I have an American refugee travel document and I am currently studying in the UK for a semester, can I travel to certain Schengen countries without a visa?

I am a US permanent resident and I am currently studying abroad in England on a short term student visa. I went to apply for a Schengen visa at VFS, but I was told that I should go back to the U.S. and apply for it (as you can imagine, I can't do it because the return is expensive). I did some research and discovered that I can enter Belgium without a visa if I have a travel document for American refugees, which I have.

I was wondering if there was a way to travel to other Schengen countries without a visa. Thanks for your help – I appreciate it. I am open to any suggestions.

8 – Display of the document file size

I am trying to display the size of a file next to a media link button on a page.

I have two types of content with a multimedia entity reference field in each. Each field is limited to extract only from a file medium type. What I was trying to do was create a twig variable using a field pretreatment and insert that variable into each of my field models. However, my preprocessing below doesn't seem to display the file size as I want. What am i doing wrong?

function theme_preprocess_field(&$variables, $hook) {

  $pdf_fields = (

  if (in_array($element('#field_name'), $pdf_fields) && $element('#entity_type') == 'node') {

    if ($variables('items')(0)) {

      $field_name = $element('#field_name');

      $node = $element('#object');
      // Get first referenced media id.
      $media_id = $node->$field_name->target_id;
      // Get file object.
      $file = DrupalfileEntityFile::load($media_id);
      if ($file) {
        // Get file size.
        $file_size = format_size($file->getSize());
        // Set file size variable.
        $variables('file_size') = $file_size;

Twig field pattern

{% for item in items %}
  Download Paper(PDF | {{ file_size }})
{% endfor %}

paypal – Destination fields are not mapped. Document: paypal_settlement_report_row. Fields: store_id

I tried to migrate from Magento to Magento 2.3.4, when I ran the Magento data migration tool, I always got this error:

Destination fields are not mapped. Document: paypal_settlement_report_row. Fields: store_id

i tried to fix it by modifying the map_file in etc/opensource-to-opensource/ no luck


Local version of "White Balance" in GIMP to clean up the photo of the document

I have a photograph of a document with black text on a white background.

The photo has some problems:

  • The text is a bit vague.
  • Overall, there is noise even in the white areas.
  • The background does not appear really white but a little yellowish.
  • Most important: Some areas of the image, even the areas supposed to be white, are darker than others.

I would like to clean this photo. I'm on Linux.

The "Colors> Auto> White Balance" filter in GIMP gives promising results. However, it does not match the background in different areas of the image.

But if I only select one sub-area of ​​the image, the "White Balance" filter actually works better in that area.

So I imagine that the progressive application of "White Balance" in the local areas of the image would work really well.

I imagine that the "White Balance" filter is implemented like this:

  1. Collect color statistics of the entire image.
  2. Create a color conversion matrix and apply it globally.

So what I would rather like:

  1. Collect local color statistics for each area, e.g. 100 * 100 px.
  2. Create local color conversion matrices.
  3. Create a continuous function of pixel conversion matrices.
  4. Apply locally per pixel.

Do you know anything like that that exists either in GIMP or as standalone software, for example for the Linux command line?

sharepoint online – Highlighted content showing only original document title, does not change if title is updated

I have a Highlighted Content Web Part built into my Modern SharePoint Online page and I have configured it to display files from a document library.

The problem I have is this: if I change the title of a document directly in the document library – the new title is not updated in the Highlighted Content Web Part. It continues to display the old title, no matter how much time passes (days, months, etc.). Am I missing something?

html – JavaScript variable created with get () in the firestore document field

I need to feed a variable with the content of the field "site" of the preselected document in a collection "restaurants" in the Firestore, then make the website hyperlink with the available tag . The problem is that the variable x it is always empty. Here is part of the code:

    Access the site 

Microsoft Office – Is there a way to make paragraphs in a Word document inaccessible?

Is there a way to make paragraphs in a Word document not viewable online?

I want to make some of my resume experiences unreadable by resume uploading websites … because they extract each date and work experience from my resume, then ask you to spend an hour typing in the address and the phone number in a web form.

Is there a way to lock sections of a Microsoft word to make them readable for website text extraction (assuming they don't use OCR) ?

All I want to be searchable and visible by the text extraction tool are the first 3 experience entries in my CV …

Get the name of DocSet from a file in a document library

I process all files from a document library. I need to get the file and its metadata. It's relatively simple. But for each file, I would also like to get the name of the document set in which it is located, if any. I see a lot of advice for getting all the files in one set of documents, but nothing the other way around. Can anyone help?

how to display that the user has browsed the document?

There is an attachment and a list of data. I want to display the view of the attachments and the possibility to mark the verified data in this list. (for small screen)

how to insert url parameter in Google Docs document like document template?

i have a google docs (like a basic letter).
in this document, I place strings like% parameter1 %% parameter2% and% parameter3%.

is there a way to share this document and replace the strings %% with the value passed by the url?

in fact i would like (and i need) a way to have an online template document editor for a letter and to fill it with only url data .

a way to perform actions like:
+ & parameter1 = value1 & parameter2 = value2

if google docs cannot have this functionality (url parameter for document filling), is there another web solution to perform such an action (so without installing anything on a computer)

thank you all for your advice and your reading.
Best regards