macos – WD External Drive displays empty in Finder, will not disassemble or repair unless unplugged

Symptoms: After returning from sleep, WD external drives appear empty in the Finder. But if you look at the information, it correctly indicates the capacity used. Disk Utillity First Aid will not be able to verify this. WD Drive utilities will also fail. You cannot eject it, even if it should not be used. The only remedy I have found is to manually disconnect the player and reconnect it. Once reassembled, the drive appears healthy on Mac and WD disk utilities. Occurs on my iMac under High Sierra, but has been reported multiple times with many older and newer versions of MacOS. My two WD external drives (Passport and WD Ultra) do this. Does not seem to happen with other brands of hard drives. Sounds like a big bad driver bug, maybe from WD. I have seen many complaints, but no solution to date. Anyone good with pilots has a solution or a way to investigate further? Where should I report this to grab the attention of developers?

How to disassemble children's songs and regular adult songs on Spotify?

I use Spotify, I listen to different genres. I also use it to play children's songs to my granddaughter. I would really like to separate these two categories of songs. I don't like it when I listen to a daily proposed mix of drums and bass interrupted by Elmo songs from sesame street (but it makes me laugh, but sometimes I really don't like it) . Is it doable on Spotify when you use one account or not?

dnd 5th – Are there any rules to disassemble a killed creature?

There is no specific rules of disassembling a dragon or another creature to sell his meat or make armor from his scales.

Your mention of Thundertree lets me guess you're playing The lost Phandelver Mine, which implies a setting of The Forgotten Realms – even if it's not necessarily the case, you can plug LMP into your own world and I'm sure many do, and even if you want to stay as close as possible to the By default, you end up having choices about how things work in your game.

I am not aware of any reference in 5E materials suggesting that the sale or consumption of dragon meat is a common, if not rare, thing.

The is official mail armor in dragon scales, so it's reasonable that such a thing could exist in your world. Making armor is an interesting activity, so maybe your characters have this skill or maybe not. They may need to find a gunsmith. Maybe a qualified gunsmith could do it, or maybe only one gunsmith in the world knows how to make dragonflake armor. Xanathar's guide (an official supplement) has optional rules that suggest that making a very rare magic item would take 25 weeks and 20,000 gold, but it's up to you to decide if you consider it reasonable in this case.

There are also many references to items made from dragon skin, dragon bones or dragon scales, which implies that there might be a good market for such items .

However, one wonders how is perceived trade of body parts of sentient creatures. Could a Dragonborn character be offended by a restaurant selling a dragon steak? Could a dragon display the skin and bones of a human in his lair? "Yes, I took this one in 2003, trying to sneak in to steal my treasure."

There are a lot of maybe and perhaps because this specific situation is not specifically explained in the rules. However, there is always the basic rule of D & D:

  1. The DM describes the environment.
  2. The players describe what they want to do.
  3. The DM tells the results of the actions of the adventurers.

It is perfectly reasonable for the DM to say, "Okay, you have a dead dragon," and that the players then say, "Can we shoot it and sell it?"

Then you as a DM have to decide …

… what you want to do at that time. You can take care of it as simply: "Yes, you are able to sell meat and scales for 1,000 pieces of gold" or "No one wants dragon meat, but the gunsmith of the neighboring town will make you a nice set of dragonflake armor where it can keep the rest of the scales. " Or what you want.

You can dine on dragon meat at the height of haute cuisine, or taboo, or anything in between. You can spend a lot of time focusing on using the dragon carcass, or you can do without it quickly and move on.

How can I disassemble / repair a CPL (Circular Polarizing Filter)?

One of my circular (rotating) polarizing filters has big hair between the two lenses. The hair moves and I always have to shake it until they are out of sight.

enter the description of the image here

Similar to that

How could I disassemble and reassemble (after I got rid of tiny, annoying hair)? I have not found any help / tutorial online and I am not sure how the pieces are soldered.

macOS Mojave – Time Machine – Do not disassemble your network drive

You have a problem with Time Machine that seems to be related to Spotlight.

Time Machine does not unmount / eject the network backup drive, which prevents me from doing things on the backup drive.

Time Machine Journal:

[]    Disc 3 ejected from & # 39; /Volumes/' s_Mac.sparsebundle & # 39;
[] Unable to disassemble & # 39; /Volumes/ ;, error: 16 busy resource
[] Unable to delete the directory & # 39; /Volumes/ ;, error: 16 resources busy.

It's a metadata thing:

Grahams-Mac: Graham Volumes $ sudo lsof /Volumes/
mds 82 root 15r DIR 52,32 264 2 /Volumes/

Disable Spotlight for a range of drives.
Time Machine uses a different name each time.

Grahams-Mac: Graham Volumes $ sudo mdutil -i off /Volumes/*
2019-04-27 18: 22: 26.919 mdutil[2929:1075028] mdutil disabling Spotlight: /Volumes/ -> kMDConfigSearchLevelFSSearchOnly
Indexing and search disabled.

Dismantled reader

Grahams-Mac: Graham volumes $ diskutil force umount force /Volumes/
Disassembling successfully for /Volumes/

Run a Time Machine backup. Same problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

transactions – How to disassemble a bitcoin script?

bitcoind has a decoding method.

$ bitcoin-cli decodescript "512102974ffd58d960908d6f2930fbcc4aa288580d0f5a
"reqSigs": 1,
"type": "multisig",
"Address": [
"p2sh": "34EJTjAmEPbPGXAPQWU7sn4beoZyGTTxBw",
"segwit": {
"asm": "a45407120f912ef91ecd7e66a27cb4dc106f962172470b1b39c1bb5008898277",
"hex": "0020a45407120f912ef91ecd7e66a27cb4dc106f962172470b1b39c1bb5008898277",
"reqSigs": 1,
"type": "witness_v0_scripthash",
"Address": [
"p2sh-segwit": "32KAK2XxwcYPc5iu3tNoXv3ksu4Gf3NsH3"

Are there any rules to disassemble a killed creature?

I have not played D & D for a while, although recently I started playing with my kids there. The group is composed of five people. Until now, they acted wisely and were fortunate enough to be able to kill a Thundertree green dragon. Are there any rules to disassemble the dragon, for example to sell his meat and make armor from his scales?

troubleshooting – Zeiss Planar 50 mm f / 1.7 turbidity on rear element: disassemble and clean? Recalibration problems?

I recently bought the infamous Planar 50mm 1.7 at a great price, because of its slightly fogged back element (see photos attached), which my trusted photographer diagnosed as being an early spreading fungus.

Now, I know this will slightly affect image quality – I'm not even betting at all. What concerns me is that the fungi eventually spread to the inner elements, since it seems to live on the last element, while avoiding any contamination by other lenses.

My question is: Is this back element easily accessible?

It seems to be so, provided you have an objective key: just looking at the lens seems very easy. The two notches located just around the glass (and the screws also) suggest that it is possible to unscrew only this element.

However, I could not have any video and / or step-by-step article and / or documentation explaining how to start from the back of the lens, which makes me wonder if it is possible or not. In addition, among the videos available (like this one), I noticed that to access the blades, for example, you have to start from the front, in fact …

Even if it turned out to be possible, I'm afraid of recalibration problems: Can dismantling this lens lead to this kind of problem, whether I leave behind or before?

troubleshooting 1

troubleshooting 2

troubleshooting 3

Thanks in advance.

P. S. How should I clean while waiting? I have brushes, blowers and a lens holder. Should I use them without worry?