❕NEWS – Elon musk commented on DogeCoin again, claims Doge mining is a “Great Idea” | NewProxyLists

The crypto market has been down from the last 3 weeks. Despite some small jumps, the market mostly traded in red. The bearish trend continues. The doge also went down along with other cryptos and now trading near its pivot level which is 0.2950.

Meanwhile Elon Musk has again commented on Doge, Said the mining of Doge is a great idea. This came amidst the recent fall of Dogecoin. After the comment, the Doge responded and sharply gained from 0.2830 level to reach 0.3020 level but later again selling pressure increased and the price went south again.


❕NEWS – Tesla taxi is accepting dogecoin! | NewProxyLists

I believe that this tesla is actually different from teh one that elon musk has, and dogecoin makes sense for taxis as the fee are not very high and payment happens quickly as well, so it allows for the transaction to occur with minimal impact to the passenger.

blockchain – dogecoin wallet has 8954 coins 2017 how many dogecoin in 2021 do they grow?

blockchain – dogecoin wallet has 8954 coins 2017 how many dogecoin in 2021 do they grow? – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

❕NEWS – Should a portion of dogecoin be cut or burned | NewProxyLists

One of the main concerns when it comes to any cryptocurrency is the supply of the cryptocurrency because that determines the market and respective demand. However if there is a large supply of a cryptocurrency then the value of the currency is stunted quite considerably. In order to try and increase this value it is important to limit the supply. Therefore do you believe that it would be in the best interest of the cryptocurrency community in order to reduce the current circulation of dogecoin that is available? What are your thoughts on this?


❓ASK – Is dogecoin just a pump and dump coin? | NewProxyLists

If it does hit $1 then people will take it more seriously and it will go up to $5 and $10 possibly, this takes time of course, it doesn’t just happen overnight but there can be significant spikes in very short periods of time but this is usually followed up by a correction. I have seen a few cycles of DOGE already and I don’t think it would ever crash, it just might lose the hype and stabilize.

It has certainly earned it’s merits DOGE :]

How to get private key from dogecoin wallet android app

As title, I’ve got an encrypted string, which gives me .org.dogecoin.production.blabla (or something like this) after I use openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -md md5 -a -in ENCRYPTEDFILE -out dogecoin-wallet-decrypted

After browsing, some gives me the idea to go through BIP39. Anyway, actually I don’t understand it, though I did find a 12 words Mnemonic code.

So what’s next ? Thanks for any help.

mining hardware – Can I mine Dogecoin using an old laptop with 2GB RAM

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wallet.dat – Recovering dogecoin wallet

My brother and I had some dogecoins from way back. He reformatted his hard drive at least once, maybe twice.

I have no hope in recovering them but I am going to try. People are telling me to not even bother turning the computer on to use a program like Recuva or whatever. They’re telling me to keep it turned off and create an image of the hard drive.

I have no idea how to go about data recovery in a smart way. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has a data recovery company that is actually trustworthy and would likely not bone me, that would be great as well. But I would like to approach this on my own if possible.

how to forking for Dogecoin?

Hello I want to create my own altcoin from dogecoin cource please tell me if anyone have idea how to do that thank you.

❕NEWS – Dogecoin beats Twitter and Ford | NewProxyLists

Dogecoin, which is frequently brought to the agenda by Elon Musk, is worth $ 49.8 billion. Based on the current situation, Ford Motor Company is worth $ 45.2 billion and Twitter is worth $ 44.1 billion. Apparently, $ 49.8 billion worth of Dogecoin is now worth more than Twitter and Ford.
What would you like to say about this?

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