web application – What is the difference between Stack Exchange and Wikipedia?

Every successful website is appreciated around the world because of its unique beauty. What is the difference between Wikipedia and Stack Exchange, when both are a basic knowledge system !! Of course, we like Stack Exachage as an online workplace because of its active interactive response features and its protective individuality for comments. Which makes stackexchange universally attractive online.

8 – Getting the difference between two dates by programming

In summary:

On a Drupal 8 project, I try to programmatically get the difference between two different times (current time – node creation time)

Use case:

I have "nodeabc" already available on the site.

When a specific web form is submitted and with the help of a custom web form manager, I want to get the difference in minutes enter actual hour and creation time of nodeabc.

Say nodeabc was created on: 24/06/2019 08:00 and the web form is submitted on: 24/06/2019 19:00, the difference between the two times will be: 660 minutes.

I have already loaded the knot by its nest but how to continue to achieve the above?

Programming Practices – What's a Macro? Difference between macro and function

The macro and the function represent a standalone code unit. They are both tools that facilitate the modular design of a program. From the point of view of the programmer who writes the source code, they seem pretty similar. However, their treatment is different during the life cycle of program execution.

A macro is defined once and used in many places in a program. The macro is developed online during the pre-processing phase. Thus, technically, it does not remain a separate entity once the source code compiled. The instructions for defining macros are part of the program's instructions, just like the other instructions.

The reason for writing a macro is to facilitate the writing and management of the source code for the programmer. Macros are usually desired for simpler tasks where writing a full function would be a penalty for overhead / execution. Examples of situations in which a macro is preferable to a function:

  • Use of constant values โ€‹โ€‹(such as mathematical or scientific values) or certain program-specific parameters.

  • Print log messages or manage assertions.

  • Perform simple calculations or condition checks.

When using a macro, it is easy to make changes / corrections to a location that are immediately available wherever the macro is used in the program. A simple recompilation of the program is necessary for the changes to take effect.

The function code, on the other hand, is compiled as a separate unit in the program and loaded into memory during program execution only if necessary. The function code retains its identity independent of the rest of the program. The loaded code is reused if the function is called multiple times. When the function call is encountered in the program being executed, the control is passed to it by the execution subsystem and the context of the current program (statement address back) is kept.

However, when calling a function, the performance should be slightly reduced (context switching, retaining the return address of the main program instructions, transmitting parameters, and processing the values โ€‹โ€‹of return, etc.). Therefore, the use of the function is only desired for complex code blocks (compared to macros that handle simpler cases).

With experience, a programmer makes a wise decision to determine whether a piece of code is a perfect fit for a macro or a function of the overall program architecture.

algorithms – What is the difference between Shape-From-Stereo and Shape-From-Motion?

I read about different approaches for 3D facial reconstruction and can not get a difference between Stereo form (SFS) and Movement form (SFM). The SFS regresses a shape from a few images looking for corresponding feature points, but it seems that the SFM also works with few images. So what's the difference?

Can any one explain me a difference?

P.S. I can not find the proper tags because of my level of english who knows the proper tags, pls, correct my question.

What is the difference between "Separator" and "Divider"?

What is the difference between "Separator" and "Divider"

What is the difference between the transition function (delta) and the extended transition function (delta cap) in the finite automata

my doubt is

What is the difference between the transition function (delta) and the extended transition function (delta cap) in the finite automata?

the two of them when they are started at a state q for a chain w will lead to the same state p what is the difference

difference between complexity $ AC ^ 0 $ and $ AC ^ 1 $?

What is the difference between complexity $ AC ^ 0 $ and $ AC ^ 1 $? Unfortunately, I did not find a source in google.

Is there a difference between the old version of SanDisk Extreme Pro and the new version?

Is there a difference between the old version of SanDisk Extreme Pro and the new version? I see that Amazon has both an earlier version of 95 MB (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J5RH06K/ref=twister_B07PQXTHN5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1) and the new build version at (170MBhttps: //www.amazon.com/dp/B07H9DVLBB/ ref = twister_B07PQXTHN5? _encoding = UTF8 & th = 1)? Does someone know? I will use them in a Sony A7 III Full Frame and a Sony A6000 camera.

dnd 5th – What is the mechanical difference between the action of creating food and water of the viewer and the nature trait of the undead of Banshee?

In general, the viewer's ability is far superior.

A spectator can create food and water for a day every six seconds. A Banshee can not do that, she just does not need to eat. A spectator can use this ability to keep pets or companions, serve as a food source for a medium-sized army (a spectator can feed 4800 people with 8 hours of work) or reduce the overhead of his food stall .

A spectator can drown an enemy who can not swim, escape from a pit with water, or allow an ally to cross it with water, food, or both. A spectator can block a door or passage with a wall of food. A spectator can make small statuettes with food and then play with them. A viewer may use food or water, or both, to trigger or bypass weight sensors such as pressure plates. A spectator can create a pile of food that then rots and attracts the Otyughs and repels the humanoids. A spectator can create a bones-winged basket and then ask a pixie servant to use one as an improvised club. If he's incarcerated in a cave with a stripped friendly wizard, the viewer can provide the missing item for the spell. Stone chair (This is water, lime and earth are usually ubiquitous in a cave).

If the viewer wants to commit suicide and there is no other way to do so, he or she can become deadly dehydrated and / or starve. However, this can turn against other creatures that could potentially kill a viewer by letting him starve or by preventing him from drinking enough water, for example by placing him in an anti-magic field.

What is the difference between packages built from the gcc-8 source package and those from the gcc-defaults source package?

For example, https://packages.ubuntu.com/cosmic/cpp-8 is currently available in the following versions:

  • 8.3.0-6ubuntu1 ~ 18.10.1
  • 8.2.0-7ubuntu1

for amd64 architecture

but for the same architecture, https://packages.ubuntu.com/cosmic/cpp seems to have slightly older versions:

  • 4: 8.3.0-1ubuntu1.2
  • 4: 8.2.0-1ubuntu1