pathfinder 1e – When dispelling magic of the same caster level, which order do I resolve spells?

Pathfinder’s dispel magic allows for someone to attempt to dispel one spell on someone. The process for selecting which spell is dispelled is specified.

Targeted Dispel: One object, creature, or spell is the target of the dispel magic spell. You make one dispel check (1d20 + your caster level) and compare that to the spell with highest caster level (DC = 11 + the spell’s caster level). If successful, that spell ends. If not, compare the same result to the spell with the next highest caster level. Repeat this process until you have dispelled one spell affecting the target, or you have failed to dispel every spell.

When all spells affecting the target have different caster levels the order for checking spells is clear. However, if two or more spells have the same caster level (a very likely scenario if you have a single spellcaster doing all the casting) then the algorithm becomes ambiguous. If your check is able to dispel one of multiple spells with the same caster level, which spell gets dispelled?

Does the caster choose? Does the target choose? Does the GM choose? Does a spell get selected at random? Do we select spells with higher spell level preferentially? Or is it completely ill-defined and players should ask their GM which ruling will be made at their table?

How does dispelling a multitarget spell work?

Can a character, whose enemies have a multitarget buff spell (ie. Haste) cast on them, be able to remove the buff spell from all targets or just one target using Dispel magic? If not, what options are there which do exactly that?

pathfinder 1e – Sundering or dispelling Wondrous items that function as limbs

If there were to be a character that used either a clockwork arm or a necrograft limb, to replace an existing arm or leg, could an enemy that wanted to disable the ability or affects of that magic item target it with a sunder?

If they can, what happens to the limb, and how does damage apply?

dnd 5th – Dispelling the magic puts an end to the control of a master on his undead?


The description of Dispel Magic says:

Choose an object, creature, or magic effect within range. All to spell level 3 or lower on the target's purpose.

And Animate Dead has a duration of:

Duration: instant

So there is no spell effect to dispel, since Animate Dead has an instant duration, so Dissipation of Magic only works on a spell on which it has nothing to do and does nothing. Also clearly stated in this Sage notice:

Can you use dispel the magic on the creations of a spell like animate the dead or affect these creations with antimagic field? Whenever you wonder if the effects of a spell can be dispelled or suspended, you must answer a question: Is the duration of the spell instantaneous? If the answer is yes, there is nothing to dispel or suspend.

The undead control granted by the spell is a consequence of the spell used, not a permanent magical effect, in the sense that fires triggered by a fireball are a permanent non-magic effect. The zombies are strictly faithful to the caster for a while, tied to them like ducklings to their mother, and in the same way, fires and damage caused by a fireball last for a while and can not be dissipated. link.