Objective – Do digital and mirrorless DSLRs need respective lenses or can they use the same lenses?

Nikon, Canon, and Sony all manufacture adapters to mount their SLR lenses (F-mount, EF mount, and A-mount, respectively) on their mirrorless systems (Z Mount, RF Mount, and E Mount, respectively). . Note that in some cases, all lenses, or all features of the lens (usually autofocus), are not retained or supported.

But as a general rule (with many small warnings for specific cases), you can use system lenses with large flange distances (for example, SLRs) on cameras with shorter flange distances (ie, without mirror). But not the opposite.

The diameter of the throat is another problem. If the diameter of the frame of a lens for long-flange system is much larger than that of the camera, the adapters may not have enough space to accept the wide lens. go up and always be small enough to go up to the camera. This is very specific to the pair of systems you are trying to interconnect.

These concerns are the same as when fitting a lens brand to another brand 's camera case. See Can I use the X Brand Lens on a Y Brand Interchangeable Lens Camera? for a more complete discussion of these issues.

Finally, if it is true that optically speaking, all you need is just an adapter (assuming that the distances between the flanges and grooves are conducive to adaptation), the electrical contacts and the communication with the lens must also be adapted. When adapting between brands, as this information is not available, companies such as Sigma, Tamron, Metabones, etc., must reverse engineer the electrical and communication protocols. Sometimes they do not get it totally, so there may be some bugs or incompatibility issues.

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e-commerce – Require the billing address form before moving to PayPal for digital goods?

I recently left Woocommerce to sell exclusively digital products (models, plugins, etc.). Having used only PayPal, my shop collected billing information via a PayPal transaction and the user never had to enter his personal information.

On my new Web software, the payment process requires mandatory billing information (name, company name, address, etc.). Some users have complained about why they enter this area while competing stores (and my old store) do not.

I contacted the developers and they said that it was mandatory to check the customer's location for VAT / tax purposes. Another problem is that compatible payment processors for my store include Stripe, Braintree and 2Checkout. I realize that different processors may require different steps. Developers may not want to rearrange the ordering process based on this convenience.

Is it safer to bite the bullet and force all customers to provide their address right from the start? I've already noticed an increase in the traffic drop on the order form.

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list manipulation – second digital differentiation

I wrote a code for the second numerical list differentiation

diff2list = {}; diff2 = ConstantArray[0, {Length@firstlist, 2}];

 diff2[[i]]= (first list[[i - 1, 2]]- first list[[i, 2]]+ first list[[i + 1, 2]]) / (2 * 0.4);

Add to[diff2list, {0.4*i, diff2[[i]]}], {i, 2, Length @ first list - 1}]

Who can I change my code to be more efficient for larger lists and smaller intervals? The first list can be generated as follows:

firstlist = Table[{0.4 i, N@Cos[[Pi]/ 7 i]}, {i, 1, 30}];

However, my list is different from this one.

Back to the digital world

First post after the end of the Avenger Series game, Now World is secure. So I am free.

How to target with Digital Split Image on FujiFilm X-Series cameras?

FujiFilm X Series cameras offer Digital split image focus assistance mode. The manual provides inadequate instructions for use, indicating:

Digital split image: Displays a divided image in the center of the frame. Frame the subject in the split image area and rotate the focus ring until the four parts of the split image are correctly aligned.

How can I use the Digital Image Split Assist mode to get sharp, crisp images?

When I tried to align the four parts of the split image, it works well for coarse focus, but seems inadequate for fine focus. How to make finer adjustments using this mode? How is it useful if only rough adjustments are possible?

  • This question is do not on the use of the menu to change the settings.

  • I expect that the use of this focus assist mode will be similar for X-Series cameras. Otherwise, I'm mainly interested in X-T20 and X-H1. Secondarily interested in X-E2 / S.do not interested in X-T3 / T30.

See also:

macos – impossible to find external drives Paragon NTFS for Western Digital (WD)

It looks like there are two options. The first is to use the paid software from Paragon Software. Although it is not free, it seems to be the most compatible option for the future.

Western Digital also offers a link to an older version of NTFS for Mac. Do not forget that the new NTFS for Mac seems compatible with MacOS 10.14 where the WD software indicates compatibility up to 10.12.

Paragon Software indicates in its FAQ that you may be eligible for an upgrade from WD or older versions of NTFS for Mac.

I am a Seagate or Western Digital user with preinstalled software.
NTFS for Mac. How can I get my update?

You are entitled to a special update for your current version of
Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Paragon Software. Please contact our support
Service at support@paragon-software.com to retrieve your update.

Source: NTFS FAQ for Mac

Increase the export function to support custom digital formatting

Both Export and Exportstring use the common function System`ConvertersDump`ExportInternal to produce their output. In particular, all options provided to Export and Exportstring will be present as an option to System`ConvertersDump`ExportInternal. We can override this function to allow custom processing of real numbers. There are at least two mechanisms by which the built-in code processes real numbers: "Table", "CSV" and other formats use CForm to format real numbers, while the "Text" format uses ToString with InputForm format real numbers. So, the following function changes at a time CForm and Real so that custom formatting occurs:

System`ConvertersDump`ExportInternal[channel_, expr_, format_List, opts___] : = With[
    {nf = Lookup[Flatten@{opts}, "NumberForm"]}

        Internal`InheritedBlock[{CForm, Real},
CForm = OutputForm @ linearNumberForm[#,args]&;
Format[r_Real,InputForm]: = OutputForm @ linearNumberForm[r,args];
        ]]/; ! MatchQ[nf, {}]
]linearNumberForm[e_, args__]: = With[{boxes = ToBoxes[NumberForm[e, args]]}
        TagBox[InterpretationBox[r_, ___], ___]:> stringifier[r]
    ]]string[s_String]: = Si[StringMatchQ[s,""*""], StringTake[s,{2,-2}], s]string[RowBox[s_]]: = StringJoin[Replace[s, x_:>stringify[x]{1}]]string[SuperscriptBox[_, e_]]: = "10 ^" <> stringifier[e]


Exportstring[N@Pi, "Text", "NumberForm"->{4, NumberPoint->","}]
Exportstring[(N@Pi)^100, "Text", "NumberForm"->{{5,5}, NumberMultiplier->"*", ExponentFunction->(#&)}]


"5.18780 * 10 ^ 49"

I have not checked this code for a variety of NumberForm options, so please try it and let me know the shortcomings.

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