[ Politics ] Open question: Do you like Donald Trump?

[ Politics ] Open question: Do you like Donald Trump? .

How is it that Donald Trump does not think that white nationalism is not a growing problem?

Because he needs their votes, it's as simple as that!

Think about it, who are the white nationalists who will vote for Trump? He embarked them with his rhetoric of hatred and now he must stay on the message and abstain from any condemnation!

He does not care what they do, his number one priority is himself, nothing else matters!

It's the most shameful president in the history of the United States !!!


[ Politics ] Open question: What color does Donald Trump paint his toenails?

Does he paint a red, a blue and a white? .

What is the likelihood that Donald Trump will be charged and convicted?

How was copper wire invented?
Two Jews were arguing for a penny.

Why do Jews have big noses?
Because the air is free.

Why did the Jews roam the desert for 40 years?
Because one of them lost a quarter.

Have you heard about the new Israeli car?
Not only can he stop at the room, but he will come back for it.


[ Politics ] Open question: Should Donald Trump give us a free college?

[ Politics ] Open question: Should Donald Trump give us a free college? .

[ Politics ] Open question: Describe Donald Trump in one word?

[ Politics ] Open question: Describe Donald Trump in one word? .

Would he be smart about Donald Trump's resignation before Congress presented articles of dismissal?

He can not be removed without the GOP Senate. GOPs are unlikely to eliminate it based on purely political dismissal. This means that concrete evidence of wrongdoing would be needed, not just a few items that look like dots to bind with bits of yarn on the corkboard of a conspirator.

I have little doubt that the GOP would like to get rid of Trump if there was real evidence. But Trump's base is big enough to not do it, because the Democrats shouted loudly.


IF you could ONLY compare Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, just on what you actually heard on video, in the news or in?

Former AR First Lady, former US Lady, former rock star in New York, former Secretary of State (read Hillary's "Hard Choices" for more details), and our legendary 45th President of the United States, wife of balanced budget, US President Bill Clinton, renowned for his success and his beloved, has generated a surplus of $ 362 billion (counterbalanced by the fact that President Bill Clinton and his first Congress, controlled by the Democrats, in 1992, were able to adopt a rate of% — something for which not even a Republican in Congress has voted, so no Republican can legitimately boast of Clinton's balanced budget ("The Clinton Presidency" : main achievements ┬╗available online).

Hillary Rodham Clinton was and remains the most experienced and competent candidate of the American president in the history of our great country. Candidate Hillary had chosen billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban (of "Shark Tank") as secretary of labor once she took office to ensure that this benefit sharing is implemented, can -because Cuban gives all his employees a profit-sharing, and if he has to sell one of his businesses, he divides the proceeds of the sale with the employees of that company.

Another Hillary project was to increase the minimum wage to $ 12.10 by the hour, but to then link the minimum wage to the consumer price index, so that the wage employees increase proportionally as prices rise.

Vladimir Putin, trained at the KGB, fears Hillary Clinton and attacks. Why? It is the Secretary of State Hillary who pleaded for the application of US and European economic sanctions to Russia to the insiders and banks of the Russian billionaire MAFIA, so that these initiates of Putin do press Putin so that he puts an end to his aggression that seizes power … Putin led by the ego. Strong women intimidate Putin, the little man who is aging.

Compare that with the Donald Trump detailed in "The Making of Donald Trump" by Pulitzer Prize winner David Cay Johnston (2016), and in the 2018 book by Republican activist Rick Wilson, "Everything Trump Touches Dies" . Trump has no budget in place, but continues strutting in his 4 lifts to take an undeserved credit for Obama's economy. Trump and his family are committing daily violations of the US Constitution's clause on emoluments, and Trump himself has had the lure that Trump has on "his father" for Vladimir Putin, formed by the KGB (Nance , 2018), represents a very clear and present danger for the United States, and the stench of corruption and crime, compounded by long-standing trade relations between Trump and the Russian MAFIA, should alarm even the most duped and the most ardent of the United States.

As a former US military, I was alarmed by the fact that the only budget submitted by Parliament to Congress in 2017 was to remove the individual compensation rate from the unemployed veterans of the war if these disabled heroes were over 65 – which resulted in the presence of veterans in wartime. 70's, 80's and even 90's plagued by immediate poverty! We lobbied like crazy and the bill died in the Senate, thank God!

Donald Trump cares only about Donald Trump – an evil and narcissistic evil and unstable sociopath who has absolutely nothing to do in the White House! We should have HILLARY.


Are the Liberals just jealous of the fact that Donald is making real progress in North Korea while they were making fun of Obama and making the rounds of it?

Do not fool yourself for a moment: the NK government is not "mocking and walking" everywhere. They are probably astonished at the stupidity and credulity of this man and play Trump's bizarre obsession with people like Kim, Putin and Erdo─čan. They probably see someone easily corrupted, compromised and use it for the pathetic disposable tool that it is. I know that you and your collection of Trump followers are so desperate that your beloved leader is the man that he claims to be, that you will do everything you can to make him look so … lie to support lies, striving to find her an apology as if she were a mentally handicapped child, but the rest of us see the forest for the trees. How can we not? Although Trump lies more than any other person in history, he is terribly, terribly bad … and his actions cry out for treason and betrayal. Do yourself a favor and extract yourself from worship. There is help available, you just have to want it.


[ Politics ] Open question: What do you think about knowing that Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?

[ Politics ] Open question: What do you think about knowing that Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? .