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menus – Adds a secondary nav that does not dose the molecule on small devices

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workflow – The email dose does not work sharepoint 2016

I was configuring the virtual SMTP server
and outgoing mail in headquarters, as shown below

enter the description of the image here

when I test my mail smtp via the collection folder, I receive it but when we alert, I do not receive mail

This is my user management profile in headquarters; the professional email is empty.

enter the description of the image here

I do the synchronization but the mail is always empty

enter the description of the image here

when we make alert or the mail workflow is started I have not received mail

How many darts can you soak in a dose of poison? [on hold]

Are darts and arrows the same?

Dose Should the SSL certificate be needed to improve SEO?

Hi guys

I am new to SEO and so there are a lot of questions that come to mind and I choose this forum to learn it.

For the moment, I need to know if the SSL certificate is required to classify my site.
If I do not add an SSL certificate, will Google rank it?

Thank you

Weapons – How many arrowheads can I spray with a dose of poison?

I play against a rogue archer in a Dragon Age RPG campaign and I was looking for ways to improve my damage. One possibility that I discussed with my general manager was to coat my arrows with poison, but we could not find any rules or anything that says how many arrows I can smear with. a bottle of poison.

I guess I can not cover all my quiver (20 arrows) with a vial, but at the same time, having to use a flask per arrow looks like a lot of poison on an arrow, not to mention that it is extremely expensive.

I will take references to the official rules, forum posts on the subject from the creators of the game, or even homebrew rules, as a suggestion if none of the above exists.

NSolve dose does not work

I want to solve this eq & # 39;

((1 – t) r) / (1 – x) == Journal[Exp[(r t )/x] + 1 – Exp[r]

unsuccessfully, I tried to get a specific digital solution

nSolve[-(0.25/(1 - x)) == Log[1. + 0.606531 (-0.5 + x)], {X}

the exit is the same line as I wrote

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