Best Content Width if your audience uses large displays

I am creating a new website based on WordPress with Elementor – content: photography

Images will be large, at least 1500 pixels high, and either 1010 pixels wide or 2280 pixels wide.

So the generally recommended website width of 1200 pixels or so is not enough.

I was thinking of a 2500 pixels content width.

Is this a mistake?

Could this be a problem for mobile? Elementor has a mobile adjustment setting where you can customize the main website how it will appear on mobile.

And: as designs are now liquid, does content width at all matter?

troubleshooting – How to track which application displays what window in Windows 10

I have a weird window appearing sometimes when I leave my mouse cursor on the taskbar. As soon as I move the mouse, the window disappears.

Is there something I can leave running for hours and when I see this window pop-up, I look at the software and it tells me what application spawned the window? I am using Windows 10. I already tried Process Monitor and Sysmon and I don’t see anything to filter by displayed windows.

Weird cyan window with something that looks like a progress bar

Link Displays Between Two iMacs (Late-2015 Retina running Sierra and 2017 running Mojave) Using Thunderbolt-to-Thunderbolt

I’m hoping someone can help me (and that this is possible, considering I just spent an arm and a leg to facilitate this setup).

I have a late-2015 iMac (27″ Retina 5K display, running Sierra) and a 2017 iMac (21.5″, running Mojave) and am hoping that I can connect them for dual display. I have them connected via Thunderbolt-to-Thunderbolt with the TB2 to TB3 adapter. For whatever reason, I’m not able to use Target Display mode on my 2015 iMac, and I’m suspecting it’s because the model doesn’t support it. ETA: The other mac doesn’t show up in either System Preferences > Displays menu

I’m hoping someone can offer advice as to what I’m doing wrong or a possible workaround for this issue, as I have no use for both iMacs separately but would greatly benefit from using one as an additional display – even if the answer is simply that I can’t do it, it will at least allow me to stop spinning my wheels and give up on this pipe dream.

Any suggestions are welcome!

dslr – Backlight component used by camera LCD displays

It is likely that LED backlighting will be used rather than CCFLs for a number of reasons.

Firstly, CCFLs require a driver circuit which steps up the input voltage to around ~1000V and oscillates it to create alternating current (AC) rather than the direct current (DC) of a battery pack. Existing circuits are only ~80% efficient and create heat. Heat is a direct enemy of modern cameras, so it makes sense that it should be minimised.

LEDs are smaller and more compact – they exist in footprints as small (and smaller than) 6x3mm. Laptop CCFLs tend to be thicker than the entire fold-out portion of my camera.

In fact, look at this comparison:
two laptops side by side

This image compares the thickness of a modern (2019) laptop that uses an LED backlight to an older (2007) laptop that uses a CCFL backlight. This is the tablet version, but the non-tablet version is not significantly thinner.

Other benefits include lower power consumption and extended longevity. The only main reason to stick with CCFL backlighting would be cost, that stock would have been used years ago, as most laptops, handheld devices and TVs made the switch around 2010.

Ultimately, the only way to know for sure is to take the camera apart, but it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that cameras use LEDs for backlighting.

8 – View only displays nodes that has comments when adding comment count field

On drupal 8 I am facing an issue with views.
I created a view listing all nodes of a certain content type.
I added basic fields, Title, Date content was created, and a read more link.
The view works fine with these fields, but when i add Comment Statistics: Comment count, all nodes that don’t have any comment don’t show up in the view.
It only lists nodes that received comments.

Any idea on how to fix this ? Am I doing something wrong ?


Magento 2.3: The payment page only displays `loading image & # 39; after checkout_index_index.xml has been replaced in the custom theme

The payment page now displays the loading image forever after replacing the checkout_index_index.xml file in the custom theme to be deleted faxpayment page field. Below is the screenshot showing the custom xml. Could you please point out the problem that could cause an endless image to load. Thank you.

enter description of image here

Woocommerce displays different products per page only for a specific category

global $wp;
add_filter( 'loop_shop_per_page', 'lw_loop_shop_per_page', 30 );

function lw_loop_shop_per_page( $products ) {
if ( $wp->query_vars == /category-url/) {
    $products = 30;
     return $products;

I am trying this code but something is wrong with it. My default products by category are 15, but for a specific category, I want it to be 50.
I added this in functions.php but when I add conditional for the category, it stops working.

passwords – How Android starts and displays notifications with full encryption but without pre-boot authentication

i have android 5.1 (motorola moto g xt1039). I encrypted the phone and set the screen password. then

after each password change i can choose one of two options:

  • & # 39; require password at startup & # 39;
  • & # 39; No thanks & # 39;

when I choose the first one, the phone asks for a password before starting up. when i choose the second option, the phone boots up without the password but requires a password to unlock the screen. I know Android can mount a temporary dummy /data file system only to show a nice user interface.

but when the second option is chosen, the phone after startup but before receiving my password can display notifications of new incoming e-mails or messaging messages. and we're talking about Android 5 (before file-based encryption)

so how does my fully encrypted android, without asking for my password, know:

  • whether I installed gmail or messenger
  • my email or email password
  • that i have enabled notifications for gmail and messanger

how does it work without my password when it is supposed to be fully encrypted? or when I decide not to use the password at boot time, does full disk encryption just use the default password? If so, is it secure at all, still protects data from a stolen phone (I know the user password as well as the key / the hardware chip are needed to decrypt the disk)?

again, the scenario:

  • restart encrypted phone with a set screen lock password
  • wait for it to start (do not provide a password)
  • send an email or messaging message from another phone
  • the encrypted phone displays a notification regarding the incoming message but never received the password to decrypt the drive

spam – SpamAssassin displays an HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_XX error. But I don't have a picture in my email

SpamAssassin shows that my email will be spam with the error "HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_20" or "HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_16".

From what I have read and understood so far, it is because SpamAssassin says that my html has a picture and that the total size of the email is smaller at 1600-2000 bytes. However, my email is only text. I do not understand why this problem persists. Please help me with that.

applescript – Attempt to access Safari development tools displays "Unauthorized access (-1723)"

I'm trying to create a script that lists all of the open simulators available to inspect in the Safari developer tools, but when I run the code, I get the error below. Upon completion, this script should open the inspection tool for a simulator. I guess in general this is not allowed as I have given the terminal accessibility rights.

enter description of image here

listDevices.applescript:122:168: script error: „"Simulator" of menu "Entwickler" of menu bar 1“ kann nicht gelesen werden. Zugriff nicht erlaubt. (-1723)
tell application "System Events"
    tell process "Safari"
        name of every menu item of menu item where its name starts with "Simulator" of menu "Entwickler" of menu bar 1
    end tell
end tell