Dose using wordpress builders affect SEO rank?

In our blog, we used to use the normal WordPress editor to publish any new post to our blog,
but now we aim to use a unified skeleton for each post where each post is divided into 4 or 5 different sections.
we used wpbakery to implement the general post-template since our main theme pages were build using it.
the main difference from HTML point of view between the new post page and the old post page is that in the WordPress normal editor (old page) we have a series of P tags with some H2,3 tags and image tags, all of these are encapsulated inside one content div.
while in the new implementation each section title is encapsulated in two divs and section body in two divs. (see the sample page attached below to get a better view of what I mean)

I tried to use different article extraction tools and they all were able to extract the page content without any problem.

the main question now is :
dose implementing these changes to the post structure using wpbakery affect the SEO rank in any bad way

old post sample :

new post sample :

PHPmyMyadmin dose not work [closed]

I enter my username and password, I will not share it, and I know I typed it correctly and it just works on the login page,

iphone – After building chromium for iOS the output .app file dose not work on iPad

When I build chromium for IOS I got the output .app file when I tested it in iPhone 6s IOS 13 it worked fine but when I tried to install it on a iPad mini 2 running iOS 12 it did not install. No errors on the iPad, just a message saying that chromium did not install please try again later. Dose anyone know how to fix this. Is iOS 12 no longer compatible.

An example such that the continuous function defined on the sequences space dose not have a fixed point.

I want to find an example such that in this space:

$l^2 = ((x_n):x_n in R, sum^infty_nx_n^2<infty)$ with the $L^2$ norm,

a continuous function $f(x_n)$ maps the closed unit ball $B$ to itself does not have a fixed point.

I tried to define mapping $(x_n)rightarrow (y_n)$ and show that it does not have a fixed point. I tried to define $y_1=(1-||x||)^.5$, but I stuck here.

Could please anyone give me some hint about how to give this example and how to prove it well-defined?

what signed power per dose means? And how to calculate it

! [in this image, the yellow part represents the signed power, how is its exponential part different from the exponential part of a general power function? Is it calculated in the same way as the general power function ?
] 1

How to dose a phone when it has a battery or how to make it seem like it has one

I'm trying to play on an edge of the samsung galaxy s7 with no battery on it but it just lights up shows a logo and then turns off again i think it knows it doesn & # 39; There is no battery inside so if someone knows what to connect to make it think it has one

Dose this infected look? | Yahoo replies

I do not think so. But keep it clean. It doesn't look too bad now. I had similar things clarified there. So I wouldn't worry.

If it starts to hurt, get medical attention. I know doctors are expensive. So you don't want to go there for no good reason.

Sources] Personal experience with similar daughters-in-law.

Transactions – How Bitcoin Dose Finds and Checks UTXO? is it effective?

How does Bitcoin dose find and check UTXO?

By Bitcoin, I think you have to say "bitcoin core" – the Bitcoin wallet software derived from the original reference implementation by Satoshi Nakamoto. The word Bitcoin also encompasses all of the specific concepts described in the Bitcoin White Paper, Network Protocol Definitions, Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPS), the global network of Bitcoin nodes and users. Bitcoin, etc.

The best way to manage Bitcoin UTXO is to better analyze the source code. However, I can deduce that even if an error occurs, it will show that the problem that concerns you is not a problem.

Bitcoin core maintains multiple sets of data files. The wallet.dat file is one of them. Another set consists of the data of the actual blockchain, represented in a series of files. There may be other sets of data.

I know that blockchain is never changed by a previous block

Yes, but that does not mean that some Bitcoin software must have a persistent storage format that exactly follows the layout of the blocks on the network. The software can store the data in a standardized SQL database and rebuild the blocks only when it is necessary to recheck the hashes, signatures, and so on. – which should normally be checked only once when the block is first received. Such a data storage arrangement would allow many additional fields and associated tables to store additional information, such as an indicator indicating whether an TXO object had been subsequently used. UTXO). Alternatively, Blockchain data could be stored in exactly as received files and auxiliary files used to store additional indexes of block numbers and transaction IDs associated with addresses of interest or a table of UTXO added and deleted at the arrival and closure of blocks. checked and processed.

he must check all the blocks to see if TXO (reference to UTXO) exists or not.

No, just check each block once. After that, he can consult an effective index in a separate small separate table current UTXO that it manages independently of the real data of the blockchain.

I have a good idea. it's that we should score something in the UTXO

Actually it's already done. Except that, most likely, the mark does not appear in a copy of the block structure of the blockchain, but in separate data structures that Bitcoin Core retains for this purpose.

It is not necessary to modify the agreed data structure of the block chain used to transmit blocks between nodes.

There is no need for a node software (wallet or not) to store blockchain blocks, especially SPV portfolios. They are all free to choose the implementation of internal storage and the formats that their designers consider to be in line with their objectives.

Nodes may need to be able to pass to other nodes the requested blocks that they have already received. But this could be achieved by rebuilding blocks from other completely different and more complete storage formats.

I would like to discuss my point.

Please note that it is a question-and-answer website and not a discussion forum. Try our chat room or another website (for example, reddit, facebook, twitter, etc.)

How Radiant Swift Keto Dose is Effective?

fast radiant keto

You can find these contact details when you click on a screenshot here and access the official website of Radiant Swift Keto. Answers may be possible with this upgrade. They are progressively doubtful if you recognize it as an instrument facilitated and just at the moment. If you take it in the longer term, the threat of answers increases.

menus – Adds a secondary nav that does not dose the molecule on small devices

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