keyboard – how to disable system autocorrect?

Gboard has a toggle to disable/enable spellcheck completely, but using 3rd party keyboards such as AnySoftKeyboard shows this annoying red-underline and suggestion-box spellcheck and it cannot be disabled. the spellcheck is actually part of the Android system, not part of AnySoftKeyboard.

how can i disable spellcheck for the whole system
how can a dev implement a toggle to disable the spellcheck like Gboard does?

Is it possible to disable weekends from Sharpeoint Datepicker field

Is there an option to disable the weekends in default Sharepoint Datepicker field, I was able to disable the past days with the help of the below url.
How to disable previous date in a calendar in sharepoint

8 – Disable auto logout for authenticated user until they manually /user/logout

When a session is deleted by the session garbage collector, authenticated users are logged out, and the contents of the user’s $_SESSION variable is discarded.

However, I want to never automatically logout users until they choose to do so by manually clicking on /user/logout link.

From services.yml file at /public_html/site-name/web/sites/default, I can change this behavior using below code:

# Set session lifetime (in seconds), i.e. the time from the user's last
# visit to the active session may be deleted by the session garbage
# collector. When a session is deleted, authenticated users are logged out,
# and the contents of the user's $_SESSION variable is discarded.
# @default 200000
gc_maxlifetime: 200000

but also a google search for a remember me option redirected me to Persistent Login module.

So my 2 related questions are:

1) Setting gc_maxlifetime to 0 will disable the time of session expiration and users will not be logged out until they manually do so ?

2) If yes, can gc_maxlifetime: 0 setting replace Persistent Login module in order to achieve what i am asking for ?

Thank you

terminal – Disable delays when running scripts for the first time

An article about delayed script executions has been published recently. I could reproduce this on my Mac by running the following:

$ echo $'#!/bin/shnecho Hello' > /tmp/ && chmod a+x /tmp/ && time /tmp/ && time /tmp/
/tmp/  0.00s user 0.00s system 0% cpu 3.796 total // <- DELAY!
/tmp/  0.00s user 0.00s system 78% cpu 0.004 total

The article states that

Some users have a Developer Tools category in the Security & Privacy preferences pane (I don’t). If your terminal is added to this category, you will not be able to reproduce this delay.

I can’t find this in my settings.

How can I disable whatever Apple is doing here not only for my Terminal, but for all other developer related applications (Xcode, IntelliJ, etc.)?

How to disable prelogin popup?

When I want to login or logout a popup option coming top of the browser.
I want to disable it. Please help me
here the screenshot :

enter image description here

How to disable ajax in Taxonomy add/edit pages?

Is there way to disable the automatic addition without page reload in taxonomy add/edit pages?
eg category pages ..if I add category is added without page reload but I want to disable that.

Due to some conflict with ACF extended page “” my category page is not working as it should.

enter image description here

Please help

How to automatically disable EVF when LCD is pulled out on FujiFilm X-T20?

My X-T20 switches to EVF when the LCD it tilted out. I know some cameras automatically disable the EVF when the LCD is pulled out, since the only reason to pull the LCD out is to use it. How can I set my camera to automatically disable EVF when the LCD is pulled out?

windows – How to disable space change by the mouse moving to the screen edge

When I drag a window with the mouse to a screen edge and keep it there for
half a second or so my Mac switches to the next/previous space.

This behaviour happens on High Sierra and seems to be part of the OS’s Mission Control feature.

How can I disable this gesture?

media – Disable Responsive Image Sizes crop

I think my question might similar to others.Here is my problem, I want to remove generating wordpress responsive images because I have done image responsive solution with my way. So, I don’t wanna save any auto generated images from wordpress in my server.

When I google it, most show how to remove from tag at frontend.