Develop a WordPress site using an existing domain name

Of course, this can be easily done by updating the host file of your system.

Basically, your domain would continue to use the name servers of Company A.

You would like to create an hosting account with Company B using the same domain name. They would usually provide you with the shared IP address to which your account is assigned, but otherwise, contact their support to ask what is the shared IP address you have assigned.

Once you have received the shared IP address (, you can update the host file of your system (the procedure will vary depending on your computer's operating system) to direct your domain to that shared IP address ( Once this is done, loading the domain through your computer would direct you to Company B's server. Anyone else visiting your website would continue to upload Company A's server data. When you are satisfied with your new site Web, you can then update your domain to use Company B's name servers.

However, take note of any other data that may need to be transferred. For example, email data, custom DNS entries, and so on. These must be copied separately. Your new hosting provider (ie company B) should be able to help you.

I have a question about domain transfer

It may sound like a beginner's question, but it's confusing for me.
If anyone can explain that, I would be grateful.

I have this website (domain + hosting) with a company. registered on 18 September 2018 for one year.
The hosting + domain pack will expire on September 17, 2019.
I want to keep this area but not with this company.
So, should I transfer this domain or renew with another company?
And when?
If I transfer this domain to a new company, today, June 23, 2019.
Will it have expired on June 22, 2020 or September 17, 2019?

My main question is –
Should I transfer this domain now? or wait for its expiration date and renew it with a new hosting company?


Looking for a reseller of domain names .. or just an affiliate

I have a website where people are looking for whois. I want to find the best domain program to integrate to get commission on domains. I really do not want to manage billing or many details, but I would like to be able to integrate the domain spinner to my site with links to buy your purchases.

Recommendations for my best options? Are there many domain affiliate programs where I can simply link to

email – Yahoo email domain change issues

I have the facebook account of a friend who was connected to the domain For password recovery, the password reset mail is sent to mail.

However, I learned that Yahoo Mail stopped providing the .in domain now and only used the .com domain. When creating a new login, an email with is created. And we are not able to recover the mails that are sent to Account. In addition, fb does not allow changing the password without mail. Is there a way to connect to the fb account and get out of this loop?

Domain Renewal and Free SSL

I had a domain for GoDaddy and I had to pay for renewal and SSL every year, but I found a company that pays for domains and the SLL if you order a service from them. It worked in my case, you have to ask them because you do not write it on the website

The diversity of Google's SERP only contains two results from one domain

Finally, Google now limits SERP lists to two results of a domain.

java – domain name API for multiple key objects

We implement an API and want to follow best practices for naming endpoints. However, during the design, we found a challenge. We have some objects where the key of the objects is a combination of three keys: key1, key2, key3.

We followed for other objects (for example, orders) the model:

    api / orders? fiter1 = value1 & filter2 = value2 # To retrieve the list of commands that have not been filled by the filters.
api / orders / {key} # To retrieve a specific order

But what if the key is actually a combination key in the database, for example, the combination of the day and the name of the person, for example?

Some developers follow this approach:

1 /

    api / order? day = 2017-05-20 & name = Bob # I do not like this approach because the end points are singular. 

2 /

    api / orders / {month} / {name} # Do not like because it's really naughty

I've seen a different approach, which I like very much:

    api / orders / {date: name} 

In this idea, the key is created by combining the two properties. Is this a good approach?

Domain Registrar Price Comparisons | Promotion Forum

I guess we can all find this site with a simple search on Google, but this is the site I liked to use whenever I was looking for an agreement on a domain. I used to have domains on 5 to 6 different registrars, but I decided to migrate them all to NameCheap at one time. Keeping in touch with domains on multiple registrars can be irritating. Still, I just came across this website, so I thought I'd share it.

Which site (s) do you use to find the best prices on the domains or do you always stick to a single registrar, whatever the price?

When you try other recording desks, be sure to pay close attention to all the details. There are many registrars who charge a dollar for this initial registration, but renewal fees are outrageous beyond that. You can expect to transfer your domain to this situation, but I would be reluctant to deal with these types of registrars. In addition, if you are interested in Whois protection, some registrars (such as NameCheap and Dynadot) tell you with the cost of the domain. If you absolutely need Whois protection, you should also pay close attention to the cost.

seo – My domain name is not looking but few other pages are looking

This question already has an answer here:

It's really weird but it happens. The domain is about 6 months old and was built with WordPress. It was hacked (a lot of pages were added after the domain name in Chinese, etc. I could see using site:, but I do not get any more clicks from those hacked pages.

Now he is in different accommodations and built from scratch, no longer using WordPress. I've submitted a new site to Google and it shows indexed. One of the pages ( appears even in the google search on page 1/2.

However, when I type the domain name & # 39; domain & # 39; in research. It is not there. It shows whois domain, or another extension, but not Looks like my domain does not exist at all?

Is removing a domain from the search console and starting from scratch useful? Does checking domain ownership with different methods help you?

Even the brand new site appears after a week or two, but something is happening here. Can any one help me solve this problem?

We would like to call an observed event from the administrator and the API, which domain to use?

I would like to call an event observed from the administrator and the API, in which domain should I place my events.xml file?