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I was born in the US but migrated in the Philippines when I was 5 years old. My documents were taken by my aunts and told us they will take care of it and handle it. They told us they will take us back to the US before 18 th birthday. Both my parents are Filipino. And until now, I’m staying at the Philippines. Problem is, we couldn’t contact my aunts, and my uncle who also has contact with them doesn’t want to help us get our documents back. We didn’t received anything from the US embassy (they say we should have support but I’m not sure about this). All documents are with them except for my birth certificate. What is the best thing that I could do for this. I’m 23 now. Hope anyone could help me. Thank you.

java – Como crear la carpeta Documents en Android 10

Hola estoy utilizando el simulador con Android 10, donde no existe la carpeta Documents, por lo que la estoy intentando crear, pero no consigo crear dicha carpeta.

Este es el código que estoy utilizando:


<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />

Crear Carpeta.java extends Fragment

File CarpetaDocumentos = new File(getExternalStorageDirectory(), "Documents");

      boolean mkdir = CarpetaDocumentos.mkdir();
      if (!mkdir) {
         Toasty.warning(getActivity(), "Error al crear la carpeta Documentos ", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT, true).show();

También he probado con este código:

String RutaDocumentos = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() + "/Documents/";
File CarpetaDocumentos = new File(RutaDocumentos);

También tengo aceptados los premisos para poder leer y escribir en la memoria externa.

Como no se puede crear la carpeta Documents ?


swift – Quando clico “create a new XCode project” não aparece a tela dos modelos no XCODE, como documents, Sigle view afp e etc

Eu sou surdo-cego-cadeirante.
Estou usando o XcacBook com um display Braille.

Eu criei um projeto, não consegui compilar e quis tentar criar outro.
Nisso, quando cliquei em
“Create a new XCode project”
ele mostra coisas como
“Editor arrea”, e algo como “Related” e coisas assim, como se a área de edição
estivesse aberta.
Como faço para aparecer a tela do template novamente?

Me digam com teclas de atalho.


How to arrange documents in a collection alphabetically in mongodb?

How do I arrange my document names in a collection alphabetically and henceforth make my searches for a particular document faster?
Say I have a million documents in a collection. I want to search for a single document as fast as possible and I believe doing it alphabetically is fastest. How do I do it?

spfx – After deploying SharePoint extension locally, It is not displaying context menu for Document Library folders and Documents

I have created an SharePoint Extension for Context menu on Folders and Documents. It is working fine as expectation in debug mode but after deploying it(tried locally only), I am not able to see Context Menu for neither Folders nor documents.

<Elements xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/">
        ClientSideComponentProperties="{&quot;leafletNew&quot;:&quot;LeafletNew.&quot;, &quot;leafletEdit&quot;:&quot;LeafletEdit.&quot;,&quot;leafletCustomization&quot;:&quot;LeafletCustomization&quot;}">

I have uploaded .sppkg file and added it to Site Content.

Need to Give User Group Ability to Edit Documents but not Download or Sync Library

Have a Requirement to have a User Group be able to Edit Documents, but not be able to download them or sync the library in a O365 Online Sharepoint Site.

But I need other users to be able to still sync the library.

Need to Give User Group Ability to Edited Documents but not Download or Sync Library

Have a Requirement to have a User Group be able to Edit Documents, but not be able to download them or sync the library in a O365 Online Sharepoint Site. But I need other users to be able to still sync the library.

covid 19 – What documents are required to enter the Czech Republic for medical treatment?

Israeli citizens can now visit the Czech Republic but tourism is not officially permitted:

Travel for the purpose of tourism, or visiting friends, is not yet possible. Protective measures of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic include the closure of hotels and other accommodation facilities. Among essential travel belong e.g. business meetings, exigent official meetings, court proceedings, care for children and family members, necessary hospital treatments, accompanying family members, attending funeral service, participation in education, university exams, participation in gatherings that were approved by the Ministry of Health.

If one is coming in for a medical treatment, what exact documents are required to be shown at the border?

NB: I will answer this question from personal experience within two weeks. Adding it here in case someone already knows the answer.

Content query web part roll up documents and pages

I have created metadata tags for our site content. Site content includes both pages in the pages library and pdfs in document libraries. Content is spread out throughout the site. Is there a way for the cqwp to pull back content from both the document and pages libraries?

How to query only documents from a library filtering out folders

I need to get all documents from a lib. I use Get files (properties only). It returns docs and folders as well as separate items. How I can set a query to return only docs?