What are the good strategies for trading binary options? – Discussions and help

The best strategy, in fact, the only way you have a chance with binary files, is to do the opposite of what they tell you to do, the opposite of what almost everyone does. .

This makes sense since binary option traders are worse as a group than other traders. They could lose money as an Olympic sport. The binary options industry is so lucrative that brokers will pay you a 35% commission on deposits for the introduction of a customer, while making a lot of profit. In other words, it's a scam. Unlike other forms of trading where the broker does not earn money if you lose, your broker earns binaries with minimal commission, instead of a small commission, in the entire account.

Now suppose you have a broker who actually pays if you win (honestly, over 80% of brokers scam you and never pay).

Here's how to do it.

Everyone wants to win the 10 baggers, buy the out of the money option for $ 15 and close it at $ 100. DO THE OPPOSITE. Buy the option that is IN MONEY, about to close true. Experiment with closing time, for binary options of 2 hours about 30 minutes is good.
Check out upcoming listings on the economic calendar | FXStreet Negotiate with an ad before closing your binary.
Try and buy options that you think will close 90% of the time for $ 75 to $ 80. No more than $ 80 – that's your benefit.
If your option becomes OUT OF MONEY, that it is trading below the strike price, it becomes a coin and immediately leaves. (note that binary options brokers do not allow you to use stop loss because they want you to lose a lot, not a little)
Keep accurate records, stop trading, and start paper trading if your payout rate drops below 80% for 5 consecutive trading days.
It's a strategy with a very small advantage. If you take 10 transactions a day, you should make money most days, with big withdrawals. It is not suitable for large accounts or for composition in a large account. The only possible use is a low and constant income.

Overall, I do NOT recommend the binary options industry. He is rife with scammers and has to overcome terrible obstacles. If you have to play, however, that's the way.

Quick question. Has anyone ever tested the Trend Viper Indicator? (Mt4trendindicator) The latest version seems pretty good. I wonder if the Trend Power filter works.

How can I get a refund from Avast? – Discussions and help

Disable automatic renewal in Avast using the Customer Service Portal

1. Go to support.avast.com/refund.

2 fill in the information with the cancellation request.

3 It is important to use the same email that you used during the initial purchase.

4 Wait for the response from Avast Customer Service to confirm the cancellation.

For more information: Avast Customer Service Number | Avast Technical Support Phone Number

How to uninstall Bitdefender from your Windows device – Discussions & Help

1. In Windows 7:

2 Click Start, go to Control Panel, and then double-click Programs and Features.

3 Find Bitdefender and select Uninstall.

4 Click on Delete in the window that appears, then select according to your situation: I want to reinstall it or I want to permanently delete it.

5 Click Next to continue.

For more information: Bitdefender customer service number | Bitdefender technical support phone number

How to install McAfee Total Protection? – Discussions and help

1. Move your mouse over My account.

2 Click Subscriptions.

3 Click Add Device next to your McAfee subscription.

4 Select the type of device.

5 Click Download.

6 Select the McAfee product you want to install, and then click Download again. NOTE: If you want to reinstall on another computer: Click Send Link.

For more information: Mcustomer service number cafee | Phone number of Mcafee assistance

Is forex trading more profitable than stock trading? – Discussions and help

To answer this question, consider the leverage and margin required for both. The leverage is higher in foreign currency; in the United States it is 50-1 in the UK and in Europe it reaches 1000-1. These leverage ratios make the currencies seem very profitable because you can earn money with a large amount of cash buried. This high leverage and implied volatility means that you will still need a lot of capital to really leverage. In stocks, there is no leverage, so you need money right off the bat, this creates a barrier to entry. If you want to buy Boeing shares, you can buy 1 share for just over $ 100, if you want 1,000 shares, you need $ 100,000. You can, however, trade stock CFDs, but these are rare for many brokers. Since stocks are more volatile, the profit potential is higher. For example, I bought Cosan shares (CZZ) at $ 2.83. They are now worth more than $ 5 per share, less than three months, so a return of 100% in less than three months. This is not really feasible in the foreign exchange market, volatility is just not the same thing, but it can still be done if you trade optional derivatives for example.


the LiveTraders.com we talk a lot about profits and losses. If you are interested in Live Trading and other forex trading methods, take a look at LiveTraders.

