string disabling non-working style characters Harlowe

Boom! == “Boom!

What is ` ? Is it? Because if it is & # 39;Boom!& # 39; & # 39; does not work and does not work "Boom!"in fact" text "seems to be equivalent to ** text ** even though it does not say that on the documentation pages the program binds me.

magento2.3.3 – Disabling the product in the persistent shopping cart prevents users from signing in

I have Magento Community 2.3.3 installed. I just noticed that when I disable a product that is in a persistent shopping cart, the customer is no longer able to connect. It only hangs. If I reactivate the product, the client can connect.

If I disable the product while the customer is logged in and the product is already in his cart, the browser crashes when he tries to see the contents of the cart.

During these freezes, I noticed that the CPU usage had increased from 12.5% ​​on average to 99%.

Is this a bug with Magento 2.3.3? Do you have any idea how to prevent this when you deactivate a product?

activation – Enabling / disabling the WordPress plugin

Below, my plugin.php file to install in wp-content

 * Currently plugin version.
 * Start at version 1.0.0 and use SemVer -
 * Rename this for your plugin and update it as you release new versions.
define( 'PLUGIN_NAME_VERSION', '1.0.0' );

 * The code that runs during plugin activation.
 * This action is documented in includes/class-plugin-activator.php
function activate_plugin() {
    require_once plugin_dir_path(__FILE__) . 'includes/class-plugin-activator.php';
    error_log("Running Activation");

 * The code that runs during plugin deactivation.
 * This action is documented in includes/class-plugin-deactivator.php
function deactivate_plugin() {
    require_once plugin_dir_path(__FILE__) . 'includes/class-plugin-deactivator.php';
    error_log("Running Deactivation");

register_activation_hook( __FILE__, 'activate_plugin');
register_deactivation_hook( __FILE__, 'deactivate_plugin');


This is definitely not running, but the plugin turns off and on as expected. Currently, there is no code in the function calls defined within these functions …. but the absence of the log message shows no execution.
However, I get the problem:

The plugin generated 2368 unexpected output characters during
Activation. If you notice that the "headers already sent" messages, problems
with syndication feeds or other issues, try disabling or removing
this plugin.

And in my newspapers, I receive:

(08-Oct-2019 23:51:20 UTC) PHP Warning:  call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'activate_plugin' not found or invalid function name in G:wamp64wwwwordpresswp-includesclass-wp-hook.php on line 286
(08-Oct-2019 23:51:20 UTC) PHP Stack trace:
(08-Oct-2019 23:51:20 UTC) PHP   1. {main}() G:wamp64wwwwordpresswp-adminplugins.php:0
(08-Oct-2019 23:51:20 UTC) PHP   2. activate_plugin() G:wamp64wwwwordpresswp-adminplugins.php:44
(08-Oct-2019 23:51:20 UTC) PHP   3. do_action() G:wamp64wwwwordpresswp-adminincludesplugin.php:672
(08-Oct-2019 23:51:20 UTC) PHP   4. WP_Hook->do_action() G:wamp64wwwwordpresswp-includesplugin.php:465
(08-Oct-2019 23:51:20 UTC) PHP   5. WP_Hook->apply_filters() G:wamp64wwwwordpresswp-includesclass-wp-hook.php:310

And also

(09-Oct-2019 00:44:43 UTC) PHP Warning:  call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'deactivate_plugin' not found or invalid function name in G:wamp64wwwwordpresswp-includesclass-wp-hook.php on line 286
(09-Oct-2019 00:44:43 UTC) PHP Stack trace:
(09-Oct-2019 00:44:43 UTC) PHP   1. {main}() G:wamp64wwwwordpresswp-adminplugins.php:0
(09-Oct-2019 00:44:43 UTC) PHP   2. deactivate_plugins($plugins = *uninitialized*, $silent = *uninitialized*, $network_wide = *uninitialized*) G:wamp64wwwwordpresswp-adminplugins.php:192
(09-Oct-2019 00:44:43 UTC) PHP   3. do_action($tag = *uninitialized*, $arg = *uninitialized*) G:wamp64wwwwordpresswp-adminincludesplugin.php:792
(09-Oct-2019 00:44:43 UTC) PHP   4. WP_Hook->do_action($args = *uninitialized*) G:wamp64wwwwordpresswp-includesplugin.php:465
(09-Oct-2019 00:44:43 UTC) PHP   5. WP_Hook->apply_filters($value = *uninitialized*, $args = *uninitialized*) G:wamp64wwwwordpresswp-includesclass-wp-hook.php:310

display – Disabling external monitor with xrandr also disables laptop screen

When an external monitor is connected, xrandr shows me two displays: eDP1 (laptop screen) and DP1 (external monitor).

I can enable the external monitor just fine, but if I unplug the external monitor, or disable it with xrandr --output DP1 --off, the laptop screen goes blank too (though still backlit). I believe I can still switch to a laptop on the screen.

How do I keep my laptop running after disabling / disconnecting the external monitor?

If it matters, I'm using i3.

Disabling Google AdSense for 30 days | NewProxyLists

"We have recently detected an invalid activity in your AdSense account, so we have temporarily suspended your account for 30 days, during which time no ads will appear on your sites."

they also stated that "it is also forbidden to click on your own ads, on your automated click tools or on traffic sources, on robots or on other misleading software". but I did not do anything. How can I avoid this problem next time.

angular – Disabling the Formcontrol entry

I have to disable my called entry from DateCtrl, but the disable property does not take it. Previously, I disabled another form with the following items:

desdeFechaCtrl: ({value: ' ', disabled: true});

But he does not take it either, I need it to be always disabled

    formGroupConformidad: FormGroup = new FormGroup({
    usuarioCtrl: new FormControl(),
    estadoCtrl: new FormControl("-1"),
    tipoCtrl: new FormControl("1"),
    desdeFechaCtrl: new FormControl(new Date(new Date().setFullYear(new Date().getFullYear()-1))),
    hastaFechaCtrl: new FormControl(new Date())

How can I disable Youtube notifications without disabling them completely? (Android 6)

I want YouTube to stop showing notifications in the main toolbar, but I want the YouTube app to continue displaying them once I open it. It seems that when I block the notifications in the settings, the application stops displaying them all together (even in the application). How can I disable them without disabling them completely?

Jetpack: Disabling the Markdown module on specific page templates

I use the Jetpack Markdown module in the classic editor, but I would like to disable it on some page templates. How can I do that?

Thank you in advance.

wordpress – Why disabling "Forcing SSL with https redirection" to redirect http links to https?

I realize that this question can be an XY.

After upgrading my site from http to https, FB OpenGraph og: image will no longer extract the images. The solution seems to use http links rather than https in meta og tags. However, the images are still not being extracted, probably because I checked this button:

enter the description of the image here

However, when I uncheck this option, http links are always redirected to https links.

Do you know how to stop this? The software is WordPress and DirectAdmin. I also used the Really Simple SSL plugin, but it is disabled now.

gparted – Disabling RAID for Personal Computers

I've inherited the work of several server hard disks out of order. At home, I connected them to my PC, but it seems that both systems are enabled with RAID, because I can not seem to dissociate them in GParted for use as separate storage.

Is it possible for me to disable RAID between these two hard drives without having their original server? I've tried formatting one with ext4 and the other with NTFS, but even that does not seem to separate them.

In this screen capture, /dev/sda/ is my first hard drive and /dev/sdb/ is my second hard drive.

What I see in GParted