woocommerce – Double H1 tag on the woocoomerce product page. Deletion using a function

I have a problem. In the single product view, I have two h1 tags. One is correct and another is masked by the display none with is not correct for referencing.

I want to delete the second h1 tag using the php function. Can you help me?

The code looks like this:


My wordpress theme is Bridge

frame ticks in scientific form on a double axis y

I need plots with tick marks on the y axis (right and left) in scientific form as well as equally spaced (unlike ListLogPlot) to plot the data present as data with 3 columns.

Double dependent analysis for

Here is the algorithm:

int sum = 0
for (int i = 2N; i > 0; i = i / 4) {
  for (int j = 0; j < i; j+=2) {

I thought it would be linear, but it's just linear. I would appreciate seeing a formalized summary and not a qualitative explanation. I tried to do it but I can't seem to get a linear execution.

Double entry Schengen Visa – Travel Stack Exchange

I am going to Germany to attend the summer school. I have all the documents required to apply for the visa. But, I also attend an event a month after my departure for Hungary. How to obtain a Schengen visa with double entry? Do I need to submit details of the Hungary event when applying for German visa?
Thank you

functional analysis – Double stereotype of sequence spaces $ ell_p $

The stereotyped topology on the dual of a topological vector space is defined as the topology of uniform convergence on totally bounded sets. To help understand this concept, it would be helpful to have some simple examples.

Is there a simple characterization of the double stereotype of $ ell_p $ sequence spaces? Or other simple examples?

dnd 5e – Could a monk using Shocking Grasp double the damage?

I think this could be answered here, but I'm not sure I understand the wording of this spell.

I have a monk who strives to make his actions the most effective, whether by inflicting the most damage, obtaining the best information beforehand, increasing the odds or using trickery to avoid any fight.

On that last note, I was wondering if Magic Initiate would have an awesome combo to increase her bag of stuff, because Prestidigitation and Minor Illusion are already taken care of, and right now I'm trying to see how she would use Shocking Grasp the cantrip:

Lightning bolts from your hand to shock a creature you
try to touch. Make a melee spell attack against the target. You have
advantage on the attack roll if the target wears armor in
metal. On a hit, the target takes 1d8 lightning damage, and it cannot
take reactions until the start of his next turn.

From what I've read, the player's hand wouldn't actually touch the person, but I know my monk should do it intentionally, seeing it as a huge missed opportunity. As Morphius says "Stop trying to hit me and hit me!" so she would most likely prepare the fate and attack all intentions of carrying out an unarmed strike while waiting for 3 possible results:

  1. She sways and misses, but not the lighting.
  2. She swings and hits, but the cantrip is a failure.
  3. She sways and strikes, but also having lightning shock the enemy a microsecond before.

As far as I know, since the spell does not indicate that the target is retreating or that "you did not hit", I do not see why use it to double the damage on a hit fist would not be allowed, but I can understand the argument that (in scenario 3) she would technically end up using a spell AND an unarmed attack at the same time (totaling 4 possible moves with 1d8 and 3d4 using 2 points ki).

So I would ask for clarification if "Trying to hit" means guaranteed failure, or if it has the potential to do even more damage?

it # any way to use a string (without escaping manually) that contains double quotes

Let's say I want to assign a text (which contains many double quotes) in the variable:

Lorem "Ipsum" dummy "text" of the printing and "typesetting"industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard "dummy" text ever "since" the 1500s, .....

However, the only way seems to escape manually:

string t = "Lorem "Ipsum" dummy......
string t = @"Lorem ""Ipsum"" dummy.....

Is there a way to avoid manual escape and use something universal instead (which I don't know in C #) keywoard / method to do it automatically? In PHP, it's incredibly simple, just using a simple quote:

$t = 'Lorem "Ipsum" dummy .......

IT – How to solve the double recurrence?

This question is taken from Concrete Mathematics ch6 ex16. I don't know how to resolve this kind of double recurrence, but the form of answer given by the book is quite simple.

The recurrence is as follows:

$ A_ {n, 0} = a_n [n ge0]; A_ {0, k} = $ 0 , if k> 0.

$ A_ {n, k} = kA_ {n-1, k} + A_ {n-1, k-1} $

pathfinder 1e – Dance of double weapons

Suppose my character has 6 BABs. He can make two attacks per turn with a basic one-handed sword.

His sorcerer friend wants to create an Urgosh with the property of dance. As far as I know, dancing weapons use their owner's BAB, so they can perform iterative attacks.

However, an Urgosh has a special property called "double". This means that they can be used as two weapons when it comes to two-weapon combat rules.

Here are my questions:

  • Does this mean that a dancing Urgosh can attack three times a round when
    it flies over my character's head?
  • If so, what about sanctions? My character has two-armed combat

I found nothing useful in this regard in the ownership rules of the dancing dance:

Like a standard action, a dancing weapon can be detached to attack
own. He fights for 4 rounds using the basic attack bonus of whoever
loosened then falls. When dancing, he cannot attack
opportunity, and activating character, it is not considered to be armed
with the weapon. The weapon is considered to be brandished or assisted by the
activate the character for all maneuvers and effects that target objects.
When dancing, the weapon shares the same space as the activation
and can attack adjacent enemies (weapons in range can attack
opponents up to 10 feet apart). The dancing weapon accompanies the
activating the character everywhere, whether it moves by physical or
magic means. If the activating character has a vacant hand, it
can grab it while attacking alone as a free action; when
thus recovered, the weapon can no longer dance (attack alone) again for 4
Sleeves. This special ability can only be placed on melee weapons.

Thank you.

35 mm – Press the shutter button without advancing the film, did I create a double exposure?

Usually an analog camera does not create a double exposure when you press the shutter again, without advancing the film. The film advance process also strengthens the shutter mechanism. So if the film is not advanced, nothing happens.

There are cameras that have a special function for making double exposures, allowing you to rearm the shutter without advancing the film. The image would then include the two overlapping exposures. It can be used creatively.

With film, this would not overwrite the image, but it might seem that your first photo was very dark and the second very clear.