export – Convert single and double quotes, dashes, etc. to correct character encoding in WXR import file?

I’ve exported a WordPress export file for import into a new WordPress site.

However, I get the error “This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number”

After some searching, it appeared to be a character encoding issue. I tried running the following code:

$content = utf8_encode(file_get_contents('my-import-file.xml'));

$invalid_characters = '/(^x9xax20-xD7FFxE000-xFFFD)/';

$content = preg_replace($invalid_characters, '', $content );

echo htmlentities($content);

This produced a string that I can copy and paste into a .xml file that I can then successfully import into my site. However, this string has lots of broken characters, such as “â”. Upon comparing with my original string, it seems like these are single quotes, double quotes, dashes, etc.

Based on the answers suggested in this thread, I tried running the following code:

$content = file_get_contents('my-import-file.xml');

$output = iconv('UTF-8', 'ASCII//TRANSLIT', $content);  

echo htmlentities( $output );

This gives me a blank screen with only the following error:

Notice: iconv(): Detected an illegal character in input string in /srv/www/my-site/public_html/load-string.php on line 5

My source site that I’m exporting from is fairly old (created around 2012 or so), but my wp-config.php on my source site has the following set:

/** Database Charset to use in creating database tables. */
define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');

/** The Database Collate type. Don't change this if in doubt. */
define('DB_COLLATE', '');

libGDX imagebutton seeing double

If I leave my imagebuttons’ width and height alone I get larger buttons than I’d like:


enter image description here

When I replace/add to the lines above with setbounds or setWidth/setHeight functions, I get this:

    radio.setBounds(wu * 35, hu*20, wu * 12, hu * 12);

enter image description here

It did get smaller, but now it appears to be two images. What is going on? I always run into this issue, across multiple screens and projects. My attempts to resolve it include scaling the native images to be closer to the size I want them to appear in-game, and using the other button methods that deal with sizing, such as setScaleX.

bitcoin core – Punishing Bad Actors to Mitigate Double Spend Attack?

One of the main reasons it’s not considered safe to accept Bitcoin with 0 confirmations is due to the possibility of a double spend (where Mr. Scammer first sends 1 BTC to Alice and then creates an identical transaction in which he sends the same 1 BTC to Bob or to another address controlled by himself. If the network ends up including the second transaction in the blockchain only Bob (or Mr. Scammer himself) will be viewed as the rightful owner of the coins and Alice will end up with nothing).

However, since it is not possible to hide a double spend in the long run, and everyone on the network will eventually know that Mr. Scammer double spent the same coins, why is it not be possible to penalize the double spender in order to reduce the economical incentives of doing so in the first place? For example, we could create a new type of transaction in which Mr. Scammer has to lock up an equivalent amount of BTC for a specified amount of time. If the network indeed concludes that a double spend has occurred we “burn” (or destroy) the locked up BTC.

Wouldn’t this significantly reduce the likelihood of a double spend occurring in the first place?

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Double integral with complex functions

Suppose $f(z_1,z_2)$ is locally integrable on $mathbb{C}^2$. Is it true that
$$frac{1}{2pi}int_0^{2pi}left(frac{1}{2pi}int_0^{2pi}f(e^{itheta}, e^{it})dthetaright)dtleq frac{1}{2pi}int_0^{2pi}f(e^{itheta}, e^{itheta})dtheta?$$

google sheets – compare double with integer android

I receive two strings containing either an Integer or Decimal (Double) from GoogleSheets to Android.
String 1 is requirement and the other is available.

I need to compare both and take a decision.

if requirement is greater than available do Action 1 otherwise Action 2.

Example: if requirement string is “0.5” and available is 4

Using Integer.parseinteger(String) works if both are integers.

Can someone please help

mysql – Using double write buffer is 8x slower in SSD (compared with 2x~3x in HDD)

I understand the double-write-buffer enhances the reliability of data, so it makes transactions slower. But it is amazing that the slow down is such severe in the newest Samsung 980 pro (M.2 PCIe 4.0, which is about 400$ for 1TB).

Workload: https://github.com/Percona-Lab/tpcc-mysql
Configurations: other parameters are defaults.
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3900XT
MEM: 64GB, 3200MHz
OS: Ubuntu 20.10, all disks are ext4
MySQL: 8.0.22

Why does this happen? Did I hit a performance bug?


en ter image description here

sharepoint on prem – Crawlers raises an error when crawling these URLs that end with a double Guid, what are they?

What are the URLs that have this format in SharePoint 2016 on-premise? They seem to be automatically generated and the search crawler is raising an “Error while crawling LOB contents” when trying to crawl them.


unity – TMPro Double Outline

This is what I am trying to achieve

Hi, This is what I am trying to achieve: TextMeshPro with double outline.

So far I have tried these combinations:

  1. TextMeshPro + Outline[int the mid] + Underlay [external]. It is close, but not the one I am trying to make. The problem in here: The outer shadow Underlay‘s Y offset is limited and can’t go down below -1.
    enter image description here

  2. Then I tried to add built-in Shadow component but it did nothing.

Is there any way I can achieve this? I don’t want to use 2 TextMeshPros. I haven’t tried to achieve this in code because I am a super beginner in unity and open to any guidance on that.


sql server – Double range query on one column uses wrong seek predicate

This problem comes up in the real world, but is already present in the following trivial example. I am using SQL Server 2017.

Given a table with only one non-id column, which takes only one value:

create table #test (id bigint not null, status smallint not null)

/* Populate with 10000 times value 10 */
;WITH numbers(Number) AS
(SELECT 1 AS Number
 SELECT Number+1 FROM numbers where Number<10000

insert into #test (id,status)
select number,10 from numbers option(maxrecursion 10000)

/* Create fresh index */
create index index_status on #test ((status))
DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS ("tempdb..#test", 'index_status') WITH HISTOGRAM   

Now we query a double range on this column (0 results, since the only value is outside both ranges):

select 1
from #test
where status < 10
and status <> 2

The chosen execution plan uses an Index Seek, with

  • Seek Predicate “status < 2 AND status > 2”
  • Predicate “status < 10”

and consequently needs to read all 10000 rows. This surprises me, since I can read off the index statistics to conclude that a Seek Predicate on “status < 10” would be more efficient, since this already filters out all rows.

Question: Why are Seek Predicate and Predicate chosen ‘the wrong way’?

I am not interested in alternatives or workarounds, I am only interested in understanding this choice of execution plan. For example we can rewrite the query using a UNION ALL on both range queries seperately, forcing two efficient Seek Predicates:

select 1
from #test
where status < 2

union all 

select 1
from #test
where status > 2 and status < 10