My analysis of trading binary options! – Discussions and help

Binary options are financial instruments that operate in the "No" or "Yes" question style. Investors who earn binary options earnings may be nothing at all or a fixed amount. On each transaction, binary options often wipe out the results and define the risk. Any trade in binary options will always start with a question. Will a market platform exceed a price at this time?

Merchants will have to sell the option if the answer is "No". The purchase of the option means that the trader's response to the market price is a "yes". There are bid prices and auctions in binary options, as in any other market. The cost of a binary option is often between zero and one hundred dollars.

Factors determining binary options in the right way:

Having a good professional broker in mind is one of the factors that allows the trader to choose binary options in the right way. A good broker will offer potential customers better return rates and better features. Professional and reputable brokers will provide users with a wide range of payment options and a universally compatible platform.

The personality of a trader is another factor that can help to properly negotiate binary options. To succeed in binary options, you must have a positive state of mind.

Understanding how binary options work is essential for success in this career.

Traders with enough capital can end up extracting the profits from any binary options trade. This can be a bad decision for people who are struggling to make money

Mastery of technologies is a crucial factor in determining the operation of binary options. Understanding the latest technologies on binary options can help you succeed in ephemeral time. The combination of desktop applications, smartphone apps and web statistics analysis is crucial.

Benefits of binary options going the right way:

1. Excellent business discipline and easy to trade
2. The danger of paying for entry can reduce. A trader can know the reward and risk almost every time
3. Simple decision making and rapid turnover rate
4. Get rid of the noise. Some brokers can provide free trading accounts
5. On the investment potential, you get high returns. Have access to a plethora of goods
6. Beginners can start easily. The excitation factor exists with the binary options

IQ Option – A credible broker for binary options:

Finding the right broker is one of the sources of success in binary options. IQ Option is one of the most reliable brokers for me online. As I discovered some time ago and the reasons why I consider this broker as a credible item for binary options are as follows. Here are my reasons and the type of revision of the IQ option.

In the commercial community, IQ Option offers attractive conditions and accessibility. The binary options accounts on this platform can be traded for as little as ten dollars. CFD products and IQ spreads are among the best online today. The IQ Mapping and Analysis Options section lacks effective functions. The internal platform is considerable for trading mechanically.

The trading interface on this platform is attractive and available to users in downloadable formats and Web. The downloadable option of the software displays the same disadvantages and features as the Web format. IQ Option is not at the forefront of analysis and mapping.

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<p>	Traders should devote their time to research when selecting brokers for binary options. In a way, there are now countless sites available for notices on binary options, but I think these have very binary facts and figures: https: // www.binary-options-review.com/best-binary-options-brokers/iq- option-review / </p>
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What is the key to success on the Forex? – Discussions and help

the key to success on the forex is discipline. and we must also learn seriously. Moreover, if we want to succeed in the world of commerce, we need careful planning and strategy. that our business future is better. Especially in the currency world, everything can not be predicted with certainty, there is always a risk, with careful planning and strategy, supported by disciplined measures so that we can minimize the risk.

Managing a profitable Forex business – Discussions and help

For trading on Forex is profitable, it is essential that we choose a reliable broker for our trading. To lead a comfortable and secure trading career, it is necessary to find a reliable broker for our trading. FXdirects is the best trading broker in this market and provides flexible leverage at 1: 100, narrow spreads starting at 0.0 pips, instant trading execution, error-free trading platforms and a variety of trading indicators.

Technical trading. – Discussions and help

Technical trading, or technical analysis, included analyzing a market's price chart to determine one's trading choices. Technical analysis traders use price models or technical signs to trade the market with advantage. The basic belief of traders in technical analysis is that each single financial variable is calculated and calculated in the evolution of prices on a price chart.

Fundamental trading. – Discussions and help

Fundamental trading, or new trading, is a trading method in which traders rely heavily on market information to perform their analyzes and expectations. The fundamental news "influences" price developments, but in many cases the market will react in a unique way, contrary to what a specific news release would deduce because of how market members frequently buy desires for future occasions and sell once the truth is told. future opportunity arrives.