sharepoint online – Replaced Root Site but its Subsites Disappeared

You can use Invoke-SPOSiteSwap to replace root site.

1.After replacing the root site, the url of the source site becomes the url of the original root site.

2.The original root site will have a new url, which is the Archive URL entered when running the power shell.

3.All subsites contained with the source and target sites will be swapped.


Invoke-SPOSiteSwap -SourceUrl -TargetUrl -ArchiveUrl

The url of original root site changed from to

The url of subsite in the original root site changed from to

The url of source site (Now, it’s being replaced into a root site) changed from to

The url of the subsite in the source site changed from to has disappeared | Web Hosting Talk has disappeared | Web Hosting Talk

var sidebar_align = ‘right’;
var content_container_margin = parseInt(‘350px’);
var sidebar_width = parseInt(‘330px’);

  1. has disappeared

    G’day all, seems to have disappeared and I have no access to get anything.

    Their main website does not load, their client area does not load and I cannot access any of my websites or email.

    I have no way to contact them. I did try to contact their rep. on this forum ” theweaver” but the message remains unread.

    I have been complaining to them for a few weeks but they have been insisting that all is well and it must be something at my end which is clearly not the case.

  2. I can reach their site okay.

    Stay at home!

  3. Weird. I have checked with several online checkers that say the site is down.
    Can you access ?
    If anyone is reading from Australia could you please do me a favour and check?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ozwebfx
    View Post

    Looks fine here.

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MariaDB logs configuration for finding a random MySQL server has disappeared

The most common reason why the MySQL server disappeared is that the server has expired and closed the connection.

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postgresql – Postfres relations of each database disappeared after failure to write on a relation

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A] When we map an n / w drive to MAC10.14.x and higher with SMB and open a .docx file and close it, the file lock is not released by the client even after closing / forced application on the client. This takes a toll on our n / w users who work on co-editing the file for various needs of my business. Extensive testing has revealed that this problem is not visible on MAC10.12 / 10.13.

We can reconfirm this problem by listing the files open on the n / w drive on the PowerShell command of Windows2019 file servers "Get-SmbOpenFile", we will continue to see the client file lock even after closing / forcing the file / customer application.

Has anyone heard / observed this problem?

Are there any publications / fixes on this behavior that Apple has introduced since MAC10.14? It’s really degrading MAC usability and corrupting n / w user data and making the lives of shared disk administrators difficult !!!!

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enter description of image here

Unless you open the list of existing tags in a new window (/wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=post_tag), how to recover this useful functionality?

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