How has Trump divided America?

Trump divides us by forcing us to take sides. He loves an enemy and is ready to share his enemies with the rest of us. This is called dividing to rule better.

Trump's inner chaos is reflected in the chaos he creates with everything he does.

His relentless attacks on American institutions, the media, NATO, intelligence, Congress, celebrities, the FBI, minorities are bearing fruit with public attacks on minorities and growing distrust of the media. The KKK sees Trump as his side and I think he is.

Pre-calculation: numerator divided by denominator with trigger

It's been a long time since I've been doing trig. I have the problem below.

enter description of image here

How to approach this problem? For example, can I cancel the cos (pi / 8) ^ 2 of the numerator and the denominator.

Publication template divided into two pages

I need to split my unique publishing model into two pages using pagination.
It is very simple in the message editor by

combinatorial – The sum of the fractions of the square of the binomial coefficient DIVIDED by the index variable

I came across the following sum to simplify and completely blocked:

$$ sum_ {i in 0, n} frac {{n choose k} ^ 2} {k + 1} $$

I know the Vandermonde equation, differentiation and integration methods for binomial coefficients; however, I still do not see a solution.

exposure – How to measure with a divided ND filter?

As a gift1 for me, I rent a Mamiya RB67 kit for 2 weeks. One of the things I want to try is to take some sunsets using a split ND filter.

The kit doesn't come with a measured viewfinder, but I do have a Sekonic handheld measuring device (as well as my Nikon digital and cinema cameras). So what is the best technique for measuring such a scene?

  • Should i just use the spot meter to measure two different parts of the
    sky and landscape and try to combine them into one Frankenstein like

  • Or should I slap the ND filter on my digital camera and see what it says
    as a global exhibition for the whole scene?

  • Or something I haven't thought of?

I plan to experiment with my dig camera before committing to filming, but I don't even know where to start as a best practice.

FWIW I'm going to shoot Ektar 100

  1. Or torture, only time will tell.

calculation and analysis – Much faster integration if the function is divided into two parts

I have the following function

f1(x_,y_) = 1/( x^9 y (x^2 + y^2)^10) (1215 x^19 y + 144865 x^17 y^3 - 72524 x^15 y^5 + 587340 x^13 y^7 + 486330 x^11 y^9 + 465990 x^9 y^11 + 280500 x^7 y^13 + 109900 x^5 y^15 + 25375 x^3 y^17 + 2625 x y^19 + 2625 (x^2 + y^2)^10 ArcTan(y/x))

and i want to calculate $ int_ {x_0} ^ {+ infty} f_1 (x, y) dx $ for $ y> 0 $ and some real $ x_0> 0 $. So, I define the following $Assumptions

$Assumptions = y > 0 && x0 > 0;

and calculate

Integrate(f1(x, y), {x, x0, +(Infinity)}) // AbsoluteTiming

With this command, Mathematica seems to be blocked and does not return the result. However, if I drag the function f1(x,y) in two pieces like

f2(x_, y_) = f1(x, y) // Collect(#, ArcTan(y/x), Simplify) &

and calculate

Integrate(f2(x, y)((1)), {x, x0, +(Infinity)}) + Integrate(f2(x, y)((2)), {x, x0, +(Infinity)}) // AbsoluteTiming

I get the right answer in just 6 seconds

(*Out: {5.82698, (1/(x0^7 (x0^2 + y^2)^9))(135 x0^16 + 13280 x0^14 y^2 + 1572 x0^12 y^4 + 39680 x0^10 y^6 + 35610 x0^8 y^8 + 26400 x0^6 y^10 + 12100 x0^4 y^12 + 3200 x0^2 y^14 + 375 y^16) + (25 (105 x0^7 y - 35 x0^5 y^3 + 21 x0^3 y^5 - 15 x0 y^7 + 105 (-x0^8 + y^8) ArcTan(y/x0)))/(8 x0^8 y^9)} *)

What is the reason?

[ Politics ] Open question: Should America be divided into two countries?

One for the Liberals and one for the Conservatives.

differential equations – An element in a Jacobian divided by zero

I linearize fixed points in a dynamic 2D system with Jacobians and meet something I have never seen before. I have an element equivalent to


and an element equivalent to


The problem is that one of my fixed points is at (-.25,0), so the denominators are both equal to 0. Do I just have to evaluate them at 0 and -.5 respectively? I have to calculate eigenvalues ​​and I do not know how to handle this case. a is a true parameter valued here.

procedural generation – LOD chunked divided by distance

So, when you approach the piece, it splits, then when you approach the split piece, it does the same thing again and again (quad tree). But what is the formula for calculating the distance when it should divide according to the distance? For smaller pieces, a smaller distance?

8 – Seach Page Divided in block and view

I've already created a search view such as / search giving the form and results accurately, but the Views user interface is disabled on my server.
So, I want to divide this page into

1] A block containing a search form

2] Get the results of the view and must display on the same page.

Can you share ideas on how to proceed?