windows 10 – How to create “ghost-drive” without change the directory?

I want to decrease the load from my computer’s hard drive and thought of a solution that might be ideal but I do not know if there is a way to implement it.

I would be happy to choose specific paths that will be stored locally on my computer and other paths (especially those that have heavy files and are not frequently used) that will be stored in the cloud or external drive (for that matter, both) so that in case I have an internet connection I can access these paths and when I have no access the web/external drive, I can not access the data.


I have a projects folder with about 200 GB of data. Naturally, I only need access on a regular basis to 2/3 projects that weigh no more than 10GB. I would be happy to map the historical materials into a remote drive and have access to it as needed. But I would not want to change all the routings because it would ruin a lot of code snippets I use.

Do you have any idea how to do something like this? Actually, use the directory system in a hybrid way that some of the materials are stored locally and some are stored remotely?


What are the files in the phoneypot directory?

I am running LineageOS 17.1 Lavender. Can anyone tell me the purpose of the files located in the /phoneypot directory in my Android device?

recovery – Restore PFILE files copied directly off of a Bitlocker encrypted directory

I have PFILE files copied directly off of a Bitlocker encrypted directory along with a backup of the pfx recovery key. The original computer died. I understand this is not the way to make copies of Bitlocker encrypted files. Is there any way to recover these files?

I imagined one might create a new directory, copy the PFILES files into it, and use Bitlocker somehow with the pfx file.

Possible? Thanks in advance.

8 – Do i need write access to the files directory to migrate d7_file?

I’m migrating a site from drupal 7 to 8. It has many many media files. Something like 6TB worth. And adding daily. So i want to do the db migration on my machine (not the webserver), work out kinks and modify custom code to work w/ d8, then do the real thing on the live machine over a slow weekend when i have all the steps worked out.

In the migration process, i’ve gotten to drush migrate-upgrade d7_node, and it (on initial run, with only a token few files in /sites/default/files) created a handful of db entries in file_managed. So i sshfs mounted the live files directory read only from my machine and re-ran migrate-upgrade d7_node from the restored db. Now it doesn’t create anything in the file_managed table, so i suspect it’s not working, but it gives no errors, and some grepping doesn’t readily yield the code that does this work. I wouldn’t mind hacking for this part only.

Hence the question. And what can i do alternatively to avoid copying 6TB of files for the preparatory migration?


domain – Azure Active Directory, Multiple Organizations and Tenants

When working with Azure Active Directory, does the product have a way to support multiple directories under a single tenant?

I am trying to use this example on a company that is a parent company of 3 subsidiaries. Each of the three companies are a brand of the parent company, but each company has its own unique brand as well. I only want there to be 1 tenant, not 2 or 3, and if there is a way to have multiple directories under a single tenant.

The only options I seemed to uncover were:

  1. Add all the domains in a single directory and tenant. They can freely communicate and authenticate. I could use the “Company Name” field and other attributes to reflect which company a user or resource is for. The only problem I found is that certain organization level attributes like the company portal, will show the parent company for each of the three companies.

  2. Put the directories and domains in a separate tenant for each company/organization. I didn’t like this solution because federating and signing into a computer from another tenant had limitations that I did not want, although there is collaboration and guest user capability. An example would be a user signing into a different org Azure AD account with the same PC.

I thought I read a way where I could have every org in the same tenant, but different directories

Alphanumeric symbols in the data/app directory?

Why are the names of the applications replaced with alphanumeric characters in the data/app directory? I am seeing this when accessing the directory through an adb shell.

sharepoint online – Document libraries: Can you HIDE columns in a parent directory but SHOW them in children directories?

The parent directory of my document library contains folders. When I get into one of these folders, I want to be able to see the columns I’ve created, but NOT see them when I’m in the parent directory.

I’ve looked in the library settings but can’t seem to find anything about this.

Is there a way to do this out-of-the-box in SharePoint?

How to authenticate jenkins with aws directory services?

AWS has directory service which will create AD accounts to use with.
My jenkins server is hosted on an ec2 linux instance on AWS server.
Is there any way to set the jenkins to use the AD accounts to login with it?

Please help me on this.

active directory plugin seems to work only for our own hosted AD environment but not for AWS directory service.

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