computer architecture – Books for learning about Digital logic, circuits, logic design etc

I am a computer science student and I have some courses names “Fundamental of electronics and digital systems, Logic design and switching circuits, System analysis and design “. I searched for books that may help me for these course and I found one named ” Digital logic and computer design by Mano”. I was wondering if anyone could suggest me some more books that will help me to master these topics. Thanks

digital – How to get files off a 23 year old Polaroid PDC-3000

Unless you find a meticulous old-software archivist who also cared/cares about early digital cameras, you’re probably out of luck. From a 10-year-old comment to a photo of a PDC-3000 at Flickr:

Also the old PDC software is near impossible to find. If anyone needs it for free I posted it on my blog: – Also note the the pdc_3000 software is 16 bit software so if you are running XP you need to run it in Win 95 compatibility mode.

(The website is dead. According to WHOIS the domain is available for purchase)

Even if you find a copy of the sofware (unlikely), you will need to run it in Windows XP (I would recommend using an XP virtual machine).

This is exactly why the free (as in liberty) software community advocates against proprietary data formats: if the software that parses the proprietary format is not free and is discontinued, the data in those files is usually unrecoverable.

Cannot provision more instances in Digital Twin

I am trying to create a Digital Twins instance in the Azure Free Account, but I get the error 1 for every location. I tried to find a solution to this problem but I can’t find it. Why does this error happen?


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Digital Marketing training institutes in Noida – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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bitcoin – Public key of Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm

How do I compute my public key, if my private key for ECDSA in SHA-1 is equals to ab2c34b85dd576112f34?

x = 54545578718895168534326250603453777594175500187
y = 35454270510029780865563085577751305070431844712
p = 12121157920892373161954235709850086879078532645

Is it possible to recover data from a Western Digital TRIM supporting disks (not SSD) after quick format?

I have a western digital blue disk, which is one of the SMR variations. I’ve heard that they support TRIM command. The disk is accidentally quick formatted on Windows 10, and now seems to be all zero. But, I’m wondering, for a disk it would take illogical amount of effort to actually set all sectors (1TB) to zero. I don’t really understood how TRIM applies to such disks, and suppose to see something like a list of safely deletable sectors or something like that in the disk’s firmware.

So the question is: Is there any way to recover the data from my disk? Including firmware tweaks or hardware tweaks?

digital – Remote photography, across continents

A video security system? A webcam? There are some with integrated movement that can be controlled using your phone.

If you need to move the camera around, set up the illumination, you probably need an assistant or get a robot.

On a normal DSLR, the answer is NO without a custom made solution. The answer is simple, the batteries run out, even with a DLSR connected to the grid system, in case of a blackout there is no way if it will reliably turn on.

The memory will get filled, but of course, you could connect it to a PC and save it there. Or even you could manipulate the PC using a remote control system on your computer.

But this is a bit naive. There are security or webcam solutions that will be more reliable.

digital – Proving you were at a certain location on a certain day

If I wanted to show that I’ve visited a place (say Central Park) I can show a photo of myself in Central Park. Let’s say I wanted to show that I’ve visited Central Park for each day of the year in 2019. Then I would need 365 photos of myself in Central Park, one on each day of 2019. A quick Google search reveals a 2006 article saying that timestamps can easily be altered. Is there now a way to take photographs whose timestamps can’t easily be altered?

programming – Force a function to be digital

There is an attribute NumericFunction in Mathematica which can do the following work:

Attributes[f] = {NumericFunction};

then returns true. However, the next return false

NumericQ[f[{1,2,3,4}]]; NumericQ[f[1,{2},3,{4}]]

which makes sense by the documentation on NumericFunction. However, I want to define a function $ f $ which returns true even in the above cases, how do we get there?

Curiously, functions like HypergeometricPFQ has attributes NumericFunction, But NumericQ[HypergeometricPFQ[{1, Sqrt[2]}, {Pi}, 1/3]] always returns true despite the presence of lists in its arguments, why?

Thank you.