How to achieve get Doc file and copy to another folder and open it in Android

I have a chat app in that when sender send any document file from the phone at that time I want to copy that doc file to the my app folder so when come next time in the chat screen I can open that file from the app folder.

  1. How to read file from the phone?
  2. How to copy file to another folder?
  3. How to open copied file?


sharepoint online – What is this green box with a white arrow next to the word doc icon?

I was moving folders to a different location in sharepoint, where all the files within the folder moved except for this one.

What is distinct about this file from the others is the green box with a white arrow ned to the word doc icon. Refer to pic.
This file also seems to be corrupt as i get a Microsoft error “Word ran intoa problem opening this document in a browser. To view this document please open it in the desktop version..”
When I do, It is a blank document.

Does the arrow next to the icon indicate the file is corrupt or?

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks

sharepoint server – unable to upload Password protected files(Word, Excel) to the SP2013 Doc lib

Have you tried removing the password protection, upload file, then reinstate password protection?

Although with Sharepoint, assuming it’s managed correctly(!), you can remove the need for password protection on individual files. Instead the protection is managed through the use of Sharepoint Groups.

If only one user is allowed access to a group of files. Make a new document library and customise the permissions for that document library. This will involve ‘breaking the inheritance’ for that document library; you can then customise it – i.e. remove the standard user groups that can normally access other document libraries on that site.

Further reading

Link1 – Sharepoint Maven, one of my favourite blogs.

Link2 – same site

Link3 – Bobby Chang, Permissions Worst Practises.

Link4 – Microsoft, Understanding Permissions Levels in Sharepoint.

Link 5 – Microsoft, detailed break-down of out-of-the-box Permissions groups. Useful as a resource for when you are having doubts about what a ‘read only’ or ‘read-write’ permission does.

javascript – Public access to Firestore collection doc on condition

I need to allow public access to a collection but only for querying a specific document and only if it matches a precondition.

So for example I have a collection whitelist which contains the document:

5a70afcd3b26d6a5: {
    id: 7799389,

I need to create a rule to allow read access only if the collection is queried (even before authentication) with the id and email, not otherwise. Is that possible at all?

Google sheets & Google doc time update

I would like to create a small script that tells me when a google doc I have created has been last updated. All of this information goes into a google sheet. This is because I have multiple documents I would like to keep track of from one google sheets document.

import – How to delete special lines in a doc file?

I have a .docx file which is a 105-page subtitle file. Now I need to delete all number lines, timing lines and also empty lines where all of these are repeated in a regular pattern. The file starts and continues as following (I have attached a toy example of such a file here):

line 1: number of subtitle
line 2: timing
line 3: subtitle
line 4: empty
line 5: number of subtitle
line 6: timing
line 7: subtitle
line 8: empty
and so on

namely I need to delete all lines except subtitle lines. I guess a code using a For loop where loop number is added up to 4 each time or maybe a selector which only selects subtitle lines can be the solution, however I don’t how to implement it, any idea? Thanks in advance.

can’t open doc files when long path in macOS Catalina

I have MacBook Air 2013, macOS Catalina 10.15.5, MS Office 2019 (ver. 16.37). When I try to open doc or docx files from Finder, and they have long path, it just won’t open. Word starts (icon jumps in dock, but nothing happens).
e.g. /users/me/downloads/file.docx — if I double click on this file in Finder, Word will open it, but if I have long path, e.g. /user/me/downloads/files from rick sanchez about portal gun/general questions how to use portal gun/…./file.docx — if I double click on this file in Finder, Word will start but file won’t open. Is it only me and how to fix it? How to understand is it because of Office and it is needed to reinstall it or it is macOS bug?

How does google doc implement version control

How does google doc save user edit actions and use them to restore to a certain version?

Do they only save action logs? Or use snapshot & action logs together?

Why can’t I paste an image into a PDF Doc in Preview?

If Preview allows entering textboxes and drawing shapes and lines and even coloring them, why is it impossible to paste an image onto the PDF document? Isn’t it exactly the same concept? Why does one work but not the other?

document library – Using xml templates from SharePoint Online Doc Lib in PNP Provisioning

I develop PNP Provisioning XML models for use on team sites and store them in a SharePoint document library for use in PowerShell scripts.

Each time I run the Apply-pnpprovisioningtemplate command, I get the following error.

Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate : File not found
At line:1 char:1
+ Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate -Path $xmllistitems.FieldValues.FileRef
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : WriteError: (:) (Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate), FileNotFoundException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : EXCEPTION,SharePointPnP.PowerShell.Commands.Provisioning.Site.ApplyProvisioningTemplate

The code I use is as follows:

$Password=Get-content "(MY Password Path)SecurePWckcpw.txt"|ConvertTo-SecureString
$adminSiteUrl = "https://"+$mysources.Org+""
Connect-SPOService $adminSiteUrl -Credential $userCredential

#Connect-PnPOnline -url ($MySources.sourceurl) -Credentials $userCredential 

connect-pnponline -url "https://(tenant)/sites/CKCShareptDev" -Credentials $usercredential

$XMLList=get-pnplist "xmltemplatebak"
$xmllistitems=get-pnplistitem -list $xmllist -id 3 -fields "FileRef", "File_x0020_Type","FileLeafRef"

foreach($Item in $xmllistitems){

    #Write-Host $Item('FileRef') + " " + $Item('File_x0002_Type')+ " " + $Item('FileLeafRef')

    Connect-PnPOnline -url "https://(tenant)" -Credentials $usercredential
    Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate -Path $item('FileRef')     }

Unable to understand how to access the file to use in the Apply-PNPProvisioningTemplate command.

Thanks for the help.