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Yes, that’s right – GOLDEN POT MISSIONS at NightRush.
Your players still have time to get the super prize – rush to inform them!

How can they win?
Complete each mission to receive prizes!
Complete at least 8 out of 10 missions until 14.06.2020. 23:59 (CEST) and get €100 super prize!
Enjoy their rewards!

Shiny Golden Pot full with rewards is waiting at Nightrush!
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VIP Kitten is here | Money Maker Discussion

Do you remember the Maneki VIP club?

At Maneki casino, we reward all of our players generously.

As soon as they join they’re added to our Lucky Cat VIP Loyalty Club and they’ll have the chance to work their way up our VIP levels until you reach the ultimate level of reward; Master Samurai Cat.

The more they play the more rewards they’ll earn and they’ll graduate through our Loyalty Levels. There are 7 Tiers in total and every time they graduate to a new level, they’ll instantly qualify for bigger, better rewards.

Lucky Cat VIP Loyalty Club Levels:
Level 1: Maneki kitten (white belt)
Level 2: Maneki Aikido kitten (yellow belt)
Level 3: Maneki Judo cat (orange belt)
Level 4: Maneki Kenjutsu cat (green belt)
Level 5: Maneki ninja cat (blue belt)
Level 6: Maneki Sumo cat (purple belt)
Level 7: Ultimate Master Samurai Cat (black belt)

But did you know that it’s not only about Lucky Cat VIP Loyalty Club Levels?
Surprise! Maneki VIP players also have an opportunity to enjoy VIP promotions.
For example, now we are running Private VIP Tournament, and only VIP players who received an exclusive invitation will be able to compete in the tournament.

So rush to inform your players about Maneki VIP Club, so they can join and get an exciting gambling experience!
Not promoting Maneki yet? Not a problem!
Simply visit AffiliateRush.com – sign up with our program – and we will contact you soon!

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I need help please, to answer Discussion Question

Why is that difficult?

Consider this

I give you some information about the American Civil War from the United States perspective and I give you some information from the Confederate States perspective. They’re going to tell a slightly different story about the same events. How do you decide which account of events is most reliable? How do your personal biases impact on that?

The war was a long time ago. How does that make the information more or less reliable than a political event that happened yesterday such as the US President claiming to take a particular drug that he’s touted?

I’ve chosen an American event because your IP shows up as America.

These concepts aren’t hard. My kids could have complex conversations about the virtues of more/less Government involvement in people’s lives when they were 8. You’re old enough to be online, you should be able to demonstrate bias, fact finding etc in a written assignment.

Maybe you need to tell us what you think and we’ll critique that. It seems fraudulent to be giving you the answers.


Cherry blossom falls… | Money Maker Discussion

…Cherry blossom falls
Instead of the mouse,
Maneki caught the Lady Luck for me…

We are not the best at haiku writing, but we are definitely the best at awesome promos!
Rush to inform your players that they still have time and a great opportunity to win in the Maneki Lottery – Magical Cherry Blossom Lottery!

This lottery is designed so that everyone has an equal chance to win! To qualify for the ticket, players need to deposit at least €30.

We are giving 1 ticket for every deposit of €30 or more. Players can collect up to 5 tickets per week.

Lottery prize will be granted automatically into player account once per week on Fridays until the end of the lottery period. 8 payouts will be made in total.

If you are not yet promoting Maneki – remember that Spring is a time of new beginnings ;)
To start working with us simply register at AffiliateRush.com and we will contact you soon.

Read full T&C at ManekiCasino.com


iTools 2020 | Money Maker Discussion

Are you feeling fed up managing your Apple iOS data? Then read this article for this will be focussed on iTools 2020, which will be a fantastic Apple iOS data managing tool that you can use!

iTools 2020.png

What is iTools 2020?

Apple iOS devices have many advanced features that make Apple users complicated to manage their iOS data. That is why Apple manufacturer provided a separate application for all the iPhone and other Apple devices, and it is none other than iTunes!

On the other hand, iTunes is considered as the official media store of Apple device users. Mainly, there are minimal sources where Apple iOS users can get media files, as most of them will not be compatible with the iOS operating system. Therefore, iTunes has much demand for iPhone users to receive any wallpaper, songs, videos, audios, or any other media files via it. Though iTunes play a significant role in providing media, it’s the primary purpose of managing data. It is somewhat inconvenient to iOS users. That is why Apple iOS users started to look for more Apple iOS data managing applications, and their iTools rates are high among the available alternative iOS data managing apps.

