optics – Why is there an air gap between lenses and digital sensors, as opposed to continuous glass-like higher refractive index?

Thinking about ultra-fast lenses (ƒ<1), it would seem useful to have a solid+liquid medium between lens and sensor. This wouldn’t have been very practical (presumably) at the time of film, but with a digital sensor I don’t think there’s much issue with coating it with transparent glass. Removable lenses would be somewhat cumbersome, but not hopelessly so with the right index-matching fluid (as common in high-NA microscopy). Of course lens designs would have to be altered but I’m curious as to why this is not a thing (that I know of, beside a few esoteric mentions here and there)?

❕NEWS – US Running Out Of Coins. Chances Of A Digital Dollar Is High | NewProxyLists

The US is running out of coins as a result of the coronavirus pandemic as more and more people stop using it. Coins are a viable way of rapid virus transmission from people to people, which leads to more users abandoning them. Some stores are also not accepting cash and casino businesses have slowed down. Therefore now, the chances of a Digital Dollar are very high. What do you think?

terminology – Are the terms ‘push’ and ‘pull’ relevant/applicable to digital photography?

I just thought about that the other day: using ISO adjustment to explore the tradeoff between sensor gain and other settings for indoor flash photography, I recalled that 1000 speed film was really just 800 with the developing “pushed”. That was the only time I’ve thought about the term in digital photography workflow. It seems that anybody younger than my EOS 620 has no idea what those terms mean. It has not, like some other terms, been blessed with Photoshop icons paying homage to the original concept. I don’t think anything is properly analogous, with the closest thing being “ISO extension”, allowing the sensor gain to be turned higher than it is really meant for at the published level of quality.

Exposure compensation is not the same thing. Manipulating the exposure/highlights/darks/shadows/contrast in Lightroom or with Curves is a completely different thing.

Sure, you can brighten a picture that’s underexposed because you were maxed out on your exposure settings, and that might be analogous enough for some; but I think it refers specifically to changing the sensitivity of the imaging media (film or semiconductor) as opposed to any manipulation of the data after exposure.

Pushing is not printing darker by increasing the exposure on the enlarger. It’s getting a negative that has lighter areas by changing the details of the chemical reactions that fix the latent image. It makes the film more sensitive, beyond its stated range. That is, you are pushing the limits of the specification of the material. (does that help you remember it?)

digital – My remote shutter release wont work on Nikon D5200

So I’ve had a remote shutter release for a while and only decided today to give it a try, I know to put the camera in manual and go into bulb which is fine when my camera is in single frame mode or whatever it goes into bulb fine but when I put my camera to quick-response remote and turn the dial to go to bulb, bulb isn’t an option and it just comes up as time?

So basically my camera does bulb until I put it into quick response remote mode and then it won’t say bulb it’ll say time and my remote shutter won’t work

Any advice? Settings maybe? I’ve looked up on Google and nothing seems to be coming up

digital – Unable to click pictures with nikon D3500

here is the link of pictures and videos to my problems.

To describe it in words, my camera nikon d3500 is going half way click to autofocus but on full click is not taking any picture. Sometimes it shows error that Error. Press shutter release again. Even if this error is not displayed but still my camera is unable to take pictures.

I tried resetting the options but retouch menu is all greyed out, the reset menu in shooting menu is also greyed out. I also tried formatting the memory card and take the battery out for about 8 hours and re-insert it into the camera to reset the settings, but that did not work.

digital – What are these lines in photos when viewed zoomed in on iPhone?

I take photos on my Canon (It happens on both my Canon EOS Rebel t1i and my Canon EOS R) camera then download them onto my iPhone. Then when I zoom in close enough, there are these invisible lines on the image (when you follow them along they form a 3×3 grid on the image).This happens in every single image that I download from my camera to my iPhone. What are they, and if possible, how can I fix them?



Half-Way Zoomed In:

Half-Way Zoomed In

Fully Zoomed-In:

Fully Zoomed-In

Talk to me about digital credentialing

I think that some companies here in the U.S., find value in being certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I have never bothered with it, however, as I see it more as a B2C thing. There is still a fair amount of credentialing in the IT space. E.g., many businesses would rather buy a Cisco switch from a Cisco Certified Partner.

About five years ago, when I was in the telecom reseller space, we used to lead with the fact that were at the highest Avaya Partner level and led the homepage with that “badge.” It told our savvy prospects that we got the best discounts on product and also had the most training/expertise amongst the other vendors. It was a big deal to a lot of businesses.


❕NEWS – Philippine central bank embraces digital tokens | NewProxyLists

According to cointelegraph.com , Philippian central bank believes that digital token will go a long way in reducing the rate at which fiat currency is used.
This was made known by Philippine central bank Bangko Sentral governor , Benjamin Diokno who went further to say that ” digital tokens expand reach and lessen costs of financial services as well as reduce the use of fiat money” .

Do you agree with him on the use of digital token to reduce fiat currency usage ?

Digital Ocean RDP $5/2Gb Month | NewProxyLists

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mysql – Digital wallet and other payment method for single amount payment

I have created following tables.

  1. digitalwallet ($30 balance)
  2. digitalwalletTransaction table
  3. usercards for payment gateway
  4. payments /* store payment details */

So an amount of $100 user need to pay.
user have $30 balance in his credit digital wallet. So paying $30 from wallet, user need to pay remaining $70 using creditcard store at usercards table.
How can I store that payment in payment table and digitalwallettrasaction table.

give me suggestion about that database schema design.