power automate – Grant direct access for Azure Active Directory security group to SharePoint Online list item using a Flow

We found examples for granting permissions to a list item using the REST API by email address or SharePoint Group ID. We haven’t found an example of how to add an Azure AD security group to a SharePoint list item. Anyone aware if this is possible and what the format would be for the POST HTTP action in the flow to accomplish this? You can manually give direct access to an Azure AD security group using the user interface for the list item permissions.

Here are instructions for applying a specific user or SharePoint group:

Set Unique permissions for item in SharePoint using Power Automate

Google Direct Download Link File Type

Is there a way to tell what type of file a google downloadlink will produce? This type of link doesn’t tell me anything about the file type (.mov? .png? .jpg?)

(link below is an example)


Direct link to add email to contact in Gmail

In marketing and transactional emails I send to Gmail address,
I would like to include a link, clicking on which adds my address to the recipient’s contacts.

I have read In Gmail, how do I create a contact from a recipient of an email? but that doesn’t help.

Describing the process to the recipient is more complicated and fraught, e.g. on desktop gmail, one needs to hover on the sender name, then click on “more info”, then click “add to contact icon” in the opened section. Different way on mobile. So if I could generate a link that they can just click to add is the way I’d like to go, if at all possible.

linux – Is there a way to direct traffic coming in on the same port to two different VMs?

So the basic idea is stated in the question above, but let me explain.

I was thinking of hosting a Minecraft server inside a VM (using bridge mode so I can direct traffic to it via port forwarding) on my dedicated server here at home. Now I recently got asked by a friend if I could also host a server for his moderately small discord server. Naturally I agreed. My plan would be to simply open up a second VM for his server to run in and give him SSH access to it.

Now however, am am faced with the issue of Minecraft using a certain port to connect by default. I don’t really want to require people to add in a port number at the end of the URL. So how can I seperaten the traffic meant for one VM from the traffic meant for the other VM if the incoming traffic for both is on the same port? Is that even possible? Can I forward the same port to two different internal ip addresses?

I was thinking maybe using mc1.mydomain.com and mc2.mydomain.com to have traffic automatically routed to different incoming ports, aka. bind ports to the domain name.

I have no idea if I am just fantasizing about something impossible. Some help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I have no option to use a fixed IP address so I am limited to dynamic DNS services.

c – The latter has a direct impact on developers?

c – The latter has a direct impact on developers? – Game Development Stack Exchange

alternative to zbigz and filestream, cloud torrent that gives direct download | NewProxyLists

used zbigz = file system lack features, you have to manually select the file to get the download link. No Bulk Selection
filestream = almost perfect but when I remote upload it to filehost, the filename is random.

looking that generate direct download and remote upload to filehost that matches the filename.


Magento 2 Checkout Page billing address dropdown remove show direct billing address form

Magento 2 I want to Checkout Page billing address dropdown remove show direct billing address form.

This dropdown i want to remove
enter image description here

And show direct billing address form.This type
enter image description here


Add direct link to email beside button

When I am creating HTML email with call to action button, should I add direct URL for copy/paste to address bar beside clickable button? Is there any reason to use this “fallback” in 2021?


Hi, please click button below to visit our site.

[clickable button]

If you have any trouble, copy this URL:


vpn – With direct and private peering becoming the norm in IXS and Edge Networks, is that not more difficult to MITM?

Massive transit providers like m247, cdn77 etc have their pops all over the world, and more and more the Tier 1 ISP’s are being bypassed and networks are privately connecting to each other via direct peering in colocation centers. In such a scenario, is using a VPN to obfuscate MITM or traffic netflow analysis more difficult to a nation state adversary?
My specic question is as follows: Are the citizens of the world more secure when the data takes fewer hops from source to destination due to private peering in 2021? If the traffic is going over less routers, and the volume of traffic is increasing, is that not a hard problem to do correlation attacks?

aws – SQL Always on Availability Groups Direct Seeding

Setting up a new SQL cluster and HA using SQL Availability Groups.

  1. SQL 2019 STD 2 Node Multi Subnet Basic AG
  2. Primary Node AWS
  3. Secondary Node VMWare on premise

I am using the newer Automatic Seeding option to replicate the database from the primary to secondary. When looking at the DMV sys.dm_hadr_physical_seeding_stats the transfer_rate_MB_per_Second starts quickly then drops down to 0 mb/sec and the seed takes hours for a 4GB database.

I have switched on the trace flag 9567 for compression but this doesn’t seemed to have helped. My network and VMware engineers have investigated and cannot see any issues, a standard SMB copy between servers works as expected.

Are there additional settings required in AWS for this process or something we may have missed, any help appreciated.

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