domain name system – Adding a private name server to the public DNS zone for a subdomain

We have a DNS zone configuration on Azure that resolves all of our records on our base domain (for example: We also have an internal DNS server using BIND and are currently duplicating records on public and private DNS.

I'm trying to configure DNS to use private DNS for the * subdomain and use public DNS for *

To test this, I created an entry in the main zone file on the private DNS server

testhost.pvt IN      A

On azur, I added an NS record for pointing to the IP of my private DNS server

I am able to resolve when using private DNS, but it doesn't work from public DNS.

Is there another network setting to do? (Private DNS is not accessible from the Internet)

htaccess – transfer website from a folder in public_html to a root domain

I just transferred my website from to by moving the folder where everything was stored (newsite) to my public_html to make it the root domain. Now I get several problems with my error_log and the website loads very very slowly. The error log tells me things like:

PHP warning: current () expects parameter 1 to be an array, boolean given
online 79

I thought URLs containing should be rewritten via .htaccess

Will this solve the problem? If so, what would be the rewrite code? I have tried:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^example.comnewsite$ (NC)
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ "$1" (R=301,L)

seo – Multiple IP addresses for the same domain worldwide, should I use the same SSL certificate?

I have placed my domain on different IPs on 3 continents, should I copy the same requested SSL certificate to all the different servers or is it OK to use the different certificates generated by each individual server?

Can it cause problems?
I’ve seen Google start sending a lot less traffic and I’m trying to debug.

DNS is defined by Amazon route 53 and it returns the IP of the server closest to the visitor (based on latency in fact).

Domain vs entity model? Domain-driven design (DDD)?

In this github,, under the Transaction.Framework project, there are entities (located in Data / Entities)

  • AccountSummaryEntity.cs
  • AccountTransactionEntity

and in the domain folder, there is a domain model:

  • AccountSummary.cs
  • AccountTransaction.cs
  • TransactionResult.cs

From what I've observed, entities are mostly used for repositories while the domain model is used for almost everything else, like validating business logic. Is it known as domain-driven design?

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dns – Definition of NS for the subdomain to another zone hosted with the same Apex domain

Although unusual, you can certainly delegate to a different set of name servers than

There is no reason for name servers to cache authoritative name servers on as authoritative for, so this problem will never happen.

But by delegating www you close the option for example to have it as CNAME, and I just mention it for completion, because it looks exactly what you want to fly away.

Say differently: if your zone a NS records for to delegate it to a second set of name servers, you CANNOT have a CNAME save on www in the zoned. This configuration will not be accepted by any decent name server, those authoritative on would / should refuse to load such a zone.

Authoritative name servers for must be authoritative for this is their top, not They cannot be configured to be authoritative for example.comneither can they CNAME record for www as because this is their top and therefore already has SOA and NS records that does CNAME impossible presence. This part is not very clear of your question, so not sure to follow (things are much clearer with the real names and the search results …)

Note of course that the name servers for must be "real" name servers that respond correctly to DNS for many things, not just A request types, such as SOA and NS record types.
I am writing this because from experience when I have seen people delegate www it was often a case of closing boxes acting as a load balancer and handling both HTTP (S) and DNS traffic, unfortunately they were often very broken at DNS level (no response to NS requests for example or response NS queries with A recordings pointing to themselves or other nightmares …) that have created all kinds of difficult cases. So just by the way, be sure to delegate your www to something that really acts like a name server and not just pretends to be one on the surface.

Also, you might not want to hear that, but still, since your premise is "CNAME always changes and the person who controls CNAME only has control of zone 2." and then you try to work around that, the real proper solution is instead: CNAME

then your supplier is free to play with the file as much as he wants and even make it a CNAME changing every 5 minutes. He has total control over him, and you have given him authority through your own CNAME this will remain once and for all, without you really having to delegate, at the DNS level, part of your zone to other name servers.

I am not claiming that it is the same case, but observe the similarity:

$ dig +noall +ans  8m51s IN CNAME 7m25s IN CNAME 8m24s IN CNAME 14s IN A

Limit the resolution of the image on the download file for the specific domain woocommerce

when i add a product, i have a form with two fields "upload file".
(product image field) and (product gallery image field).

when the user uploads an image for the first field (product image field), I want to limit the size of the image to (640 * 640 max).

And when it uploads an image for the second field (product gallery image field)
I want to limit the size of the image to (300 * 300 max).

Is it possible to define different sizes for two specific fields?

Please note that I am using the media editor download for wordpress

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What is SEO for domain backlinks ..?

Hello friends,

What is SEO for domain backlinks ..?

Register a single letter Romanian domain?

There are many single letter .ro domains, but none seem to be for sale on any of the websites I have visited.
Where can I register, request or buy one like this? I wish to acquire The domain does not seem to be in use.