iis – ISAPI DLLs running from an incorrect directory

Some Web services run ISAPI DLLs on IIS 8.5 on a Win Server 2012 R2 Standard box: Classic / No Managed Code / 32-bit emulation.

The sites have been running smoothly for years on Server 2008 / IIS.75.

Recently, we migrated to the new server running 2012 / 8.5 and a site behaves very strangely:

It runs the ISAPI DLL from a different directory than the one designated – from the physical directory of another site on that server, which is completely disabled. I confirmed it conclusively in several ways. That's what happens – there is no doubt about it.

The application pool, site settings, handlers, ISAPI restrictions, and so on. are all configured correctly to point to the correct DLL – checked multiple times. applicationHost.config also displays the correct paths for the DLL to run. But it does not run – the other DLL is called instead.

The target URL is correct and the other site, where the DLL is running, is fully disabled.

I have configured several sites and I have never encountered anything like it.

What could be the cause? What did I miss?

HD v7

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Post time: June 24, 2019 at 11:51.

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linux – Why can the user X not write to the directory while he has by default: user: X: ACL rwx on the directory?

If I understand correctly, all this looks good: iammedemo owns the repertoire but iammme at default: user: iamme: rwxso if something, I am me should actually be just as privileged as iammedemo, and be able to do anything in the directory:

[iamme@iamme-demo:~/IAMME]$ ls -last / tmp / badDir
total 28
4 drwxr-xr-x + 2 users from iammedemo 4096 22 Jun 00:50.
24 users drwxrwxrwt 220 iamme 20480 22 jun 00:50 ..

[iamme@iamme-demo:~/IAMME]$ getfacl / tmp / badDir
getfacl: Deleting the prefix & # 39; / & # 39; absolute path names
# file: tmp / badDir
# owner: iammedemo
# group: users
user :: rwx
group :: r-x
other :: r-x
default: user :: rwx
default: user: iamme: rwx
default: group :: r-x
default: mask :: rwx
default: other :: r-x

But I miss something:

[iamme@iamme-demo:~/IAMME]$ touch / tmp / badDir
touch: setting the times of & td; / tmp / badDir: permission denied                                       

[iamme@iamme-demo:~/IAMME]$ touch / tmp / badDir / foo
touch: can not touch & t; / tmp / badDir / foo: permission denied      

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mysqli – mysqli_connect () mysqli_connect (): (HY000 / 2002): No file or directory error of this type when calling from another php file

I am a little weird here and I am unable to find the cause on the web search.

I have a functions.php file that contains the following code:

function random_color_part () {
returns str_pad (dechex (mt_rand (0, 255)), 2, & # 39; 0 & # 39; STR_PAD_LEFT);

random_html_color () {function
returns random_color_part (). random_color_part (). color_ random_part ();

function unique_random_colors ($ sql) {
$ link2 = mysqli_connect ($ DB_HOST, $ DB_USER, $ DB_PASS) or die (mysqli_connect_error ());
mysqli_select_db ($ link2, $ RMV_DB) or die (mysqli_error ($ link2));

$ m = array ();
if ($ query = mysqli_prepare ($ link2, $ sql)) {

mysqli_stmt_execute ($ query);
mysqli_stmt_bind_result ($ query, $ user_id);

while (mysqli_stmt_fetch ($ query)) {
$ m[$user_id] = random_html_color ();
} other {
returns FALSE;
mysqli_close ($ link2);
returns $ m;

In another file, let's call it main.php:

<? php
require_once (& # 39; functions.php & # 39;);
$ link = mysqli_connect ($ DB_HOST, $ DB_USER, $ DB_PASS) or die (mysqli_connect_error ());
$ my_stmt = SELECT DISTINCT user FROM articles_discussion WHERE article = & # 39; mysqli_real_escape_string ($ link, $ _GET['aid'])
print_r (unique_random_colors ($ my_stmt);
mysqli_close ($ link);

but I get the error mysqli_connect () mysqli_connect (): (HY000 / 2002): No such file or directory and he says that this is happening on the line depending unique_random_colors who reads $ link2 = mysqli_connect ($ DB_HOST, $ DB_USER, $ DB_PASS) or die (mysqli_connect_error ());

Why would this tell me that a file or directory does not exist? If I copy and paste the function code into a standalone file and run it with some modifications only to make it syntactically correct, it works fine. As soon as I try to call him from functions.php this gives the error.