Talking about iTools, there are different iTools versions and updates released to give an advanced service to the latest iPhones. In this article, we are concentrating on iTools 2020, which is the latest version of iTools that came quite recently!

What can iTools 2020 provide to you?

iTools 2020 is an application just like iTunes.Therefore, it includes almost everything in the iTunes official application. However, what makes iTools 2020 a hit among Apple iOS users is its unique and excellent features. Now let us have a glimpse of them!

  • iTools Battery Master– Battery life of an iOS device is one of the most concerning facts of iOS users. So, making things easier for you, with this iTools battery Master, you will be able to check on your battery consumption regularly and minimize overusing it!
  • iTools Data backup and Restore– iTunes also contains this feature. IOS users find iTunes data backup and restore very irritating as it has a complex process that will take a lot of time to finish. Yet, iTools 2020 can do that very efficiently.
  • iTools Ringtone Maker– Are you a music lover who likes to try new songs as your ringtone? Then this Ringtone Maker will rock you! It can create new ringtones for your Apple device while you can customize songs according to your needs.
  • Straightforwardness– One of the most uttered complaints about iTunes is that it is complex to use. Yet, iTools 2020 is such an easy app that has maximum straightforwardness, which will give out a very friendly service to you, and you only need to use your clicks to manage iOS data!

Want to get iTools 2020?

The only thing you have to do is visit the official iTools website where you can find the iTools 2020 latest version and download it!

One more good news for you!

iTools 2020 is a free application that can be downloaded without any cost, and its services are too available for free.

So, are you still hesitating? Grab iTools 2020 and manage your iOS data efficiently more than ever!

Does the discussion “console games vs PC” still exist?

As far as I can remember, I’ve observed as teenager an ongoing discussion in the 90s, if not even a flame war, between console and PC gamers.

  • For most, having both a PC and a gaming console was simply not affordable
  • Generally, PC games seemed to have larger variety of game genres and generally provide access to more complex games, but consoled seemed to offer more colorful and vivid experiences.
  • Some games where of course then ported between different platforms, some not.

Now I must admit I am almost out of the world of games since more than two decades.

Today, as far as I can see, really many games releases appear simultaneously for many platform.

My question:

  • Does the discussion still exist in the gaming community, I mean, if yes, what are non-opiniated hard facts in this discussion? (beyond simple taste preference)
  • Or if not can we state for example, consoles have become more or less very specialized PCs (or provide other facts based arguments that such debates have descreased)?

Please note: this is not the question about “which platform is better”.
It a yes/no question about factual existence of noticable debates on this topic.

Disposable Face Masks | Money Maker Discussion

Non-medical Masks, if qualified, has similar anti-virus effects(BFE, PFE) to medical masks, the main difference is not suitable for serious medical scenarios like surgical room, infected patients treatment environment, because these environments need to be sterilized, so non-sterilized masks are not intended use in these areas.

For general people or civil use anti-virus purpose, wearing non-medical masks(disposable face masks), is a practical solution, we should leave the medical masks to medical staff.

For identifying non-medical antiviral masks, they are often related to industrial protective face masks, designed to cover mouth and nose to protect workers who work for long periods of time in dust and other suspended particulate matter environments.

The most familiar industrial standardized protective face masks might be n95 face masks, n95 respirators, n95 respirator masks(n95 is a USA masks standard, n: Non-oil, 95: 95% filter efficiency against non-oil particles); kn95 masks from China, has the same filter efficiency with n95.

To wholesale face masks is much easier, compared to wholesale medical face masks, you can buy face masks, buy respirators with very low price, in general, disposable face masks price are half the price of the related medical masks(same structure, such as earloop face masks type both).

Where to buy n95 face masks at a better price? you can search n95 masks for sale, but you should pay attention to cheap respirator maks, first you need to know how much does a respirator cost normally, and you should know qualified n95 has limited supply, and you could try search where to buy n95 respirator masks alternatives.

Based in China, we offered two different kinds of non-medical antiviral face masks, as health mouth masks, manufactured by our own developed masks making machine, we guarantee the protective face masks quality by testing the quality with our mask testing instrument, from the raw material to the final products, choose us as your face masks wholesale supplier, your money is in safe, buy face masks from us will make it easier to wholesale face masks.


Super Affiliate System 2020 – SEO Help (general discussion)

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