active directory – Restrict RDP users to certain machines on Windows AD

We need to add specific users to our onsite production part that uses traditional Windows Server AD. Users should be able to use RDP on one machine (MachineX) and only that.

I thought it would be a simple machine limitation problem in the AD center (as in the image) using the "Connect to .." dialog box. I've added the NetBios name (as described under "Computers" in AD) and the DNS name of the machine. In any case, I received an "Error Code: 0x1107" from my RDP client on Mac (also tried from Windows RDP).

How can I accomplish this?


How to make the boot directory bigger?

I have a lot of space on my hard drive 420 GB but very little for the boot directory and I can not upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04
What is the eseyist way to enlarge the startup directory?

magento2 – No directory of this type

Magento 2, version 3.2.x worked fine, but after upgrading to version 2.3.3, error 500 was generated. I've tried to run permissions for folders and files, compile, reindex, clear the cache … but I still have not got it. job. When I checked the exeptions.log file on hosting, I found the error below. No suggestion? Thank you!

main.CRITICAL: SQLSTATE(HY000) (2002) No such file or directory {"exception":"(object) (Zend_Db_Adapter_Exception(code: 2002): SQLSTATE(HY000) (2002) No such file or directory at /home/.../public_html/vendor/magento/zendframework1/library/Zend/Db/Adapter/Pdo/Abstract.php:144, PDOException(code: 2002): SQLSTATE(HY000) (2002) No such file or directory at /home/.../public_html/vendor/magento/zendframework1/library/Zend/Db/Adapter/Pdo/Abstract.php:128)"} ()

8 – How can I render a responsive image style from an image of the theme directory?

I work on a model views-view-fields--myview.html.twig. But I do
do not think that the model you're working with is important for

I found this Twig that can add Drupal sensitive images to a
image that is not in a field. In this case this image is in the files
phone book. My question is that I want to put this picture in my themes
directory in: /themes/custom/mytheme/img/mygraphic.png. What URI can I
use to do this work in this example?

The second question is:
The image alt tag is empty even though I have provided one. How can I display a
alt tag?

{% set responsiveimagestyle = {
    '#theme': 'responsive_image',
    '#responsive_image_style_id': 'my_custom_responsive_style',
    '#uri': 'public://mygraphic.png',
    '#alt': 'my alt text',
    '#attributes': { class: 'img-responsive' },
} %}

In the views-view-fields model – myview.html.twig, I can now use the following elements:

{{ responsiveimagestyle }}

The image is wrapped in the picture tag and uses the Drupal Responsive Images style.

unreal 4 – Error GenerateProjectFile Referenced Directory […] does not exist

I am this tutorial to install Unreal Engine 4.22 from GitHub under Windows. I created the project and I cloned it on my computer. I have executed Setup.bat and everything went well, but when I run GenerateProjectFiles.bat I receive all these errors:

PS D:softwareUnrealEngine> .GenerateProjectFiles.bat
Setting up Unreal Engine 4 project files...
Binding IntelliSense data...
D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyIntelTBBIntelTBB.Build.cs: warning: Referenced directory 'D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyIntelTBBIntelTBB-4.4u3Include' does not exist.
D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyDirectShowDirectShow.Build.cs: warning: Referenced directory 'D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyDirectShowDirectShow-1.0.0LibWin64vs2015' does not exist.
D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyOggUEOgg.Build.cs: warning: Referenced directory 'D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyOgglibogg-1.2.2libWin64VS2015' does not exist.
D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyVorbisVorbis.Build.cs: warning: Referenced directory 'D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyVorbislibvorbis-1.3.2Libwin64VS2015' does not exist.
D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyVorbisVorbisFile.Build.cs: warning: Referenced directory 'D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyVorbislibvorbis-1.3.2Libwin64VS2015' does not exist.
D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyOpenSSLOpenSSL.Build.cs: warning: Referenced directory 'D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyOpenSSL1.1.1includeWin64VS2015' does not exist.
D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyOpenSSLOpenSSL.Build.cs: warning: Referenced directory 'D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyOpenSSL1.1.1libWin64VS2015Release' does not exist.
D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyKiss_FFTKiss_FFT.Build.cs: warning: Referenced directory 'D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyKiss_FFTkiss_fft129libx64VS2015Release' does not exist.
D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyVHACDVHACD.Build.cs: warning: Referenced directory 'D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyVHACDlibWin64VS2015' does not exist.
D:softwareUnrealEngineEnginePluginsExperimentalProxyLODPluginSourceThirdPartyOpenVDB.Build.cs: warning: Referenced directory 'D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyIntelTBBIntelTBB-4.4u3include' does not exist. warning: Referenced directory 'D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyQualcommTextureConverterLibvs2015x64' does not exist.
Binding IntelliSense data... 0%ImportError: No module named site
Python SDK not found
D:softwareUnrealEngineEnginePluginsRuntimeLeapMotionSourceLeapMotionLeapMotion.Build.cs: warning: Referenced directory 'D:softwareUnrealEngineEngineSourceThirdPartyLeapInclude' does not exist.
D:softwareUnrealEngineEnginePluginsRuntimenDisplaySourceDisplayClusterDisplayCluster.Build.cs: warning: Referenced directory 'D:softwareUnrealEngineEnginePluginsRuntimenDisplayThirdPartyVRPNInclude' does not exist.
Binding IntelliSense data... 100%
Writing project files... 100%
PS D:softwareUnrealEngine>

At the end of this command, it creates a UE4.sln file (but no UE4.v12.suo file), but when I try to compile the project under Visual Studio 2019, the number of errors reminding me those above is quite high. suppose the problem comes from the generation of the project files.

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you for your help.

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ionic3 – Download the file base64 in the directory of the application with Ionic 3

I am developing an application in which some files saved in the base64 database should be displayed to the user as follows:

It views the file and automatically downloads the file to the App directory. It does not need to consume the Internet data again to view the file. Right now, I'm passing the binary code directly into img src, but that way, he still needs the internet to decode the file. How to decode the file directly in the App directory with Ionic 3?

active directory – Searching the host name / computer name over IP

I'm trying to find out how to search for the host name of an IP-based computer using the command prompt, but I do not need the name DNS registered. I'm trying to do a cleanup of the IP / DNS database in order to find the DNS name would be redundant. Is there a way to find the physical name of a computer via IP?

Someone image a computer with the name Office-F2-A2 (unknown to me)
The DNS server is registered as

ping -a, nslookup, nbtstat -a (or any variable) seems to give me only the DNS name.

Are there any other orders for this?

On a MacOS machine, is there a risk or problem I would encounter if I put some of my documents in a path that is not in my home directory ~

I had the habit of storing all my files, documents under the ~ path.

I'm wondering if I put my files out of my own directory, is there a risk (like losing them or crashing my computer)

Optimize directory listings

Discussion in & # 39; Internet Marketing & # 39; started by Chris_Tax, October 7, 2019 at 3:47 pm.

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    October 2, 2011
    I like receipts:

    How can I optimize my local directories. Please keep things simple

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    October 7, 2019 at 3:47 pm

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