display – Set my refresh rate

I hope this is the right place to ask this question.
I'm going crazy for 2 days trying to activate 60hz on my external screen.

I bought a new LG Ultrafine 4k screen, as suggested by Apple, to get some sort of retina resolution on my external monitor. And yes, it's great, it looks like my MacBook Pro.

I have a new MacBook Pro 2018 with Retina display and it runs on MacOS Mojave 10.14.3 (I have not updated it, I have received it with this operating system ).

The big problem is that my screen is capped at 30hz and I do not know how to reactivate it at 60hz.

Reading on Google so far I have tried:

  • To install a patch: no success;
  • To install SwitchResX: it does not have a 4k version at 60hz, all the custom resolutions that I created are not valid, so no success;
  • I've tried following a guide to install the Lilu + WhateverGreen kexts, but there is no guide that really explains how to install it and how to let it work. People assume that everyone speaks their language. Launch an application called Clover Configurator but I do not know what to do with it.

Please, can you help me let it work? What should I do? Thank you.

gmail – Custom button or bookmarklet to enable / disable the display of the conversation

I'm trying to write a script that will add a button (or even use a bookmarklet) to enable or disable the display of the conversation.

It works, sometimes, to make the switchover:

window.location.href = "https://mail.google.com" + window.location.pathname + "# settings / general";
setTimeout (function () {
convTogs = document.getElementsByName ("bx_vmb");
if (convTogs[0].checked) convTogs[1].Click on();
other convTogs[0].Click on();
document.querySelector ("[guidedhelpid=save_changes_button]").Click on();
}, 5000);

This adds the button where I want it:

var btn = document.createElement ("div");
btn.id = "cvtoggle";
btn.classList.add ("G-Ni", "J-J5-Ji");
btn.innerHTML = "ConversationView";
btn.setAttribute ("onclick", _____code____);
document.getElementsByClassName ("Cr aqJ")[0].prepend (btn)

but whatever ___code___ I'm using, I get an error in the console:

Refused to run the event manager online because it violates the following content security directive: "script-src" report-sample "nonce-30MWHJuxRebUkp5KrawUmw" & # 39; unsafe-inline & # 39; & # 39; strict-dynamic & # 39; https: http: unsafe-eval & # 39; . Note that & # 39; unsafe-inline & # 39; is ignored if a hash or nonce value is present in the source list.

In addition, the method for accessing parameters is weak; this causes a complete refresh.

The selector for the link "Setting" in the speed menu is
document.querySelector (# ms> div & # 39;)
but I do not understand how to click on it.

How to securely display non-approved web content? [on hold]

I do not want web content to make remote calls, including uploading images. But the functionality should not be affected as much as possible. For example, if it includes a simple Java script that performs basic validation without a remote call, it should not be deleted. I thought it would look like something like

... $ ("# user_content"). load_safe_html (var_user_html)

Optional: It would be great if you are able to identify remote content and allow it selectively. Here is an example of how Thunderbird does it.

enter the description of the image here

customization – display the label of the administrator in the visual compose element

I would like to edit a custom vc item from my theme in order to display the text entered, as shown in the following image. I'd like to get the same result as the yellow element "Custom Header".
enter the description of the image here

How can I make it appear?

For those who wish to ask what I have tried so far: very very little. I do not know where to start. I've tried to look for the source code in the VC plug-in, but I got lost in the process of the function calls and I can not reconnect to what I've used in my code (vc_map ())

Attempt to display multiple hosts for unique metrics in InfluxDB + Grafana

Launch Grafana 5.4.2-1 + InfluxDB 1.7.4-1 + Telegraf 1.9.4-1 on CentOS 7.6.

I had used to run a monitoring stack on collectd -> graphite -> grafana, where, say, a single metric graph (inactive CPU) might display multiple hosts queried in the same graph dashboard.

For the moment, I am unable to reproduce such behavior with telegraf -> influxdb -> grafana. All the dashboards I've viewed on grafana.com offer a drop-down menu to select which host to display, but none offers the ability to view multiple hosts for the same indicators.

Is InfluxDB structurally unable to do it or something missing (and if so, what do I miss?).

Thank you

Android Studio 3.3 does not display the preview of a new basic activity

design tab for basic activity

Information about the software:
IDE: Android Studio 3.3 (last updated at the time of writing)
OS: Ubuntu 18.10 (last updated at the time of writing)

I've tried adding a new "basic" activity in my application via the activity creation wizard. The design view does not show the outline of the layout. I've tried the text tab too but to no avail.

text tab for basic activity

Does anyone face the same problem? I've tried to update the IDE, the SDK, invalidate the caches, but nothing seems to work, this problem persists for a week.

Any help would be appreciated.

Display arabic numerals for prices in an arabic store

I want to show the Arabic numeral for the Arabic store and the English number for the English store. Is there a way to use magento 2.3

SD card – Acquisition device with broken touch sensor and broken LCD display with ADB

Thus, during a fall, the screen of my phones (galaxy j3 6v) (the touch screen and touch sensor) does not respond at all. I think USB debugging is enabled, but I can not be sure.
I have a Linux machine with Android tools installed and I am comfortable with the command line.
I've tried to connect with adb, but that gives me the error

error: device not allowed.
$ ADB_VENDOR_KEYS of this adb server is undefined
Try & kill kill-server & # 39; if that sounds wrong.
Otherwise, look for a confirmation dialog on your device.

I've already killed and restarted the server, added udev rules and added the phone provider ID to .android / adb_usb.ini, as well as to a support called samsung (they did not know at all what I looked like)

Am I SOL, or is there a way around the confirmation dialog?

How to display the progression from one stop to the next on a continuous scale?

Regarding the features of the progress bar, the two ideas probably work well:

  • How long will a particular activity take?
  • What is the current status now?
  • How close is the user to the task?

But I would vote for Option 1 as being more intuitive. Simply because it seems to be more commonly used. Take a look at some games for the majority of those who would use Option 1 in combination with a label for the current level and the next level to reach.

Probably because every time a level is exceeded, the user gets the satisfaction of seeing the progression go from 0% to 100%, with option 2 only showing progression from 70% to 100% % about.

Here are some additional resources that could help you make a final decision:

8 – How to display all the terms of the nodes created by the user in a field of view

I have a user view in which I list the user information with the UID context filter. I want to display all the terms of the nodes added by the user. I added the author relationship so I could display the term field in the view.

The problem is that the field only displays the terms of the first node added by the user. The goal is to display all the terms of all the nodes added by the user. Preferably without repetition.

Thus, if the user U has added the node A with the terms X and Y and the node B with the terms X and Z, the archived views must display the terms X, Y and Z.

What am I doing wrong that only the terms of the first node of the user are displayed?