publication – Download of semi-manufactured games on

I teach game development and I would like my students to upload their homework to a place where I and the other students can easily see it, so that I can comment on it along the way. seems to be a good option, as it allows anyone to download games and make them instantly playable in the browser. However, there are several potential problems:

  • Homework is not yet a game – it is just a solution to specific programming exercises, which may one day become a game. Here is an example from my own account. Is it permissible to download such material from I have read their terms of use and I have found no clause opposing them, but I am not sure.

  • Even if it is allowed, I am not sure it is good for the reputation of students to download such half-created games. Ideally, it should be possible to create, for each game, a URL which is not published on the website, but which can be opened by anyone who owns the URL. has such an option. But I didn't find this option in I only found three options: Draft – which is only available to the owner, Restricted – which only allows downloading (do not play in the browser), and Public – which is available to everyone but can also be found in searches in

So my question is: is there a way to use (or another similar service) to download drafts of games, so that drafts will be available for the teacher and for the other students of the course, but will not be published worldwide?

c ++ – simple parallel download using a connection pool class using cpprestsdk

The following is a simple class for establishing multiple http connections, primarily for downloading a list of small files:


using namespace utility;                    // Common utilities like string conversions
using namespace web;                        // Common features like URIs.
using namespace web::http;                  // Common HTTP functionality
using namespace web::http::client;          // HTTP client features
using namespace concurrency::streams;       // Asynchronous streams

    class ConnectionPool
    ConnectionPool(size_t nWorkers, std::wstring baseUri) :BaseUri(baseUri)
        for (size_t i = 0; i < nWorkers; i++) Pool.emplace_back(http_client(baseUri), http_request(methods::GET));

    void ResetState(size_t nWorkers, std::wstring baseUri)
        BaseUri = baseUri;
        nDone = 0;
        for (size_t i = 0; i < nWorkers; i++) Pool.emplace_back(http_client(baseUri), http_request(methods::GET));

    void ResizePool(size_t nWorkers)
        Pool.resize(nWorkers, { http_client(BaseUri) , http_request(methods::GET) });

    void DownloadAsync(std::vector Uris, const Function& f)//Not implemented
        WorkItems = Uris;
        const size_t limit = (std::min)(Pool.size(), WorkItems.size());
        for (size_t i = 0; i < limit; i++) assignWork(i, f);

    void DownloadSync(const std::vector Uris, const Function& f)
        std::wcout << "*DownloadSync Started*" << std::endl;
        WorkItems = Uris;
         for (size_t i = nDone = 0, limit = nActive = std::min(Pool.size(), WorkItems.size()); i < limit; ++i) assignWork(i, f);

        std::unique_lock lk(m1);
        cv.wait(lk, (&)() { return nActive == 0; });
        std::wcout << "*DownloadSync Ended*" << std::endl;

    void assignWork(int pidx, const Function& f)
        //m2 isn't needed, right?!
        if (nDone >= WorkItems.size())
            std::lock_guard lk(m1);
        const auto wItem = WorkItems(nDone);
        int cIdx = nDone;

        std::wcout << L"Worker " << pidx << L": Assigning/t" << wItem << L" succeed" << std::endl;
        auto& (client, request) = Pool(pidx);

        client.request(request).then((=)(pplx::task   responseTask) {
            try {
                if (auto response = responseTask.get(); response.status_code() == http::status_codes::OK)
                    f(response, cIdx);
                    std::wcout << L"Worker " << pidx << L": Downloading/t" << wItem <> Pool;
    std::vector WorkItems;
    std::wstring BaseUri;
    std::mutex m1/*,m2*/;
    std::condition_variable cv;
    std::atomic nActive = 0, nDone = 0;

int main()
ConnectionPool con(n, L"base url");
        con.DownloadSync(urls, ()(http_response res, int idx)
                auto outFile = fstream::open_ostream(std::to_wstring(idx) + L".ext").get();

Internet Download Manager v6.36 Build 5 Full Multilingual Incl – 100% Discount | NewProxyLists

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High quality online YouTube to Mp3 converter

YouTubetoMP3 is the main converter which allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files with a few clicks. It supports high quality MP3s up to 320 kbps. You can now easily convert YouTube videos to your favorite songs.

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functions – Download path for multisite redirection from server 2 to server 1 with haproxy

I have 2 servers with WordPress MultiSite installed.
I also have a server with haproxy installed.

haproxy server:
site - 1:
site - 2:

All requests from the HAProxy server go to the other 2 servers with the roundrobin method.
In site – 1, the MYSQL database is running and site-2 uses this database.
My problem is that multisite users upload files to the server to which they are connected when uploading files and that the file remains in the UPLOADS folder on this server. I have connected the uploads folder on site-1 to the server site-2 with SSHFS, this time some files load and others do not.
Since my English is bad, let me sum it up so that there is no confusion.

(I took the clone of server-1 and I got server-2.)
I want two already installed servers to use the same database and the same downloads folder, and of course it will work fine.

Automatic Remote Script Search Download | NewProxyLists

I am looking for a script solution like the old openload site "Auto Remote Upload", that is to say downloading videos with a player that launches pop-up ads with the different pop rules.

contact mp thank you

Automatically merged publication:

Find an OpenLoad script clone

Windows 10 – Online Download: How to Synchronize and Omit Duplicates Between Directories

I have a URL link which contains 8 directories containing files. I want to download these files to my desktop hard drive. I need to enter a username and password to enter the URL and access the directories. In the directory # 1, there are 80 files. In the directory # 2, there are 90 files. 80 files in directory # 2 are exactly the same as 80 files in directory # 1. But also in directories 4, 6 and 8. There are also duplicates from other directories in the directory. URLs, but the duplicate files all share the same name respectively. I only want a copy of a file that has its unique name. Thus, after having been downloaded the first time in a particular directory, no file of the same name must be downloaded again.

For the configuration of my computer, I am running Windows 10 Pro x64. I have tried the code below, but it does not prevent duplicates between directories:

wget --user=NAME --password='PASSWORD' -nc URL

Is there a script (or two) that I need to fix this problem? Or something other than wget? Thank you.

Download expressjs on the server

I would like to know if it is possible to download an application on a server which hosts a reseller, this application is made with Vuejs, Server express, Nodejs and MySql.

Download the plugin to install

I receive Please select a file problem when trying to download a plug-in ZIP file.

enter description of image here

Remote Download of Various Video Hosts | NewProxyLists

Hello! Do you know services such as mixdrop, youdbox, etc. that allow remote downloads of fembed, google drive,, I have fembed links that I want to download remotely to another hosting but it does not work because the fembed link does not recognize me (I mention fembed to give an example). If anyone knows, could you please let me know? Thank you.

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