Books – Highlighting an eBook on a Mac Doesn't Appear in Another Mac?

I highlighted one of my eBooks purchased from the Apple Books store on my professional Macbook, then waited and closed the app. Restart the computer, open the application and close the application. Now the highlights should have been synchronized. My iCloud is only half used (50%).

But when I opened this book on another Mac, none of the highlights were there. A Mac was running Catalina and a Mac was running Mojave.

Does this mean that I can highlight the whole book and that in the future it is likely that all of my highlights may simply disappear like steam?

ssh – Why doesn't this RSA key pair work on an ec2 instance?

I have a pair of RSA keys stored in files id_cloud_network and

Unfortunately, I did not generate it myself, so I am unable to say which exact command generated it.

For some reason, I cannot connect to an EC2 instance launched with the public key above provided. When I run the following

ssh -i id_cloud_network

SSH command returns an error Permission denied (publickey).

On the other hand, it works well for any other instance launched with a newly generated key pair (created via ssh-keygen).

So what's wrong with my old pair of keys?

I compared the contents of the file of my "bad" key pair and any other pair of keys in operation and I noticed that they have a similar structure:

  • Both private key files start with -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY---- and finish with -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
  • Both key pairs are 2048 bit
  • Operation ssh-keygen -yf id_cloud_network returns the exact coded key found in file. So I guess it's a legitimate key pair.

What else can i check?

(For obvious reasons, I don't attach the key pair).

Thank you!

.net – Why doesn't Wireshark recognize WCF traffic as TLS encrypted?

In a .NET application, the communication between the client and the service can be implemented using different links, NetTcpBinding to be one of them.

The class defines a named attribute Security, which, according to this article, is by default Transport.

This additional article explains how Transport works:

the NetTcpBinding The class uses TCP to transport messages. The security of the transport mode is ensured by the implementation of TLS (Transport Layer Security) over TCP. The TLS implementation is provided by the operating system.

It seems to me as if, when connecting with a WCF service, the client is performing TLS negotiation. However, if I look at traffic with Wireshark 3.2.3, traffic is only recognized as "TCP", with no TLS handshake in sight. If there is a TLS contact in progress, shouldn't Wireshark recognize it as such? Why does he only see generic "TCP data"?

AWS CloudWatch doesn't invoke my lambda

A few days ago, I hit my cloudwatch and it suddenly stopped working.

I've tried creating cloudwatch and lambda rules again, but it still doesn't work.

I tried everything, but nothing solves it.

When you test with lambda, it works fine.

Anyone know a solution?

thank you,


images – Facebook preview content doesn't seem to support javascript

You can explicitly control the image used by Facebook by implementing OpenGraph markup on your page. That way Facebook won't have to "guess" or "choose one" by itself.

Here is a Facebook document about it:

More specifically, you will need to add the following tag to your page head to specify the image of the web page poster:

To answer your follow-up question, it is impossible to use JavaScript to modify the image that is displayed when someone sticks your link in Facebook, because the crawler of Facebook does not analyze JavaScript.


You can however create a share button on your page which shares using a custom image. Note that in this case the image will only be defined if the user click on your custom share button. If they paste the link in Facebook to share, they'll just get the default image.

As far as I know, static or server-side opengraph tags are the only way to explicitly define an image when a URL is pasted into Facebook to share.

why doesn't Mathematica evaluate this limit or simplify the expression?

I have calculated c1, d1, …, d2 before they are parametric expressions and I want to evaluate the limit shown in the image but mathematical 11.1 does not limit the final expression nor does it simplified.

enter description of image here

javascript – Weebly Hamburger menu doesn't work on mobile view

enter description of image hereI have a site hosted on Weebly ( and when it's full screen, the menu is obviously not obscured or requires responsiveness, so it works well. However, when I reduce the page size to the size of a mobile device that triggers the "Hamburger" or stack menu, the menu does not open or appear.

I think it has something to do with the theme and the JS which is not called correctly, however, the theme is standard apart from a different font applied.

I'm not too familiar with Weebly and it doesn't seem to have a Styles.css page, etc. like normal sites do, any help is appreciated. I think I have reduced the problem in the attached image, but I don't know how to fix it, as you can find the settings to do it. Any help appreciated.

thank you,

seo – Why doesn't Google Search Console get the back bio-link in my blog?

I wrote a few blogs, in order to create back-links for my website.

One of the websites that I have used is

I have my profile page: my profile page on c-sharpcorner

And I wrote the following three blogs (on c-sharpcorner):

  1. work with files and folders in s3 using aws-sdk-for-net
  2. submitting a form to different action methods in asp-net-mvc
  3. how-to-define-custom-password-validation-rules-in-asp-net-mvc

All these 3 blogs contain a link to my website at the bottom of the page:

enter description of image here

But when I open Google Search Console, only one link from c-sharpcorner the domain points to my website:

enter description of image here

Why doesn't Google Search Console take back links from my blogs? One of these blogs has been viewed 20,000 times and appears very high in Google search results … and has been there for 6 months.

infopath – Why doesn't my form load rule change a value?

My InfoPath form has several sections that I have configured to be hidden when the associated check boxes are checked.

When the form open on SharePoint, I want the values ​​of these check boxes to be set to TRUE, thus having all sections hidden.

In InfoPath, I created a rule for form loading to modify any of these values ​​as a test, but it doesn't hide the corresponding section. The only notable difference is that the check box has a red outline.

enter description of image here

Any reflection on a solution is appreciated.

tracing – Why Reap and Sow doesn't work here

Here in the first example it works
Reap(For(x = 1, x <= 10, x++, f(x);
Sow({x, f(x)})))((2, 1))

and I can plot x vs f (x).

but not here for a 3D plot for

f(x_, y_) := x + 1 + y^2
Reap(For(x = 1, x <= 10, x++, For(y = 1, y <= 10, y++, f(x, y);
Sow({x, y, f(x, y)}))))((2,1))