Sell ​​- Make money in DIY

Why are you selling this site?

I sell this site because I do not have the time to manage it anymore.

How is it monetized?

Currently, it is not yet monetized.

Is this site provided with social media accounts?

How long does this site take to run?

Not really because it's a blog.

What are the challenges of managing this site?

the addition of quality content generating organic traffic is the challenge

Are there any good flash diffusers besides DIY paper?

I've built a homemade paper flash diffuser:

Flash diffuser 1

Flash diffuser 2

It broadcasts the flash while directing a large amount of it in the direction of the subject. Of course, ceiling lighting wastes a bit of flash power (the paper transmits a little light), but at least there is some directionality.

It gives excellent results (left, with diffuser, right, direct flash):

With and without diffuser

My question is: are there similar broadcasters available on the market? Of course, I do not mean an exact replica built from paper, but rather a more durable diffuser that achieves the same functionality and is a little directional like my DIY diffuser.

By broadcaster, I mean something that can be used with the camera and something that is so light that it is possible to carry it with the camera. Of course, with an external flash, you can use umbrellas, but they are too big to carry.

Is a dart a tiny object for the purpose of the Magic DIY function of the Artificator UA?

I create a character with the help of the revised artificer of Unearthed Arcana, released just 4 days ago.

The 1st level Magic Tinkering feature indicates that you can enchant any non-magic, tiny object with various small effects. Can I apply these effects to a dart? Or would I be better off using a sling and enchanting the pebbles I throw?

iptables – Can not create an access point on the ASUS DIY card

I've tried creating an access point on an ASUS Tinkerboard using this script. The command I'm launching is create_ap -n wlan0 MyAccessPoint MyPassPhrase. However, I receive the following message and the AP is not created.

WARN: Your adapter does not fully support the AP virtual interface, allowing --no-virt
Configuration directory: /tmp/create_ap.wlan0.conf.E9yy0b3M
PID: 19556
No Internet sharing
iptables: No string / target / match with this name.

Do the cleaning .. done

How can I fix this error?

diy – How to produce smoke for studio photography

One option is to use an electronic cigarette.

I used it to add smoke to the background of people. When it is completed with black lighting, the smoke becomes really visible.

You will want to use a high VG liquid. It depends a bit if the place allows it or not. If you buy a 100% VG base (vegetable glycerin) and you add neither aroma nor nicotine, you will end up with a relatively innocent smoke machine.

You will have to do it quickly or ask someone to do it for you, but it's really cheap.

privacy – Where can I find a very long distance WiFi antenna with a range of 50 to 100 km? Or is it a DIY project?

I would like to increase personal security by receiving Wi-Fi connections at 50-100 km from the location of the physical device, with a high decibel reading in milliwatts (dbm) to overcome the problem. fading path caused by foliage and other obstacles. This would allow me to avoid the geographical restrictions imposed by the Wi-Fi connections of the local ISP, because I would be able to access the Internet wherever I want and at any point in the system ( within a radius of 100 km maximum).

I am thinking of using a Yagi directional antenna or maybe a satellite dish, but the ones I could find so far have a considerably limited range, at 15-20 km maximum, without ever exceeding 50 dbm. Where can I find a Yagi or parabolic grill with a range of 50 to 100 km? Do I have to buy industrial grade radio equipment for this type of Wifi frequency range or is it a DIY project? If it is DIY, what equipment will we need and are there guides to build one?

Not at all familiar with RF theory, but can a Wifi range be increased on a parabolic grid of 15-20 km at 50-100 km?

[ Do It Yourself (DIY) ] Open question: I have to receive a last-minute gift for mom. Does anyone have any DIY ideas? Preferably with things already in the house, thanks!

[ Do It Yourself (DIY) ] Open question: I have to receive a last-minute gift for mom. Does anyone have any DIY ideas? Preferably with things already in the house, thanks! .

An inexpensive way to make DIY gels?

Has any of you found a way to make cheap gels?

I would like to try using some colors with my lights, but I found that most stores are very proud of theirs.

My son saw them online and asked if photographers could use plastic / transparent binders or color page protectors.

I am sure that there is a problem of fusion and security. If you've had success with an inexpensive way to make gels, where to find them, I'd love to receive advice.

Builder DIY website – yes or no and why?

I need to use one of the DIY web site builders. I have few clients who need very simple and small websites, who do not want to pay a lot.

I've therefore decided to try a website builder in order to create their website faster and charge less.

I did my research but I would like to hear the experience of someone.

Do you have experience with some?