power automate – Grant direct access for Azure Active Directory security group to SharePoint Online list item using a Flow

We found examples for granting permissions to a list item using the REST API by email address or SharePoint Group ID. We haven’t found an example of how to add an Azure AD security group to a SharePoint list item. Anyone aware if this is possible and what the format would be for the POST HTTP action in the flow to accomplish this? You can manually give direct access to an Azure AD security group using the user interface for the list item permissions.

Here are instructions for applying a specific user or SharePoint group:

Set Unique permissions for item in SharePoint using Power Automate

active directory – How to perform a Microsoft AD GPO Review?

My boss has requested me to perform a GPO (Group Policy Object) review for Microsoft AD which is currently running in my organization. But I have no clue what does this mean. Does any one have an idea on what’s this. If you are also, clueless, please let me know how to start digging into this work


nfs – Google Cloud Filestore, How to limit the disk usage of each user directory?

I’m currently using Google Cloud Filestore to store user data. Each user has a separate directory, in which they can store any data they want.

However, as the users grow, the capacity cannot handle all the uploaded files. Therefore, I want to set the usage limit of each directory (for example, /my_filestore/alex can only store up to 10GB).

At first, I plan to use quota utility tool, but this tool cannot work with NFS mounting, as NFS.mount does not allow usrquota option.

Is there any other alternative to do implement this restriction? Thanks so much.

linux – Modify folder permissions of parent directory that were automatically created by autofs

I am currently following this guide to setup CentOS 8 to automount samba shares.

I am aware that we can change autofs auto mounted folders permissions using


and it does technically work

Here’s my current setup, so my auto.master contains the following

/mnt/smb /etc/auto.smb.top


* -fstype=autofs,-Dhost=& file:/etc/auto.smb.sub


* -fstype=cifs,sec=ntlmv2,credentials=${HOME}/.${host}.smbpasswd,uid=${UID},gid=sambausers,file_mode=0770,dir_mode=0770,nounix ://${host}/&

with all the configuration above, /mnt/smb/192.168.x.x /shared_folder does have the expected permissions, however the permissions for its parent directories /mnt/smb and /mnt/smb/192.168.x.x are owned by root and does not follow the configuration from autofs.

I even tried to modify /mnt (which is not auto created by autofs)to the corresponding permissions but what happens is that the created smb folder still is owned by root and does not follow the permissions at all of its parent directory. Did I miss anything in my configuration? I tried adding uid=...,gid=...,file_mode=... to autofs.smb.top, but the same issue persists.

with the current setup described above autofs makes the following

  • /mnt/smb – owned by root
  • /mnt/smb/192.168.x.x – owned by root
  • /mnt/smb/192.168.x.x/shared_folder – owned by sambausers (custom group I made)

but what I wanted was

  • /mnt/smb – owned by sambausers with 0770
  • /mnt/smb/192.168.x.x – owned by sambausers with 0770
  • /mnt/smb/192.168.x.x/shared_folder – owned by sambausers with 0770

security – Active Directory not applying restrictions to PCs in LAN from different domain

All the computers in the network are configured to belong to the same AD domain, and then when they try to access some file server using it’s IP, they’re requested the user credentials, and if they’re wrong they have the access denied.

However we recently realized that if they are coming from another VLAN, the restrictions won’t work and a made up user credentials will grant access, however whats even worse, we realized that if you add to the network a non configured laptop (ie some visitor), they have no restrictions at all.

Anyone knows what might be causing the behaviour, and how to solve it? Thank you in advance!
Any advice would be really appreciated

linux – How to close a directory from the terminal Ubuntu 20.04?

I can use the xdg-open command to open a directory, let’s say xdg-open ~ to open the home directory. What can I do then to close that directory? If I look through the opened processes, I cannot find the open directories (or at least I don’t know what to look for), therefore I cannot kill the “directory process”.

How can I do this in a nice way?

postgresql – Postgres 13 – Grant to Active Directory Groups?

Is it possible to grant an AD group in PG 13 without sorting to creating the group in the database?

Similar to how AD groups can be granted directly.

The PG server is on a Windows server that is already joined to the AD domain.

Note: I asking about authorization and not authentication against AD.

wordpress – Apache conf Ignore Wp-admin directory

wordpress – Apache conf Ignore Wp-admin directory – Server Fault

linux – Samba Share skip directory levels

MY organization has setup the samba share and one of the share contains the backup of the files eg: /data/data@timestampdaily/orgname/prod/(directories to access) /data/data@timestamphourly/orgname/prod/(directories to access) /data/data@timestampweekly/orgname/prod/(directories to access)

path = /data
browseable = yes
writeable = no
wide links = yes

My team wants to access the share as follows (basically jump 2 directories) does anyone know how to do it in smb.conf?

  /data/**data@timestamphourly**/(directories to access) ```

I need to copy all jpg files from a directory in linux

I want to copy all the jpg files from a directory to another directory. How do i make to copy all files finishing in jpg?

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