sharepoint online – How to filter list items and documents

You can probably do this with an Embed Web Part. I made one today that filtered a list of workflow tasks by a document selected from a library.

** Warning: I have not tested this with dates! You will need to determine the date format required. And be aware that SharePoint dates also have a time part. You may need to add a calculated column to create a "date only" date column.

You need two things: an Embed Web Part and how to filter from a URL query string. I wrote a blog on query string filters a long time ago:

What is described in the article works up to and including SharePoint Online. The only additional thing is that if you are using a modern user interface list in the Embed web part, you need to add
useFiltersInViewXml = 1 at URL.


Add an Embed Web Part to a modern user interface page.

Click the Embed Web Part.

If the properties panel does not appear to the right of the page, click the Edit button in the Web Part.

Click on the "…" then on Connect to source.

Click the Connect to Source drop-down list and click the name of your library.

Now for the fun part! Click in the "Website Address or Embedding Code" box.

Create the HTML code for an IFRAME. Adjust the height and width as needed.

Between the SRC quotes, paste the URL of your list and make the following changes:


Check an item in your "filter list" and the "filtered list" should only display filtered items.

visual studio – C # Play and display files. (Word documents, PDF)

I have done some research and tried to use only the Open File dialog, but it only reads text files.
I read on ITextSharp and OpenOffice but I couldn't code them myself.

I am trying to create a file reader system where it can read documents such as PDF and Word documents, then I will code a function where it will search for regular expressions such as credit cards and phone numbers ;identification.

But I'm currently stuck on reading files and creating If..Else functions.
For example: if the file type is not == Word Doc, otherwise if the file type == PDF …

Detection of duplicate documents

please which python library can i use to implement duplicate document detection which uses LSH with random projection?

macos – Can't download documents or downloads in Catalina?

I just exported an application markdown file to my Documents folder. I can see it in the Finder, but I can't see it from ls or emacs. Can someone explain to me what's going on and how to access my files?

>> ls -las ~/Documents ~/Downloads 
/Users/rich/Documents: ls: Documents: Operation not permitted
/Users/rich/Downloads: ls: Downloads: Operation not permitted

PowerShell script to unlock documents in SharePoint Online

I have a document library in which documents should be checked out, but when I create a new document, as an administrator, I can't check it in because the required fields are empty and, at the same time, I cannot modify them because there is a lock created by myself.

I read that I couldn't do anything through the user interface and I should wait up to 10 minutes before backing up the properties, someone says it may take longer of 10 minutes but, anyway, I can't wait nor 10 minutes: I would like to write a PowerShell script to launch each time I have to unlock my documents but I can't find anything that could work with SharePoint Online (only for SharePoint Server): advice?

Thanks in advance.

Submit-PnPSearchQuery – Is this search done in documents?

We have several documents on our online SharePoint site. We need to write a Powershell script which will return a list of all documents containing a specific word. Is this command supposed to return content this way?

Example: Submit-PnPSearchQuery "my name" where any document that includes this sentence in the body of the sentence must be returned in the result lines.

documentation – local (Chinese) help documents don't initially respond using? or?

One of my Chinese friend's MMA12, running Windows 10 Pro X64, does not respond to help documents when ? or ?? is used.
enter description of image here

We can access the local help documents by clicking on the wolframe document in the menu.
enter description of image here

Now the ?Plot and ??Plot would respond and give you the local option…
enter description of image here

Everything works fine after launching the wolframe document, even now it would work …

enter description of image here

** Main question **
Why wouldn't it work in the first place ??
We checked in the Preference but i haven't seen anything unusual …

Is there a way to convert gmail attachments to gmail documents and replace them in the message with links to the reader file?

My Google Reader folder is 12.8 GB. 11 of that is gmail, with a ton of photos sent between me and my customers.

Gmail doesn't include medium resolution photos (which are mostly, and I don't mind the rest being converted) Gmail also doesn't include converted files – pdf, word docs converted to google docs, Excel sheets converted to google docs.

Is there a way to replace attachments with links to the corresponding Google file?

I'm looking for a way to automatically convert documents in Sharepoint Workflow to automatically convert to PDF

I'm looking for a way to convert existing Word, Excel to automatically convert to PDF using a SharePoint workflow.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Russian citizens – My wife applied for a Schengen visa through Russia and was rejected on the basis of forged documents

My wife paid a travel agency to help her get a Schengen visa. It was surprisingly rejected as we have participated in dozens of trips to Europe together.
The rejection letter was alarming and we don't know what to make of it. The travel agency has no answers. The hotel and plane tickets are in my hands and valid. Nothing in the app seems wrong.
The rejection letter states:
"The diplomatic mission of Moscow has verified your visa application. The visa application is rejected. This decision is based on the following reasons: The purpose and conditions of the intended stay have not been established. 2. One or several Member States consider that they constitute a threat to public order, internal security and public health in accordance with Article 2 No 21 of Regulation (EC) No 2016/399 (Schengen Borders Code) or to the international relations of one or more Member States. the purpose and the conditions of the intended stay were not credible.

The hotel / flight reservation you have submitted has since been canceled.
You have attempted to deceive the Embassy by submitting false or falsified documents or by providing contradictory or incorrect information in the visa process. You have been informed against a signature in the visa application that incorrect information or the presentation of falsified documents may result in the rejection of your application. Your stay objective does not appear from the documents submitted3. You have provided conflicting information about the purpose of your stay. "

How often is my wife trying to reapply? There is no details as to why it is considered a security threat. Never had a problem with past visas or visits to Schengen countries …
Has anyone experienced all of this ??