Will Donald Trump be re-elected in 2020?

No, he will not do it!

Think about it, its base is mostly made up of seniors, a considerable number who voted in 2016 will be dead by 2020! By 2020, there will be many young people who will vote for the first time, most of whom will NOT vote for him or for the Republicans!

Then take into account the many people he has alienated and generated hatred, not to mention the huge female vote, in which he planted and encouraged the religious right to the point that they now have the confidence to take radical measures to control their situation. bodies and lives!

Also consider that he has a Republican main candidate in Bill Weld, history shows that, regardless of its size, this support still has a devastating impact on the outgoing president!

You do not know if you've seen the Mayor of Justin Amash, but this guy is as conservative as they come, and what he said about this president and these Republicans in Congress earned him a standing ovation!

Outside of its hard base, I think people have had more than the belly of this selfish rhetoric and constant lie, and they're fed up! And it's time to get rid of this terrible malignant tumor that is tearing this country !!!


Would Donald Trump be in jail now if he was not in power?


Why do people support Donald Trump?

Donald Trump perfectly represents his base, which hates the fact that other Americans have elected a black president and the constitution that allows it. They chose a man who hired prostitutes to urinate on a bed because Obama had slept there to urinate on the Constitution, to express their contempt for her and for us.

The more rude and oppressive he is, the more they like him. Trump's base is fueled by anger and hatred, as evidenced by the hateful angry enemies who dominate this site. Who better than Trump could express his rage and contempt for equality-seeking minorities and liberal racist traitors who agree with them?


[ Politics ] Open question: Do you think Donald Trump will win the presidential election in 2020?

[ Politics ] Open question: Do you think Donald Trump will win the presidential election in 2020? .

What is your opinion of President Donald Trump?

Without a doubt, Trump is the most underrated man in the history of mankind. As the Democrats see him as incompetent, stupid and criminal, they feel that he had to cheat to be elected. There are enough Republicans (never deceivers) who would prefer that Hillary be elected to pose a problem to Trump's majority in the Senate. Washington's bureaucracy views Trump as an existential threat. His promise to "drain the swamp" terrifies them. Trump appoints conservative judges to Supreme Court. This is another existential threat to the left.

In general, Trump is 180 degrees from all other presidents in the history of the United States. He is neither a politician nor a member of the army. Trump will never think, act, speak, or negotiate like a politician. Frankly, the vast majority of politicians are usually ineffective because they are afraid to displease their constituents. They have been transformed into a laughing stock.

Still, Trump wins on almost every front. It's absolutely breathtaking.

So, let me explain Donald Trump. As an American CEO, he wants two things for America. He wants the government to do his job and he wants America to make a profit. It's as simple as that. That's the message that Trump's supporters are hearing. During his gatherings, he speaks to the bleeding seats of the nose. It talks about prosperity, jobs, legality, strength, equal opportunity, justice. When he is attacked, for the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat Trump shares with the Americans (overflown), he defends himself. That is why his followers love him. He is their champion. They feel honored when marsh creatures used "deplorable" as derogatory.


Will Donald Trump imprison for all the crimes he's committed?

J & # 39; hope. He may try to forgive himself but it may not work. He can resign and get Pence's Grace if he loses the 2020 elections. He may escape to another country and ask for asylum before he can be arrested. He can commit suicide if he knows that he is going to be arrested. Or he may die of a heart attack, AIDS or other illness before he can be stopped. These are all possibilities.

Pardons only work for federal crimes. New York State Prepares Charges Against It, and Presidential Grants Will Not Help It Not to Be Sentenced at State Level, Though Supreme Court Can not Very Highly Appear May Supreme Court Judge Unconstitutional indicting people level for the same crime. If this is the case, a presidential pardon may prevent states from pursuing it. The Supreme Court is currently reviewing a case and it must decide whether the constitutional prohibition of dual criminality means that the federal government or states can not prosecute a criminal for the same crime. At present, for example, if a person is acquitted of murder at the state level, the federal government can accuse him of violating the civil rights of the person who was killed. If the Supreme Court decides that there is a double criminality, a presidential pardon from Pence can also erase the accusations made against him by the state.

The forgiveness of Richard Nixon by Ford says that Nixon was forgiven for all the crimes committed by Nixon up to the date of the grant of pardon. This means that even a presidential pardon can not erase future crimes. This means that if Trump is forgiven, he can still be prosecuted for the crimes that he committed after the date on which the pardon is granted. Given the criminal nature of Trump, there is no way to stop committing crimes after he has been pardoned. The question is whether he lives long enough to be sent to jail.


Is it true that every time Donald Trump speaks, he lies?

If Trump said the sky was blue, I would look out the window to make sure it was true. This man is a pathological liar and I would not trust anything, he says.

And the Mueller Report contained no conclusion, Mueller knew that the US Department of Justice has a long-standing policy of not indicting a sitting president. He was already figured handcuffed the first day. Mueller had to leave it to Congress.

And there was NO "exoneration" on Mueller's part – it was just more of Trump's tendrils.

Trump himself dyed that sickly orange, and he made an obvious nausea when he announced his candidacy. Falsifying his skin color was a lie. And then there was the crowd at the same event, who were hired by a casting company. Trump started with two huge lies before saying a word. When you have managed to lie, why would you stop? And then you have Kellyanne "Alternative Facts" Conway who tried to make the lie acceptable.


[ Politics ] Open question: What do you think of Donald Trump?

[ Politics ] Open question: What do you think of Donald Trump? .

Does Donald Trump have anything to do with Ken Kercheval's death?

As of the summer of 2016, Assange and WikiLeaks made a number of statements
Seth Rich, a former DNC staff member who was killed in July 2016. Statements about
Rich falsely implied that he had originally been stolen emails from the DNC. August 9, 2016,
The Twitter account @WikiLeaks has been published: "ANNOUNCEMENT: WikiLeaks has decided to publish a
A reward of US $ 20,000 for information that led to the conviction of the murder of Seth Rich, DNC staff member. "180
Similarly, on August 25, 2016, Assange was interviewed in an interview: "Why are you so interested in
The killer of Seth Rich? And replied: "We are very interested in anything that could pose a threat to
alleged sources of Wikileaks. "The interviewer responded to Assange's statement by commenting,
"I know you do not want to reveal your source, but you seem to suggest a man
who leaked information to WikiLeaks was later murdered. Assange replied, "If there is anyone there
who is potentially connected to our publication, and this person was murdered in suspicious


Why is Donald Trump continuing to attack the Mueller report on Twitter which, according to him, totally absolves him of crimes?

Yes, Mueller's inability to support any type of charge against Trump or his campaign is actually an "exoneration".

Mueller's message to Congress is: "I have nothing but if you want to continue to harass the president, you continue without me."