speed is between 2 and 400.

Since the hardinfo rate fluctuates, I guess it's based not on some features of the device but on some communications.

  1. How does Hardinfo get its speed rating?

This does not seem to be a traffic problem because on my wired machine, connected to the same network, the speedtest-cli yields between 2 and 625 for the same periods.

Since hardinfo signals the wifi device at 800, my limited understanding suggests that the speedtest-cli should generate reports closer to the speeds of the wired machine.

  1. What do I forget here?

Multiplayer – Difference Between Instant Web Hosting on Facebook and AWS / Heroku on Facebook

I learned the development of multiplayer HTML5 games and used Node Js. The tutorial I followed taught me to host your node server js on Heroku.

But now, I want to download my game on Facebook's instant gaming platform. Is Facebook web hosting going to run my client and my server js? Otherwise, how does this differ from Heroku and AWS services.

Thank you.

c # – What are managed and unmanaged resources and what is the difference?

I was reading this post where they explain what are managed and unmanaged resources, and if I understand correctly, the managed resources become our own code in our own frame and the unmanaged resources become a code of others. languages, other frames. I am fair?

What is the difference between responsive search ads and display ads?

What's the difference between Ad with Ad Search and a Display Ad?

pathfinder 2e – What is the difference between small and medium?


Small-size and WaySmaller creatures have no drawbacks or inherent advantages in their size, unlike the 1st edition of the game. greatLarge characters will not benefit.

Barbarians with Giant Instinct and Maximize Charm are the only possible skills to become great-size. Note that the benefits are similar, but take advantage of these effects and not exactly because of the increase in size.

So, at best, here's what you'd gain from becoming great-size, regardless of your original size (from Enlarge):

You become great, increase your reach by 5 feet and gain clumsy condition 1

And that's what happens when a creature becomes Tiny-size, according to the Shrink spell:

The target is shrinking to become tiny. His equipment shrinks with it but resumes its original size when it is removed. The creature's reach goes to 0 feet.

But otherwise, Small and Way the creatures work exactly the same way.