Design a synchronous sequential circuit, which would display cyclic values ​​on two outputs

I tried to design a sequential synchronous circle, which would show on two outputs the cyclic values ​​0/0, 0/1, 1/0, 0/0, 0/1, and so on.

How could I design such a circuit? Thank you!

Real-time display of the stdout shell

I want to see the real time shell stdout, instead of registerin a variable and then display once it's finished.

Example Playbook – test.yml

- name: test of the shell run command
hosts: localhost
connection: local

- name: Runnig Update
shell: apt update

Default output

$ ansible-playbook test.yml

TO PLAY [Testing RUN Shell Command] ************************************************** ************************************************ **

TASK [Gathering Facts] ************************************************** ************************************************ ** **********
D & # 39; agreement: [localhost]

TASK [Runnig Update] ************************************************** ************************************************ ** ************
amended: [localhost]

PLAY RECAP *********************************************** * ************************************************ ** *************************
localhost: ok = 2 changed = 1 inaccessible = 0 failure = 0   

But I want to see how it goes when we launch the apt update in the terminal

$ sudo apt update
Ign: 1 stable InRelease
Hit: 2 Stable version
Hit: 3 Bionic InRelease
Get: 4 Bionic-security InRelease [88.7 kB]                                                           
Hit: 6 InRelease Bionic
Hit: 7 Bionic InRelease
------ EXIT REMOVED ----------

I see that there are already discussions on github and that this is not possible.

Is there a trick to get the output in real time with help ansible callback?

How to display the number of custom publications in the archive page

I want to display the number of customized taxonomy publications in the archive page. Not all statements of recognized personalities of the taxonomy, I simply want to display personalized videos. because taxonomies have two types of custom messages. videos and trailers

How to display the display name at the top right of gmail gmail, just like normal gmail

View the name of the gmail account and the profile picture displayed

Displays the name on the gmail account name displayed

enter the description of the image here

first name do not displayed on gsuite gmail account at the top right

I went to personal information account and there I have the name Jaswir FeatherHatGames

How to display fields in random order in a Drupal view 7

I have an overview of the multiple choice questions. I want to display the correct option field in a random order. How can I do this?
- list item

display – 3 screens will not connect after updating mojave with el captan

I had 3 external monitors before the Mojave upgrade. Now, it will connect any 2, no matter which one. I will not connect 3 and may have HDMI and DVI or DVI and VGA or VGA and HDMI but will not connect all 3 at the same time. I need that. thoughts? I should clairafy, he will not detect the 3rd monitor, but if I unplug one or the other of the 2, he sees his 3rd.

plugin development – The custom attribute type does not display the terms in the mount product – WooCommerce

I am faced with a problem where:

  1. I have created a custom attribute type
  2. Created an attribute, called "test"
  3. Adding a term to the attribute, called this "Hello"
  4. Go to edit the variants in the publishing product and I am not able to add terms. There is nothing to select as usual.

This is the code that I used to add a custom attribute type:

add_filter (& # 39; product_attributes_type_selector & # 39; function ($ array) {
$ table['test'] = __ (& # 39; Test & # 39 ;, & # 39; awcs & # 39;);

The code works, where it adds the type to the drop-down list when creating a new attribute, it is only variants of the attribute that do not appear in the product modification page.

Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10e All Black Always On Display

Is it possible to set a display always black all black? This is a black CAD anytime, without a clock or date, but displaying notification icons if there are any.

mojave – Preview will not display the chart in PDF

I have an open PDF file in Preview where on a page a diagram should show, but this is not the case. The same goes for the "PDF Reader Pro Lite" program and probably for other PDF readers. But if I open the PDF file in Google Chrome or "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC", the diagram is visible. Does anyone know why this will not work for some applications?

I'm running macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and all applications are up to date.

Web application – What is the standard way to display a download notification to the user for file downloads requiring authorization in Web applications?

Our web application must allow secure file uploads by requiring HTTP requests to have an authorization token.

For this reason, when the user clicks the download, the file is retrieved using the AJAX GET request with the access token. Once the file is in memory, it will be saved on the hard disk of the user with the help of a temporary link pointing to the file data in memory.

Because of this approach, the browser does not immediately show the progress of the download, unlike the normal file download (in the bottom bar of Chrome). We need a way to tell the user that something is happening because it can take a long time to recover the data from the file.

We think to show a message of toast and reject it once finished. I have not seen many examples of this on the net in many websites.

What is the standard way (if any) to do it?