double angular body label 7

I have a problem, because the angular generates a double label, so being contained in another screen is not complete, no matter what happened?

enter the description of the image here

Double body

7 – In the URL of the file, a double slash works, but not once

My website contains a URL to a PDF file, as shown in the HTML code below.

See the information here

After deploying it on a liver server, I can see the following URL:

Recently I have re-downloaded the PDF to the server via FTP. Please note that since I kept the same file name, the old PDF is replaced by the new PDF. Now I can see the new PDF using FTP.

Unfortunately, I am not able to see the changes in PDF. I still see the old PDF.

Surprisingly, when I used the URL below, I can see the new PDF-

The URL above contains a double slash character. Please note that I have cleaned the website cache and even tried other recently installed browsers, but the problem persists.

I want to see the new PDF. Any alternative, please?

Product Identification – Which game uses dice with engraved faces, weapon symbols, double weapon symbols and object symbols?

Note to reviewers, this question is part of several similar questions. It has been broken down so as not to violate any other guidelines. Although they are almost identical, they are not duplicates because they require the identification of different dice. This means that even though the questions are similar, they are not the same. In addition, as they each ask to identify different dice, the answers to each question will be very different, so these are not duplicates.

For readers, if you have already read another part of this series of questions, feel free to skip the text as it is the same, the only section you should focus on is the images themselves.

For reference, here are the rest of the questions in this series:

Which game uses dice with cyborg skulls instead of symbol 1?

Which game uses dice filled with glitter with an arrow-shaped symbol with hook-shaped symbols on each side?

Which game uses six-sided dice with symbols as well as numbers on the 5 and 6 sides?

Which game uses dice with engraved faces, weapon symbols, double weapon symbols and object symbols?

Which game uses dice with directional arrows, forbidden signs, explosions, arrows and reticles?

Some time ago, I bought a few bags of 2nd die from factory. Among these bags, there are a handful of dice that I could not identify immediately. I tried to check dice websites, search Google, and even use reverse image searches, to no avail. For some, I do not even know how to describe them in a concise way to search for them accurately.

What I want to know is what game are these dice? Or, if they do not come from a specific game, how they call. Below pictures of the dice:

enter the description of the image here

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IP test?


For Soulbolt Double Blade Blade skill, is the pair of ranged attacks performed at the highest BAB of the PC?

Please elaborate on Soulbolt Double Shot blade skill?

The skill simply indicates ….

Double shot: In standard action, a soulbolt can use his psychic attack to perform two ranged attacks with his lightning. Attacks do not cause additional damage related to psychic strikes.

Is this pair of ranged attacks at the highest BAB of the PC or are the rules of two-weapon combat applicable?

linear algebra – Double base in $ V ^ {**} $

(All vector spaces mentioned here are finished.)

Suppose we are given isomorphism $ Phi: V to V ^ {**}: v mapsto ( Phi_v: V * to mathbb {K}: phi mapsto phi (v)) $. Consider a base $ ( varepsilon_i) _ {i in I} $ of $ V ^ * $. Affirm that there is a $ (e_i) _ {i in I} $ of $ V $ such as $ ( varepsilon_i) _ {i in I} $ is his double base.

My book says that this statement can be demonstrated by considering the isomorphism $ Phi $ and looking at the double base of $ ( varepsilon_i) _ {i in I} $ in $ V ^ {**} $. I'm not really sure what that means. How to find this double base in $ V ^ {**} $. How can I use it to show the claim?

Thank you!

How can I solve the double integral $ iint e ^ {sin (x) cos (y)} dxdy qquad qquad x ^ {2} + y ^ {2} leq $ 4

How can I solve the double integral $ iint e ^ {sin (x) cos (y)} dxdy qquad qquad and qquad x ^ {2} + y ^ {2} leq $ 4

linear programming – On optimal double solutions for minimum weight, perfect matching problems in the case of metric weights

Next Lovasz-Plummer (matching theory, North Holland 1986, Theorem 9.2.1),
the problem of perfect matching of minimum weight on a complete graph
$ G $ with an even number of vertices and weights $ w: E (G) to
mathbb {R} $
, $ w $ 0 $, can be reduced to the following linear

minimize $ w ^ top cdot x $ (or $ x: E (G) to mathbb {R} $)

subject to

(1) $ x (e) ge $ 0 for each $ e in E (G) $

(2) $ x (C) = $ 1 for each trivial odd cup $ C $ (trivial cut is a cut that
separates a vertex from the rest of the graph)

(3) $ x (C) $ 1 $ for each non-trivial odd cut $ C $.

We introduce a variable $ y_C $ for each odd cut $ C $.

The double program is:

maximize $ sum_C y_C $

subject to

(D1) $ y_C $ 0 for each non-trivial odd cut $ C $

(D2) $ sum_ {C ~ { rm containing ~} e} y_C the w (e) $ for each $ e in E (G) $.

Now, we assume that the weight function $ w $ is a metric on the top
together $ G $ (C & # 39; s, $ w (e) = $ the distance between the ends of $ e $).

Question: Is it possible to show (under this hypothesis) that
among the optimal dual solutions, there is one for which
$ y_C $ 0 for all the strange cuts, including the most trivial.

Take 1 double 2

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