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  1. DNS help and mail server!

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. Our Web developer is on paternity leave and I only have to try to solve the issues that really concern me. I have many websites hosted on an LCN cloud server. LCN has made an update and the websites have been disconnected. (Only those who have their domain name with another registrar) I asked them to update their DNS settings and A records on ours and the websites were reactivated, but they now have problems with their emails. We do not host their emails as the domain registrar does. So, looking at who.is, the only one that works properly uses our name servers and all the DNS settings are us and A is our IP address, but its mail servers do not concern us, which makes sense. One of the others does not have us as a name server and the only reference is A / IP registration. Apologies if it makes no sense, but I'm not a developer and LCN did not help. Any advice is very appreciated. TIA

  2. It seems that the MX record in the DNS records has been lost in one way or another, either by changing nameserver or that the name server has just "forget them" "during this update. You would need to check what the MX records should be, check if the domains return the MX record on nslookup or via mxtoolbox.com and, if not, enter the records on the naemservers. Post your answer if you have questions about it.

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security – Websites that test the IPv6 DNS server that I use?

DNS hijacking worries me when I am connected to a DNS server with an IPv6 address.

Is there a website that is testing the IPv6 DNS server I'm using?

By "IPv6 DNS server", I am not talking about IPv4 DNS servers that resolve IPv6 addresses, but DNS servers that accept connections to an IPv6 address.

DNSLeakTest.com detects only IPv4 DNS leaks.

Direct Admin and DNS clustering

I've therefore played a bit with Direct Admin in the last 4 weeks and although most things are ready for use for end users (email, ftp, softaculous, free ssl), the DNS / multi-server configuration is working. the head in …

There does not seem to be a simple way to centrally manage / synchronize all DNS Direct Admin servers, it is necessary to ask someone to log in to each server and check or wait for them. 39, a customer reported a problem. https://www.webhostingtalk.com/

I remember the bad old days when you had 1 pair of nameservers per Ensim box and migrations or account upgrades where it was difficult to ask the client to update the name servers if the domain did not have the same name. is not registered with you …

So with this idea in mind, has anyone ever used PowerDNS supermasters?

You do not know what are supermasters? Check out this -> https://doc.powerdns.com/authoritati…ning-of-slaves

I can just add configs allow-transfer and notify-notify to named.conf and I have centralized the DNS (with MySQL replication on several secondary servers) …

PowerDNS the way forward or should I just buy additional DA licenses for dedicated name servers?

How does the DNS system work? (A custom registration, causing a reliable redirection?)


my domain is using hosts 1's name servers, i can not change my domain name servers now, but i can change this provider. 1 DNS A records to designate a new IP hosting provider. I wonder if I can use this record IP address change to reliably redirect my visitors to a new hosting provider?

When I set here a different hosting provider IP address 2 – the IP address that is shown in the hosting account as a shared IP address for my account of hosting on the provider 2 / or the IP address indicated as IP address on which my other domain is hosted hosting account at the provider 2 … this "redirection" will it work ?

Here, I write it in different terms on how the DNS system can work (I need your opinion, if you do not have the time, general answers to the previous questions are also welcome):

1. The site visitor requests the IP address where domain.com is hosted. It asks the DNS servers defined in its network interface configuration or in its router (if it has DHCP). Then, these servers discover (from the domain registry?) Or from other DNS servers that the IPs belonging to a name server used by the domain (nameserver of the hosting provider 1)
2. The visitor now directly connects the IP addresses which can be a dedicated DNS server or a hosting server itself – managed by the hosting provider 1
3. The DNS system on the Hosting Provider 1 server checks the DNS zone file of my domain.com and finds that the A records for the domain.com and * .domain.com points to an external IP address (supplier 2).
4. Provider 1 tells my web browser that he must use this new IP address to reconnect to this new IP address and even that the domain is not pointing to this IP address (uses name servers and IP addresses of the provider 1) that it serves me a website.

Do I need a DNS clustering?

I want to move cpanel accounts to another server without requiring clients to change name servers.
Can I just point ns2 (second name server) to the new IP address of the server and move the accounts on this server?
Does it work? or do I have to cluster the servers?

Note: Both servers are cpanel servers.

man in the middle – is apt-get secure against DNS spoofing?

I am aware that the installation and update of packages via apt-get should be relatively secure because an attacker should not be able to interfere or inject any packages into the downloads as well as because the packets are signed, the checksums being checked before (?) the installation.

Take the case of an attacker performing an interference attack with an apt-get command. If the attacker has caused the poisoning of a DNS cache and redirected the downloads to a server that he controls, especially since the downloads are requested via HTTP only, can not the attacker force the system to download a compromised version of the Release and Packages files and then push the compromised versions of the packages to the system? Would not it seem then ok for apt-get who could then install a compromised package?

Can the attacker not mirror an official repository, compromise some of the packages, only the firefox or tor packages, modify the Release and Packages file accordingly with the new checksums / hashes, then redirect via DNS by spoofing the system to download them?

I limit the discussion to downloads from official repositories.

dns – Do empty subdomains damage the reputation of a domain?

If a company has a lot of old DNS entries for subdomains that point nowhere (CNAMES that are no longer resolved anywhere) or servers that are no longer online, does that hurt the reputation of the main domain?

I request a DNS cleanup, but I run into apathy.

DNS for web hosting companies

What is the best way to configure the DNS for a GROWING ACCOMMODATION company? (Name servers and host names that will be created when adding new servers … | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t= 1781002 & goto = NewPost

DNS Registration – DKIM TXT on AWS Route53

Use quotation marks to divide the recording into 2 or more parts, each not exceeding 255 characters.



dkim._domainkey.yourdomain.tld IN TXT ("v=DKIM1; t=s; p="

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Is the DNS A record for root mandatory?


The question seems to be simple, but it's not …

For all domains, is registration A for root (@) mandatory, or is it possible to omit it?

That is, can I create a zone like:

www.mondomaine.com A
mail.maidomain.com MX mailserver.ext

without specifying the root record:

mydomain.com A


According to RFC1033:

Adding a host.

To add a new host to your zone files:

Edit the appropriate zone file for the domain in which the host is located.

Add an entry for each address of the host.

Add possibly CNAME, HINFO, WKS and MX records.

Add the inverted IN-ADDR entry for each host address in
zone files appropriate for each network of the host.

which is ambiguous (it does not make it clear that registration for root is mandatory, but it may be the case …)

I could not find any RFCs referring to the correct use of www …

An idea of ​​ant?
An opinion?

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