Discard subsequent rules not working in Cart Price Rules

I am using Magento 2.3.4. is creating rules:

  • Rule 1 : Buy max IDR 900,000 get a 10% discount on your cart
  • Rule 2 : Buy min IDR 900,000 – max IDR 3,000,000 get 20% discount on your cart

the condition is :

if the customer has ordered and gets a 20% discount, then the customer orders again with the conditions for a 10% discount, then the customer will not get another 10% discount

I’ve used the ‘Discard subsequent rules‘ feature but it doesn’t seem to work

The following is a display of condition settings and actions for each rule :

Rule 1

Rule 1

Rule 2

Rule 2

10% Off

The first purchase gets 10% off

20% Off

Second spend gets 20% off

The second purchase should not have gotten a 20% discount because the first purchase had already received a 10% discount. So customers only get 1 discount.

Is there anything wrong with my setting conditions and action rules?

differential equations – How to discard NDSolve`StateData intermediate data

I’d like to prepare the equations with NDSolve'ProcessEquations and then doing repetitive NDSolve'Iterate for the steps.

I need only variable values at each step, not the final InterpolatingFunction and the computation may run indefinitely.

Is it possible to discard state data for processed steps?

Benchmarking, why discard lowest time?

I’ve quite frequently seen benchmarks where the tester discarded the lowest time out of N runs.

Doesn’t the lowest time indicate the best possible performance when the benchmark was running full tilt without interruptions?

integration – Discard the Pettis integral over inequalities

Let $(E,leq)$ be a Partially Ordered Banach Space.

Let $X:=mathcal{C}(I,E)$ with $I:=(0,1)$.

Let $f:Itimes Erightarrow E$ be a function with $t mapsto f(t,x(t)) $ Pettis integrable
for each $xin X$.

Assume that there exists $x_1,x_2in X$ such that, $forall xin X,;forall tin I$: $$int_{0}^{t}f(s,x_1(s))ds leq int_{0}^{t}f(s,x(s))ds leq int_{0}^{t}f(s,x_2(s))ds.$$

May we discard the integral on the inequalities, and then $forall xin X,;forall tin I$: $$f(t,x_1(t))ds leq f(t,x(t))ds leq f(t,x_2(t))ds.$$

IF NOT, any counterexample is very welcomed.

N.T: I’m not very familiar with Pettis integration that deep, so my question may be not appropriate to MO.

When does CPanel discard last months logs? Is the last day of the month properly processed?

I’ve got a website on shared hosting under CPanel 86.0.21. Under Metrics/”Raw access”, there’s a checkbox to enable discarding previous month’s logs. How does that work, exactly?

The log processing runs every 24 hours, CPanel says that much. I’d assume it doesn’t happen exactly at midnight. Does it do the discarding on the first day of the next month? If so, what happens to the log records from the last day of the previous month – are those never archived?

Automatically discard old notifications – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

I’m new to the android OS, and have a few devices: Chromebook, android tablet, and android phone running google’s standard OS.

I’ve noticed when I have my phone off all morning and turn it on at lunch time, I get a stream of notifications of all the chat/email/etc that happened while the device was off, even if I engaged with them on my tablet or other devices. An extreme example, I went on vacation for a week, left my tablet off at home. When I came home and turned the tablet on, the OS was unusable while it pulled a week of chat and other app notifications.

My question: is there a setting / configuration on Android to tell it to discard any push notifications it may have gotten while offline but still display any notifications it gets while on?

Free shipping Discard other methods of shipment

I am facing a problem
when the shipping method has a zero price, all other shipping methods disappear without leaving shipping price
I have magento version 2.2.6 please help me

film – What is the common practice to reuse / discard the Rodinal Adox development solution?

Adox Rodinal is a "one shot" developer, which means it's not meant to be re-used (https://www.adox.de/Photo/adox-film-developer/rodinal-adonal /).

Shuffle your 1 + 50 for your immediate needs and eliminate it once development is complete.

Check local laws for disposal instructions as they vary from place to place. For example, my city does not care about using dev or stops getting off the tap, but the patches used must be stored separately and recycled.