macos – What is Safari Service worker ? Would disabling it affect website performance?

For the past three days, I have seen Outlook and Twitter service workers trigger randomly, even if I never opened those sites in non-private mode. They consume 2 cores and distract me. Then I force quit them.

Before applying the solution in

I need to know

  • Why websites use it?
  • What would be the impact if I disable all of them ? (I’f prefer if I can handle it on case by case basis)

6.0 marshmallow – how does disabling the boot password before file-based encryption work?

Android 6 (before file-based encryption):

after encrypting the device and setting the screen lock, i can choose an option "require pin code, password or template at startup" or can i choose "no thanks". in the latter case, the phone will boot properly without asking for a password, but will ask for a password only for unlocking the screen.

How it works? how can android boot from fully encrypted disk without getting password? does it effectively disable encryption (using the default password)?

why implement synchronization by disabling interrupts?

Why is the implementation of synchronization by disabling interrupts not appropriate in a single processor system if the synchronization primitives are to be used in user level programs?

wordpress – Disabling hotlinking images prevents Facebook from displaying images

I disabled hotlinking via CPanel and added my own website, as well as my CDN,, to the list of exceptions for the https and http protocols.

However, when I use the Facebook debugger, it often (not always) removes the selected image and just displays a gray area where the image should be. It also displays the picture message

"could not be treated as an image because its content is not valid

The debugger lists this message for all images on the page. In most cases, the images are jpg or png files.

If I deactivate the hyperlink protection, the message disappears and the images return.

Is there another URL I should use for FB images in my dynamic link exception list?

How to unlock iOS 12 with a password, without disabling Touch ID

Is there a way to force a password unlock prompt without disabling Touch ID?

I have gloves with capacitive spikes on the index fingers. I can use them relatively well for navigating the phone once the phone has UI elements on the screen, but I have a lot of trouble displaying the word prompt password. The gloves do not seem to trigger the touch sensor to appear as an unknown fingerprint.

iPhone 6s / iOS 12.4

SQL Server – Disabling TLS 1 and 1.1 Kills Biztalk 2016 fp3 with MSDTC on SQL 2016

We are mandated to harden TLS / SSL and use TLS 1.2.

Biztalk's upgrade to 2016 fp3 should default to TLS 1.2 and it does – for outbound traffic. The problem is that I can't ask MSDTC to call back with TLS 1.2.
If TLS 1.0 and 1.1 is disabled for Incoming on the biztalk server, BT does not start.

I cannot find any information on this subject.

How to avoid disabling the Internet and GPS?

My friend installed an app to monitor the location of children, BUT this app is useless if the child can turn off 4G Internet and GPS. How to avoid disabling the Internet and GPS? Or is there an app to help with this?

adb – disabling lateral loading of APKs by disabling the package installer

I have a x4 motorcycle running on the OS ver line. 16 I want to disable the installation of APK's, so after searching online, I found that removing or disabling the package installer (via the debloater or adb pm commands) will disable the APK installation option, the problem is that it seems as if the packageinstaller is disabled then the phone cannot boot (probably the system needs of the packageinstaller) and it will tell me to do a data wipe and a factory reset, so my question is this is it possible to disable the packageinstaller which it should not allow installation new apps but is it still enabled for the phone to start ?, or is there some other way to block installation of new apps?

Thanks in advance

Error disabling notification sounds and Mi5 ringtones

My Mi5 suddenly did not hear the sound and the notification ringtone, it activated all the sounds. All reboots are all running out of time to be again.
Battery settings work in the background, disabling Miui battery saving.

Disabling Bluetooth Sharing – Stack Exchange for Android Lovers

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