Is there a way to edit a “paperless” text document on G-docs?

Google Docs text document editor seems to be stuck with the paradigm of last-millennia text editors and bound to the concept of physical paper. I mean, it has a page setup and displays your text on virtual paper pages.

That bothers me because the text I’m working with is not meant for print. Things like margins, pages, landscape-portrait-orientation, are irrelevant.

Worse yet, after a certain threshold it adds a whole lot of empty space below the prompt, pushing the scrollbar further down.

Google seems to have lots of tips for going paperless with their webapp [ref] but for the material world. Is there a way to go paperless within Google docs? I.E. remove the page display and go with just formatted text?


  1. I didn’t find a dupe. This question’s answer does not solve my problem. If there’s a dupe, just flag this Q.
  2. I am aware there might not be a way to do it currently. Answers that state exactly that won’t be constructive. It’s okay to have unanswered questions.
  3. A template, a plugin, or third-party mod is fine.

Google document from a Google sheet

Suppose I have a Google sheet with each row corresponding to a film, and columns corresponding to Title, Director, Nation, Year, Cast, Plot etc. Having sorted and filtered the sheet in some way of interest, I would like to be able to produce a Google document more or less of the form:

(Title from Row 1) by (Director from Row 1) with (Cast from Row 1) ((Nation from Row 1), (Year from Row 1)) – (Plot from Row 1)

(Title from Row 2) by (Director from Row 2) with (Cast from Row 2) ((Nation from Row 2), (Year from Row 2)) – (Plot from Row 2)

and so on.

That is, I’d need to simply reformat some contents of the sheet in a series of text paragraphs, with some minimal formatting (italics and boldface, say), in an automated way.

Is this feasible?

How to dynamically list document library titles onto a custom SharePoint page

With SharePoint Online, if I have 7 document libraries within a site, titled like so:


…Is there a way I can dynamically list and link all my cars_x document library titles onto a custom SharePoint page, whenever a cars_x document library is created?


On that custom SharePoint page, can I create a dynamic navigation menu that picks up and displays what I am trying to query?

I am trying to avoid manually writing out links, every time a document library is created.

windows 10 – Can I re-print a past print without having the source document?

On Windows 10, I printed a document last night and, through pure carelessness, didn’t save it (I was in a hurry and thought it’d be a one-off) and don’t have the print to make a copy (it was a cut-out router template for some woodworking stuff, it’s sawdust now), and now I want another copy of it.

I checked my printer (Brother MFC-9340CDW) but afaict it doesn’t remember past documents for reprints. I also checked the software I made the document in (it does have auto-save capabilities) but, long story short, no luck there.

My question is: Does Windows cache these somewhere or maintain a history? Can I print another copy without having the source document available any more?

If it matters, it was the last thing I printed.

kql – Show a filtered document library from Sharepoint site to another site (same intranet)

I’m trying to design a site in our intranet to show documents related to our department. I want to show documents in libraries/folders/lists from the main site on our site and be able to filter them depending on the Properties (columns in the libraries/folders/lists) they are defined with (for example “Process”, “Document Type” & “Target Group”).
I try to use a Higlighted Content web part and write a query with KQL. However i cannot access them as i hoped, for example:

Process: "Standards"

I’ve read that they must be Queryable and such, but how do i find that out? I have no admin access to the main site and cant seem to find the info.

sharepoint online – How to see how long a document has until disposition?

I’m new to the Sharepoint Records Management space (e5 licence). I’m using a test environment to play around and figure out how things work and what they’ll look like for my team. I’ve made some record labels with event based retention periods, applied these labels to some documents, and then created the event. I’m fairly confident I’ve done all of these steps right, but to check, I am hoping to be able to see how long the documents I’ve applied this retention label and event to have before disposition.

Is there a way to do this? The Data Classification overview is showing no retention labels have been applied. I’ve clicked around, clicked on the document that I’ve applied the record to and can’t find a way to access this information.

sharepoint enterprise – word document issue

In SharePoint 2016, one of the user is having issue where the user tries to open a word document and it automatically checks-out the document and never opens it.

Other users are not having this issue.

The auto-checkout functionality on the document is disabled and user is not trying to edit the document.

Did anyone encounter this issue?


development – Custom Document Library Details Pane

We’re on SP2019 and wondering how we might go about creating a custom “form” for a document library. If we were on SP Online then I know PowerApps would be the answer here, but is SPFx the way forward for this? And if so, does it work the same way as creating a custom property pane for a webpart? The two seem similar, but I don’t quite understand how I’d customise the details pane.

The problem we’re trying to solve, is that our business will have LOTS of content types (for better or worse). So we’d like to produce a “cascading dropdown” to group these content types to make selection of the correct content type easier for the user.

We do have Nintex Forms, but I find the Nintex forms experience jarring in modern libraries. I’m certain our users will be keener on editing a documents properties in the Details Pane, rather than having to open the item menu > More > Properties then wait for the form to load, then have to put the form into Edit mode, fill it in, and then save it.

Compared to the property pane, I think that’s pretty horrific.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome please and TIA

Travelling to Russia with Refugee Travel document issued in USA

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