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rootkits – Hidden process discovered in Tails OS

unhide-linux scan from: 17:02:43, 2020-03-23 ‚Äč‚ÄčOptions used:
logtofile (*) Search for hidden processes via / proc stat

(*) Search for hidden processes via analysis / proc chdir

(*) Search for hidden processes via / proc opendir scanning

(*) Hidden thread search via analysis / proc / pid / task readdir

(*) Starting the analysis using brute force against PIDS with fork ()

HIDDEN PID found: 20540 Command line: "" Executable: ""
"… maybe a transient process" (*) Start scanning using
brute force against PIDS with pthread functions

(*) Search for bogus processes by checking that all the threads seen by
ps are also seen by others

(*) Search for hidden processes via sysinfo analysis ()

1 HIDDEN processes found sysinfo.procs reports 565 processes and ps
sees 566 unhide-linux scan processes ending at: 17:04:57, 2020-03-23

Google has successfully indexed my sitemap, but displays 0 discovered URLs. How can I fix it?

About two weeks ago, I submitted my sitemap to my site's webmaster https://example.com. Its indexing was successful, but no unique URL was found. It shows 0 now. Three weeks have passed, but nothing has changed. I manually indexed each message.

Google has successfully indexed my sitemap, but the URLs have been discovered.

I recently about two weeks ago submitted the sitemap in my site's webmaster https://uzairch.com and its success index but there is no single URL discovered about its shows 0 now 3 weeks ago but nothing changes i have indexed my each post manually please help.

Who discovered the weather …?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, who discovered the time …?

Company hosting fraud discovered in India

Quote Originally posted by sasta deal
See the article

Reform Hosting which claims the # 1 hosting service in India

In my experience, they all say it, and not only in India.

Please help me if you can.

In what?

Move over, coffee, it's an alcoholic job!

Arcana Discovered – Spell Secrets / Alchemical Casting with Chopsticks / Stick

My friends and I are playing at DnD 5th and our DM has allowed me to use the arcane tradition of mastery of knowledge in Unearthed Arcna. I have a question regarding his abilities related to spell secrets and the use of Achemical spell in conjunction with the spells cast by chopsticks and staff.

J. Crawford himself confirmed that, if the description of an object indicates that you have cast a spell, you can apply a metamagic to that spell.

My question is whether this also applies to the abilities of the Master of Knowledge Wizard, such as spell secrets and alchemical casting, in which you can modify spells cast with the help of objects mentioned above.

My elderly father did something to embarrass me and I discovered, should I confront him or leave him?

He phoned the car dealer to "check" the new car I used to buy and did not tell me.
The dealer told me when I bought the car 3 weeks ago.
I looked like a stupid middle-aged woman who did not know how to buy a car. I am so angry!
This is not his place to intervene.
I casually mentioned where I was getting the car in a phone conversation while he was asking me, stupid me!
He does not know that I've discovered. I am so angry.
He's a 75-year-old man.
He lives in another state.

Do I call and risk an argument or let it go!


The secret of weight loss discovered

In the end, there are the points relating to MaraNutra Garcinia. I was sick like a dog that week, when this down payment will cause several slaps of the head. I may need to give the impression of being grateful. That's how to choose the right weight to lose.
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The secret of weight loss discovered

5th dnd – Can I upgrade an adamantine armor costume that I discovered to have a magic bonus of +2 AC?

DMG states in the Chapter 9 section on creating magic items:

The magical items in Chapter 7, "Treasure," are just some of the magical treasures that characters can discover during their adventures. If your players are seasoned veterans and you want to surprise them, you can modify an existing item or suggest something new.

Although the existing list in Chapter 7 of the DMG is not exhaustive, it is a list of immediately available elements. As with almost everything in D & D 5th, the deputy minister can modify or create just about anything – but that does not make those changes / creations less "homebrew". .

This is very similar to the PHB language for equipment (Chapter 5):

table brings together the most commonly available types

The types listed for armor, weapons, magic items, etc. are real lists and not examples – these are just not exhaustive lists.

If you are looking for an existing set of Adamantium Armor +2, you will not find it in the books. It is 100% that the DM creates it and determines its rarity and cost. To do this, they can refer to the guidelines, but the item is not an existing item.

Upgrading the armor

There are no existing guidelines in the rules regarding the upgrade of a magic object. If and how that would be done, it would be a homebrew of your DM.

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