How can I disable invitation notifications on Facebook?

Like the one shown below. I do not wish to receive invitation notifications.

enter the description of the image here

languages ​​- Disable translation of YouTube video titles

There are many other people here or here who are looking for the same option. Google has not yet proposed a solution to disable this option on mobile.

Possible solutions posted on the second link include:

  • Go to
  • Add all the languages ​​you understand in the list
  • Reload the youtube page you were on
  • Youtube should no longer translate video titles
    Note that some video titles may still be translated for a while because they have been cached by your browser.

Also, if you watch videos in languages ​​you do not understand, they will be translated (unless of course you select all languages).

Another possible solution is to change the language of your device so that it is identical to that of the video. But this is not practical because you will continue to change your language.

Until Google decides to provide an adequate solution, all the above solutions are random. They work for one and not the others.

wi fi – How to disable the feature of mobile access point?

As far as I can remember, some carriers disable this feature. We now want to deploy a few dozen phones in some schools and we want to disable this feature.

How can I get there? Some guesses I would like would be to add / edit something in build.prop or a hidden Android API (can not find it here).

Update: I understood it a long time ago. The solutions here are working well and the phones are behaving properly. Normal WiFi is not affected (because hostapd only manages APs). When testing, the worst that happens is

2018-12-04 23:12:23.680 3207-3753/? E/SoftapController: Unable to open connection to supplicant on "/data/misc/wifi/hostapd/wlan0": No such file or directory

in the logcat. At the same time, the mobile access point setting switch turns off automatically.

What I did was just rename hostapd to something else. Moving / deleting / changing permissions would also work.

How to completely disable Chrome notifications on my MacBook?

I'm using MacOSX 10.14.6 now.

I really hate the Chrome notifications sent by websites, not only those I've visited once, but also major websites such as Facebook or Yahoo.

I just want to go back to the days when Chrome did not even offer this feature.

I tried to disable it in chrome: // settings / content / notifications

but it does not work. Notifications always appear.

How to completely disable this feature at the system level? Is MacOS able to do it?

Disable Linux is so verbose

I play with a Raspberry Pi and, to turn it off, I run

sudo shutdown -h now

Is there not a less verbose way to stop Linux?

javascript – How can I disable an option of a selection by selecting an option from a previous selection?

I explain the case where I have an "add" button that adds (a selection and an entry) dynamically, but what I want is that when I select an option from my first addition selected, when you add another, the selection will no longer show or disable the selected option from the first one. select (above) and so on when you continue adding other items dynamically.



my json file

        "descripcion_breve":"AMORTIZACION DE SOFTWARE"
        "descripcion_breve":"DA DEPREC.DE EQUIPO DE COMPUTO"
        "descripcion_breve":"DEPREC.DE EQUIPO DE COMPUTO"
        "descripcion_breve":"DEPREC.DE EQUIPOS DIVERSOS"
        "descripcion_breve":"DEPREC.DE INFRAESTRUCTURA"
        "descripcion_breve":"DEPREC.DE MUEB.Y ENSERES"
        "descripcion_breve":"DA DEPRECIACION ASIGNADA"

the select is filled from a json.

                url: 'tipoDepreciacion.json',
                dataType: 'json',
                type: 'GET',
                success: function (json) {
                    var items = document.getElementById("items");
                    //items.innerHTML += "";
                    var select = `
`; $("#items").append(html); } }); }); $("body").on("click",".delete",function(){ $(this).parent("div").remove(); });

the second selection should not display this first selection option
enter the description of the image here

8 – You have followed the instructions to disable the cache for development but caching remains

I have followed all the instructions here

I'm developing a module with a block and when I went to the Block Layout page and I clicked "Place block", the block list does not show up because of an error in my code. I edited the code and I was sure it was ok, but it still did not work. So I tried to do "drush cr" in case the cache would not really be disabled … and it worked.

It seems to me that the cache has not been disabled by following these instructions. Is there something missing?

html – tag generates a blue area behind the preformatted text and a table around it on the printable version. How to disable this?

I use Pre tags to embed lines of code into my MediaWiki page. The problem is that the Pre tag generates a blue box behind the preformatted text that is parsed into an array when you set printable = yes in the URL of the page. The question is whether there is a way to change this, change the table in any way, or disable it when printable = yes?

catalina – How to disable the major update in Mojave?

Updating supplements is always better and will automatically appear under Software Update if you press Check Update. You can choose to install it or not.

However, you will never receive Catalina from Software Update if you use Mojave. Catalina will be available in the macOS store later, as Apple did for older operating systems. Later, you download it if you want to install other applications throughout the year, Apple will never force you to update to move from one system to another. It's totally up to you.

samsung – How to disable calls and cell radio on the Galaxy A5 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017,
Android 9.0,

I want to be able to temporarily disable the ability to call on my phone. I've tried using the call barring method and I've tried typing. *#*#4636#*#* in my keyboard to turn on the radio. But neither worked. I do not have a root and the device is incredibly difficult to root. I'm sure you want to know why I want to do this … it's for a computer project, last year, and you have to make sure that I succeed so that any help is appreciated.