dnd 5e – Dismissal, Banishment, and Curse of Strahd


In Curse of Strahd, the NPC


has the spell Dispel Evil and Good. It has the following feature, similar to the spell Banishment:

Dismissal. As your action, make a melee spell attack against…an undead you can reach. On a hit, you attempt to drive the creature back to its home plane. The creature must succeed on a Charisma saving throw or be sent back to its home plane (if it isn’t there already). If they aren’t on their home plane, undead are sent to the Shadowfell…

Note that as written, this implies that there exist undead that aren’t native to the Shadowfell, but that they go there (rather than their home plane) if they are not on their home plane when they are Dismissed. (Otherwise it would say, “If they aren’t already there, undead are sent to the Shadowfell”)

However, note also that Barovia is part of the Domains of Dread, which are a demiplane within the Shadowfell.

As the NPC’s most powerful spell, it seems like this ought to be of some use to them (and other aspects of the spell do indeed make it useful). But the presence of Barovia within the Shadowfell may limit its effectiveness.


It is clear that for an undead native to Barovia, nothing would happen; the Dismissal would fail.

  1. For an undead not native to Barovia, would ‘sending it to the Shadowfell’ also result in failure, or could it be forced from the demiplane of Dread and deposited in the greater Shadowfell?

  2. What undead are not native to Barovia?

Zombies created by Strahd from Barovians seem likely to be natives of the demiplane itself.

Strahd himself was born on the Prime – but I would argue that his pact with the Dark Powers has made him a native of the Barovia. He is the Ancient, he is the Land.

There is a group of vampire spawn who are explicitly said to be former adventures Strahd lured to his realm and then made undead once they arrived. In this case, would Dismissal treat them as neither native to Barovia nor the Shadowfell? Is the home plane where the creature / soul is from, or where it became undead?


What is the connection between the Shadowfell and Strahd/the plane of Barovia?

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What determines a creature’s native plane for the Banishment spell?

If I cast the Banishment spell on myself while in a demiplane, where exactly do I exit?

Can you cast banishment on yourself?

Can I permanently banish a devil from one layer of the Hells to another using the Banishment spell?

How will Trump's dismissal be read in history books?

(A) The Democrats made a transparent partisan attempt to overturn the legal results of a presidential election and were defeated by the Senate?

(B) The Republican Senate dismissed a valid indictment on transparent partisan grounds?

How will he read in history books, say in 100 years?

[ Politics ] Open question: Republicans: about dismissal?

Could you give me a clever and thorough reason why you don't believe the President withheld funds from Ukraine for personal use? I'm really trying to understand your side of things. Keywords: intelligent, thorough. Thank you!

[ Politics ] Open Question: Why Did All of the Republicans in the House Vote Against Trump's Dismissal?

[Politics] Open question: Why did all of the Republicans in the House vote against Trump's removal?

Liberals, you understand that dismissal as an asset does not make sense, does it?

Seems to make a lot of sense for Trump. He is only the third president in the history of this country to be removed. As long as the history books continue to be written, they will talk about it. For someone who is always in the habit of succeeding and "winning", someone who always denigrates the "losers", it must be a bit of a poke, don't you think?

Doesn't it work wonders for the "Trump brand"?

Why does the congress waste time with the dismissal when the senate will not dismiss it?

This whole masquerade of impeachment has one goal … Democrats are so threatened by Trump's administrative progress that they want it so badly and because they feel they cannot just win and square to the 2020 elections, they are pursuing this simulated impeachment to try to brainwash Americans.

But to answer your question directly, the Congress is involved because it is part of the due process in a dismissal procedure.

When dismissal fails to remove Trump, should Nancy Pelosi resign from her speaker position?

"When impeachment fails to remove Trump, should Nancy Pelosi step down as president?" Nope.

"She chose the impeachment rather than working with this president" In fact, the House Intelligence Committee and the House Judiciary Committee voted for the impeachment. Pelosi worked to stop the impeachment until it was clear that she had to authorize the process.

"and destroyed all hope of a productive working relationship with him" Well, Bill Clinton was able to work with the House before, during and after his indictment. A true professional like Clinton can do it. A hot whiner like Trump may have problems, but these are Trump's problems, not Pelosi's. Trump will therefore have to get in shape or leave.

What do you think is the result of Trump's dismissal?

Indicted by House after exhaustive evidence of wrongdoing. Deleted in the Senate. The races for re-election claim "totally exempt". Lose his second term.

1. Dems have gathered MASSIVE evidence, and more are coming. He is not reluctant to defend himself but unable.

2. We know that Republicans will not vote to remove him, no matter what happens.

3. He is already behind the main Democratic candidates. 47% of Americans said that they would not vote for Trump, regardless of the circumstances, against 34 or 35% who plan to vote for him, whatever happens. He will not be able to fill this gap.

Where did the Trumpsters get their coup myth? Article 2, section 4 of the Constitution authorizes the dismissal?

It is quite remarkable that the "law and order party", which claims to venerate the Constitution, has not literally understood anything of it.

The impeachment is not a coup d'etat, it is not illegal and it is not unconstitutional. Or can we go back and stop all the Republicans who deposed Clinton?

Republicans have either very brief memories, are incredibly stupid, or are simply hypocritical liars.

[ Politics ] Open question: Do the 14 witnesses to Trump's dismissal lie and be part of the deep state?

[Politics] Open Question: Are the 14 witnesses to Trump's dismissal all liars and part of the deep state?