How to use the poison distribution for this task

The ferry crosses the Strait from Beach A to Beach B at regular intervals of 20 minutes. The ferry has room for 7 cars.

Suppose that there is no car left from the ferry. Suppose that the Poisson distribution parameter 6 is the number of cars arriving in the A range in the next 20 minutes.

How likely is the ferry to be full the next time it arrives at Beach A?

Should I use fish distribution and lambda is the 6?

pr.probability – Distribution of the markov chain with a time out

I have a Markov chain $ X_0, X_1, …, X_ tau $, or $ X_0 $ is sampled from the stationary distribution and $ tau $ is a time to stop. Is it true that for any fixed k $, $ X_k $, given that $ k leq tau $, has the stationary distribution?

Clearly, if $ tau $ it's not a downtime, it may not be the case. For example, if the Markov chain is stopped if it were to go to a specific state (at the next step), the probability of this state is $ 0and the distribution of $ X_k $would not be immobile.

Where could you find out more about this phenomenon and similar phenomena?

applications – Error while selecting a distribution method for .ipa in Xcode

I was able to manage a Product -> Archive and successfully generate a .ipa or almost. When I arrive in the popup window that requests a distribution method, regardless of the method selected, the following error message appears:

The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.

If I try to generate a .ipa via the command line, I actually get the same error.

I wonder if the following is case sensitive. I changed the ENGA_Dev_Dist.mobileprovision. Specifically, I changed it for ENGA_DEV_Dist.mobileprovision, although Xcode only recognizes the old one that it changed for me.

I've also changed Dev.xcscheme at DEV.xcscheme. In what I have:


In dev.plist:

        ENGA - DEV - Dist
        ENGA - IN - Dist
        ENGA - QA - Dist
        ENGA - UA - Dist

So, is this a problem for which dev must be consistent in all areas? So if his Dev in the provisioning profile it has to be Dev everywhere else?

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Distribution Theory – Question on Heaviside Stage Function Identities

I'm trying to show the equality between two Heaviside step functions using their derivatives.


$$ frac {d} {d}} theta (ct-z) = frac {c} {2} delta (ct-z) = frac {c} {2} frac {1} {c} delta (t- frac {z} {c}) = frac {1} {2} delta (t- frac {z} {c}) tag {1} $$


$$ frac {d} {d}} theta (t- frac {z} {c}) = frac {1} {2} delta (t- frac {z} {c}) tag { 2} $$

So $ frac {d} {d}} theta (ct-z) = frac {d} {d} {th} (t- frac {z} {c}) tag {3} $ inside of a constant integration.

My question is: is it true? If so, is there an identity for this?

Probability – Prove that the sequence of distribution functions is narrow

If a sequence of random variables has characteristic functions that converge punctually to a continuous function at 0. Prove that the sequence of distribution functions is narrow.

I saw using this theorem in seeing the proof of the continuity theorem of characteristic functions and I wanted to know the proof of this theorem. I am relatively new in the subject and I am not yet comfortable with tightening.

Mineral basins – How to determine the geographical distribution of hashrate?

While provides a hashrate distribution, it is aggregated at the pool level, whereas I would like to know more about how hashrate is distributed between pool servers.

This is not possible to determine with certainty. When a Bitcoin block is exploited, there is no way to determine which node / pool is exploiting it. Block browser sites such as examine database database data during a transaction perhaps link the block to a particular pool. For example, if you look at the last extracted block 594 041, the coinbase transaction contains the coinbase data as follows:


The first octet 0x03 indicates to put the next three bytes in the stack. Then bytes 0x791009 indicates the height of the block (594041 in this case) in little-endian. Then, if you look at the bytes 0x4d696e656420627920416e74506f6f6c it represents "Mined by AntPool" in ASCII. This is what explorers use to say that the block was undermined by Ant Pool. Nothing prevents me from exploiting a block tomorrow with the coinbase data that points to a particular pool when in reality it has nothing to do with them. Block Explorer sites will use these false data to indicate on their websites that the block has been undermined by the name of the pool in which I snuck.

Several aggregation Web sites, including, maintain low latency connections to thousands of nodes and log the IP address of the first connected node to relay each block.

These data are also unreliable. I can run a virtual private network, operate a block and relay it over the network with an IP address thousands of miles from my current location. In addition, you can run a complete Bitcoin node on your computer, which would completely hide your identity.

hashpower – Determination of the geographical distribution of hashrate

I would map the distribution of hashrate geographically, which would require knowing the winning miner's IP address for each block.
According to the article by Miller et al. See:
Several aggregation Web sites, including, maintain low latency connections to thousands of nodes and log the IP address of the first connected node to relay each block. Is this information provided somewhere? While provides a hashrate distribution, it is aggregated at the pool level, whereas I would like to know more about how hashrate is distributed between pool servers.

st.statistics – Calculates expectations of Wishart's distribution

Let $$ X sim mathcal {W} _ {q} (n, Sigma) ; ; n> q $$

Or $ mathcal {W} $ denotes the distribution of Wishart and $ Sigma in mathbb {R} ^ {q times q} $ is the corresponding scale matrix (symmetric, positive definite).

How to calculate the expectation of $$ E_ {X} left { left (I + XA right) ^ {- 1} right } $$ or $ A $ is a given matrix. Thank you for your help!

SharePoint e-mails to distribution groups

I have some problems with receiving an e-mail notification with distribution groups.
The notification will be received by the individual users and the shared mailbox, but not by the distribution groups.